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ORDINANCE NO. 5760 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM ADOPTING <br />AN INTERIM MEASURE IMPOSING A MORATORIUM ON <br />THE ISSUANCE OF NEW OPERATOR PERMITS, AND <br />PERMITS TO EXISTING OPERATORS FOR ADDITIONAL <br />VEHICLES, FOR TAXICAB OR CHAUFFEURED LIMOUSINE <br />SERVICES IN THE CITY OF ANAHEIM WHICH PERMITS <br />MAY BE IN CONFLICT WITH NEW REGULATIONS THE <br />CITY IS STUDYING OR INTENDING TO IMPLEMENT; AND <br />DECLARING THAT THIS ORDINANCE IS AN EMERGENCY <br />MEASURE WHICH SHALL TAKE IMMEDIATE EFFECT <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to the authority set forth in Section <br />53075.5 of the Government Code and its powers as a charter city <br />as set forth in Article XI, Section 5, of the California <br />Constitution, the City of Anaheim has heretofore adopted Chapter <br />4.72 of the Anaheim Municipal Code (hereinafter the "Taxi <br />Ordinance") regulating and restricting the issuance of permits <br />for, and the operation of, taxicabs and chauffeured limousines <br />(hereinafter collectively referred to as "taxicabs") in the City <br />of Anaheim; and <br />WHEREAS, on May 18, 1999, pursuant to the provisions of <br />the Taxi Ordinance, the City Council did hold hearings and <br />considered the application of A Taxi Cab for a taxicab operator's <br />permit to operate an additional 58 taxicabs within the City of <br />Anaheim to supplement its existing permit for 50 taxicabs, and <br />the application of South Coast Cab Co. ("South Coast") for a <br />taxicab operator's permit to operate 117 taxicabs within the City <br />of Anaheim and, following the receipt of evidence and testimony <br />relating thereto, did deny each of said applications on the <br />basis, inter alia, that the applicants had failed to demonstrate <br />that the public convenience and necessity required the operation <br />of additional taxicabs within the City of Anaheim at that time; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, South Coast subsequently filed a petition for <br />writ of mandate in the Orange County Superior Court entitled <br />South Coast Cab Co., et al. v. City of Anaheim, et al., Orange <br />County Superior Court Case No. 80-03-59, seeking to compel the <br />City to issue an operator's permit to South Coast for the <br />operation of 117 taxicabs in the City of Anaheim which petition <br />for writ of mandate was subsequently denied by the Superior Court <br />and which court decision was thereafter appealed by South Coast <br />to the California Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District (the <br />"South Coast Appeal"); and <br />1 <br />