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ORDINANCE NO. 6213 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />AMENDING SUBSECTIONS .010 AND .040 OF <br />SECTION 18.20.120 OF CHAPTER 18.20 OF TITLE <br />18 OF THE ANAHEIM MUNICIPAL CODE. <br />(ZONING CODE AMENDMENT NO. 2011- 00098) <br />(DEV2010- 00161) <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES HEREBY ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1 <br />That subsection .010 of Section 18.20.120 of Chapter 18.20 of Title 18 of the <br />Anaheim Municipal Code be, and the same is hereby, amended to read as follows: <br />".010 Number of Parking Spaces. <br />.0101 Number of Spaces for Residential Uses. The following minimum parking <br />requirements shall be used in determining parking need: <br />Table 20 -I <br />MINIMUM PARKING REQUIREMENTS: <br />PLATINUM TRIANGLE MIXED USE (PTMU) OVERLAY ZONE <br />Total Number of Bedrooms <br />Minimum Number of Parking Spaces Per Unit <br />1 bedroom <br />1.5 spaces <br />2 bedroom <br />2.0 spaces <br />3 bedroom <br />2.5 spaces <br />4 bedroom <br />3.5 spaces <br />.0102 Number of Spaces for Non - Residential Uses. The number of parking spaces for <br />non - residential uses shall be determined by the type of use (use class) specified in Table 42 -A <br />(Non - Residential Parking Requirements) of Chapter 18.42 (Parking and Loading). <br />.0103 Number of Spaces for Mixed -Use Projects. Due to variations in parking demand <br />and the needs of each project, vehicle parking requirements, the demand for drop -off and pick -up <br />locations and the design of the parking areas, including ingress and egress, shall be determined <br />as part of the final site plan review process by the Planning Services Division of the Planning <br />Department based upon information contained in a parking demand study prepared by an <br />independent traffic engineer, as approved by the Planning Services Division of the Planning <br />