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ORDINANCE NO. 1556 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM, <br />CALIFORNIA, PROVIDING FOR THE ISSU- <br />ANCE OF MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENT BONDS <br />OF SAID CITY IN THE AMOUNT OF <br />$1,785,000. <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Ordinance No. 1448 of the <br />City of Anaheim, California, a special municipal elec- <br />tion was duly and regularly held in said city on the <br />12th day of April, 1960, at which election there was <br />submitted to the qualified voters of said city the <br />following bond propositions, to wit: <br />PROPOSITION W - WATERWORKS BONDS: <br />Shall the City of Anaheim incur a <br />bonded indebtedness in the principal <br />amount of $3,800,000 for the acquisi- <br />tion and construction by said city of <br />a certain municipal improvement, to wit: <br />water storage reservoirs, water wells, <br />water transmission mains, water distribu- <br />tion lines, pumping stations, vaults, and <br />for the foregoing appurtenances and <br />appurtenant work, including the acquisi- <br />tion of any real property, easements, <br />rights of way, pipe, pumps, valves, <br />fittings, meters, machinery, apparatus <br />and other property necessary therefor? <br />PROPOSITION L - LIBRARY BONDS: <br />Shall the City of Anaheim incur a bonded <br />indebtedness in the principal amount of <br />$1,160,000 for the acquisition and con- <br />struction by said city of a certain <br />municipal improvement, to wit: a central <br />public library and a branch public library <br />with vehicle parking therefor and the <br />planting and landscaping of the library <br />grounds, including the acquisition of any <br />real property, initial book stock, furni- <br />ture, furnishings, fixtures, equipment <br />and other property necessary therefor? <br />