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.0105 The single display surface shall be placed parallel to, and in front of, any exterior <br />wall of the building; <br />.0106 The sign shall be placed on a flat surface and not on a decorative architectural <br />feature of the structure; <br />.0107 The sign shall not project over or into any public right -of -way; <br />.0108 The sign shall not project above the parapet or eaves of the building, whichever is <br />lower; and <br />.0109 The single display surface, including individual letters, shall not project more than <br />twelve (12) inches beyond the wall or structure to which it is attached." <br />SECTION 2. <br />That subsection .020 of Section 18.62.040 of Chapter 18.62 of Title 18 of the <br />Anaheim Municipal Code be, and the same is hereby, amended to read as follows: <br />".020 Types of Adjustments. Administrative adjustments may be approved or conditionally <br />approved by the Planning Director in the following matters: <br />.0201 Dimensional requirements for front setbacks: up to twenty percent (20 %) may be <br />approved by the Planning Director. <br />.0202 All other dimensional or percentage limitations or requirements of this Title, <br />except fences, walls, hedges and berms: a maximum deviation of ten percent (10 %). A deviation <br />of 10% or less from the requirements for parking may be processed subject to Section 18.42.050 <br />(Location of Parking and Off -Site Parking Arrangements) and Section 18.42.120 (Off -Site <br />Parking Permits). <br />.0203 Maximum height requirements for fences, walls, hedges and berms in any <br />required structural setback or yard in any non - residential zone separating any non - residential <br />from an adjacent residential zone where the additional height is required to minimize negative <br />impacts to the residential use. <br />.0204 Reconstruction of structures accessory to historic residences in conformance with <br />subsection <br />0205 Garage location and access requirements. <br />.0206 Parking requirements subject to the provision of Section 18.42.110 (Parking <br />Variances) and Section 18.42.050 (Location of Parking and Off -Site Parking Arrangements) of <br />Chapter 18.42 (Parking and Loading). <br />-2- <br />