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a <br />ORDINANCE NO. 5225 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF <br />THE CITY OF ANAHEIM ADDING CHAPTER <br />14.62 TO TITLE 14 OF THE ANAHEIM <br />MUNICIPAL CODE RELATING TO MOBILE <br />SOURCE AIR POLLUTION REDUCTION. <br />WHEREAS, the City of Anaheim is committed to improving <br />the public health, safety and welfare, including air quality; and <br />WHEREAS, mobile sources are a major contributor to air <br />pollution in the South Coast Air Basin, and air quality goals for <br />the region established by state law cannot be met without <br />reducing air pollution from mobile sources; and <br />WHEREAS, the South Coast Air Quality Management Plan <br />calls upon cities and counties to reduce emissions from motor <br />vehicles consistent with the requirements of the California Clean <br />Air Act of 1988 by developing and implementing mobile source air <br />pollution reduction programs; and <br />WHEREAS, to the extent that such programs place demands <br />upon the City of Anaheim's funds, those programs should be <br />financed, to the greatest extent possible, by shifting the <br />responsibility for financing from the general fund to the motor <br />vehicles creating the demand; and <br />WHEREAS, Health and Safety Code Section 44223 <br />authorizes the South Coast Air Quality Management District to <br />impose an additional motor vehicle registration fee of two <br />dollars commencing on April 1, 1991, increasing to four dollars <br />on April 1, 1992, to finance the implementation of transportation <br />measures embodied in the Air Quality Management Plan and <br />provisions of the California Clean Air Act; and <br />WHEREAS, forty cents of every dollar collected under <br />Section 44223 of the Health and Safety Code shall be distributed <br />to cities and counties located in the South Coast Air Quality <br />Management District that comply with Section 44243 of the code, <br />based on the jurisdictions' prorated share of population as <br />defined by the State Department of Finance; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Anaheim is located within the <br />South Coast Air Quality Management District and is eligible to <br />receive a portion of revenues from the motor vehicle registration <br />fees upon adoption of this ordinance; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Anaheim, after careful <br />consideration, hereby finds and declares that the imposition of <br />the motor vehicle registration fee by the South Coast Air Quality <br />Management District to finance mobile source air pollution <br />reduction programs is in the best interests of the City of <br />Anaheim and its residents. <br />