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portions of this ordinance independent of the elimination herefrom of any such portion as may be <br />declared invalid. <br />THE FOREGOING ORDINANCE was introduced at a regular meeting of the City Council <br />of the City of Anaheim held on the 20 day of September, 2019, and thereafter passed and adopted <br />at a regular meeting of said City Council held on the 22nd day of October, 2019, by the following <br />roll call vote: <br />AYES: Mayor Sidhu and Council Members Kring, Barnes, Brandman, Moreno, <br />Faessel, and O'Neil <br />NOES: None <br />ABSENT: None <br />ABSTAIN: None <br />By. <br />M� <br />ATTE <br />CITY CLERK OF T4 CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />