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ORDINANCE NO. 5771 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM REPEALING <br />CHAPTER 4.29 OF, AND ADDING NEW CHAPTER 4.29 <br />TO, TITLE 4 OF THE ANAHEIM MUNICIPAL CODE <br />RELATING TO MASSAGE ESTABLISHMENTS <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM HEREBY ORDAINS <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. <br />'T'hat Chapter 4.29 of Title 4 of the Anaheim Municipal Code <br />be, and the same is hereby, repealed in its entirety. <br />SECTION 2. <br />That new Chapter 4.29 be, and the same is hereby, added to <br />Title 4 of the Anaheim Municipal Code to read as follows: <br />"CHAPTER 4.29 <br />MASSAGE ESTABLISHMENTS <br />"4.29.010 FINDINGS AND PURPOSE. <br />The City Council finds and declares as follows: <br />.010 The permit requirements and restrictions imposed by <br />this Chapter are reasonably necessary to protect the health, <br />safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Anaheim. <br />.020 The City of Anaheim is authorized, by virtue of the <br />State Constitution, the provisions of the City Charter and <br />Section 51031 of the Government Code, to regulate massage <br />establishments by imposing reasonable standards relative to <br />the skill and experience of massage operators and massage <br />technicians and reasonable conditions on the operation of the <br />massage establishment. <br />.030 There is significant risk of injury to massage clients <br />by improperly trained and/or undereducated massage technicians <br />and this Chapter provides reasonable safeguards against injury <br />and economic loss. <br />.040 There is opportunity for acts of prostitution and other <br />unlawful sexual activity to occur in massage establishments. <br />The establishment of reasonable standards for issuance of <br />permits and restrictions on operations will serve to reduce <br />