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City of Anaheim <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />DATE STAMP <br />LOBBYIST’S QUARTERLY <br />RECEIVED: April 30, 2021 <br />REPORT OF ACTIVITY By: City of Anaheim <br />Office of the City Clerk <br />Reporting Period <br /> <br />Q1: January 1 – March 31 Q3: July 1 –September 30 <br />5 <br />(Due April 30)(Due October 31) <br />3132 <br /> Year <br />Q2: April 1 – June 30 Q4: October 1 – December 31 <br />(Due July 31) (Due January 31) <br />LobbyistInformation <br />Name of Lobbyist (Last, First, M.I.) Name of Lobbying Firm (if applicable) <br />GTCQvcmjdBggbjst <br />Bnbouf-Kfssz <br />Business Email Business Phone Alternate Phone <br />kbnboufAdpsftusbufhjdhspvq/dpn):5:*447.5611 <br />Business Address CityState Zip Code <br />31::TTubufDpmmfhfCmweDB:3917 <br />Bobifjn <br />Lobbying Activity/ Campaign <br /> <br />5 <br />No Lobbying Activity <br />LOBBYIST ACTIVITY <br />Client Disclosure ReportContribution Report <br />Did not participate or engage in any Schedule A: Report any form of Schedule B: Report any <br />form of lobbying during the lobbying by the lobbying firm/ contributions made during the <br />reporting period.lobbyist of the City of Anaheim or reporting period to the Mayor or <br /> <br />any regional agency in which any City Council Member by the <br />Anaheim has a voting role during lobbying firm/lobbyist during the <br />thereporting period.reporting period. <br /> <br />I certify that I have reviewed Ordinance No. 6417, made available on the City of Anaheim’s website and reviewed <br />all applicable lobbying provisions. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that <br />VERIFICATION <br />the information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. <br /> <br /> <br />Print Name of Lobbyist Name of Lobbying Firm (if applicable) <br />GTCQvcmjdBggbjst <br />Bnbouf-Kfssz <br />SignatureDate <br />1503803132 <br />Mail, Email or Fax to: <br />Mail: Office of the City Clerk <br />200 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 217 <br />Anaheim, CA 92805 <br />Email: Theresa Bass, City Clerk ( <br />Fax: (714)765-4105 <br />OfficeoftheCityClerk · 200S.AnaheimBlvd., Suite217,Anaheim,CA92805 · (714)765-5166 <br />2 <br />4 <br />Lobbyist Quarterly Report of Activity Rev. 01/20 Page _____ of _____ <br /> <br />