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ORDINANCE NO. 5110 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />AMENDING THE ZONING MAP REFERRED TO IN <br />TITLE 18 OF THE ANAHEIM MUNICIPAL CODE <br />RELATING TO ZONING. (SPECIFIC PLAN NO. <br />90-1, ANAHEIM HILLS FESTIVAL) <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES FIND THAT: <br />WHEREAS, the City Council at a duly noticed public <br />hearing did adopt its Resolution Nos. 90R- 86 and 90R- 87 <br />approving and adopting Specific Plan 90-1 covering the property <br />described below and determining that a change or changes in the <br />zone or zones hereinafter mentioned and described should be made <br />as hereinafter set forth to conform to the development standards <br />established in said specific plan; and <br />WHEREAS, subsequent to adoption of Resolution Nos. <br />90R- 86 and 90R- 87 the City Council did introduce and adopt <br />Ordinance No. 5109 amending the Anaheim Municipal Code to <br />establish the zoning and development standards for Specific Plan <br />90-1, designated as Chapter 18.74 Specific Plan 90-1 (SP 90-1) <br />Zoning and Development Standards. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. <br />That the Zoning Map referred to in Title 18 of the <br />Anaheim Municipal Code be, and the same is hereby, amended by <br />rezoning and reclassifying that certain property situated in the <br />City of Anaheim, County of Orange, State of California, described <br />as follows, to wit: <br />PARCEL 1, IN THE COUNTY OF ORANGE, STATE OF <br />CALIFORNIA, AS SHOWN ON A MAP FILED IN BOOK 140, <br />PAGES 35 AND 36 OF PARCEL MAPS, IN THE OFFICE OF THE <br />COUNTY RECORDER OF SAID COUNTY, <br />into the "SP 90-1" (SPECIFIC PLAN 90-1) ZONE, subject to the <br />following conditions: <br />TRAFFIC/CIRCULATION <br />1. That prior to issuance of a building permit, the appropriate <br />major thoroughfare and bridge fee shall be paid to the City of <br />Anaheim in an amount as specified in the Major Thoroughfare <br />and Bridge Fee Program for the Foothill/Eastern Transportation <br />Corridor, as established by City Council resolution. <br />