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FOLLOWS: <br />ORDINANCE NO. 5216 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 5198 CONCERNING <br />SECTION 14.32.189 OF CHAPTER 14.32 OF <br />TITLE 14 OF THE ANAHEIM MUNICIPAL CODE, <br />NUNC PRO TUNC <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM ORDAIN AS <br />SECTION 1. <br />That Section 1 of Ordinance No. 5198 of the City of <br />Anaheim be, and the same is hereby amended, nunc pro tunc, to <br />read as follows: <br />"SECTION 1. <br />That Section 14.32.189 of Chapter 14.32 of Title 14 of <br />the Anaheim Municipal Code, which section prohibits stopping <br />of vehicles, be, and the same is hereby, amended by adding a <br />new subsection .090 to read as follows: <br />1.090 Walnut Street, on both sides, from Ball <br />Road to Cerritos Avenue."' <br />SECTION 2. <br />That, except as herein expressly amended, Ordinance No. <br />5198 shall remain in full force and effect. <br />SECTION 3. <br />That this ordinance hereby amends Ordinance No. 5198, <br />nunc pro tunc, due to a clerical error contained in the numbering <br />of the code section added by said ordinance. <br />THE FOREGOING ORDINANCE is approved and adopted by the <br />City Council of the City of Anaheim this 23rd day of <br />April , 1991. <br />ATTES <br />CITY CLERK OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />I:\DOCS\ORDRES\OWALNUT.155 <br />