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ORDINANCE N0. 5%65 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF <br />THE CITY OF ANAHEIM ADDING A NEW <br />CHAPTER 4.73 TO TITLE 4 OF THE <br />ANAHEIM MUNICIPAL CODE RELATING TO <br />TAXICAB FRANCHISES <br />WHEREAS, reliable, safe and efficient taxicab service is <br />necessary to facilitate the transportation of visitors to Anaheim <br />and for transportation of those residents who do not drive <br />personal vehicles for travel within the City of Anaheim; and <br />WHEREAS, the franchising of taxicab service within the City <br />of Anaheim through a competitive process will promote the public <br />health, safety and welfare by promoting stability among taxicab <br />providers and by establishing higher standards of service, safety <br />and reliability among taxicab service providers; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 1400 of Article XIV of the Charter of the <br />City of Anaheim authorizes the City Council to grant franchises <br />to persons or business entities furnishing transportation <br />services to the inhabitants of the City; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council has received, reviewed and <br />considered numerous studies, reports and other materials relating <br />to taxicab service in the City of Anaheim including, but not <br />limited to: Anaheim's Current and Future Taxi Service Needs dated <br />September 30, 1999; Anaheim Taxicab Franchise Developments - <br />Recommendations dated July 20, 2000; Selection Committee <br />Evaluation and Recommendations for Taxi Service Franchises dated <br />March 27, 2001; Anaheim Business Taxicab Survey Results conducted <br />by OCTAP and dated March 18, 1999; and A Study of the Ability of <br />South Coast Cab Company to Adequately Service the Non -Resort <br />Areas of Anaheim as of November, 1997 prepared by Jack Armstrong <br />& Associates; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council finds and determines that: <br />(A) There currently exists a need within the City for up to <br />three franchised taxicab providers to operate 230 taxicabs, which <br />need will increase to 260 taxicabs and four taxicab providers in <br />2002, and that such need has been determined based upon: <br />(1) The adequacy of existing service within the City; <br />(2) The increased demand for service based upon growth <br />in the City, particularly in the Anaheim Resort Area; and <br />1 <br />