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ORDINANCE NO.._I_~93-01 <br /> <br />ORDINANCE ()F THE ANAItEIM REDEVELOPMENT <br /> AGENCY b]NA(.'I'ING A S~M_,ES AND USE TAX <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the i\ruthcim. Redevelopment Ag,mc~' (the "Agency")is a public <br />body, corporate and politic, organized and existing under the Redevelopment Law of the State of <br />California (Part I of Division 24 of the }[ealth and Safety Code of the State of California); and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, thc City Cotmcil of ti~c City of Anaheim (~e "City") has adopted on <br />the 13th day of March, 1956, Ordinm~ce No. 1052 ent. ittc~d ~'A.a ©rdinance of thc City of <br />.,\nahein~ Imposing a City Sales and Use Tax, providing for the Pec~br:nancc oy the St..te Board <br />of Equalization of All Functions Incident to the Ad~ninistration, Operation and Cotiec. tion o'f the <br />Sales and Use Tax Hereby Impos,.-:d; Suspending the Provisit)ns of Ordinance No..1013 D~;ril,g <br />Such Time o.s this Ordinance is Operativ;:; and Providing Pena!tie:s for Violations <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, tim City Cot~ncil duly passed and adopted on the 3r,'l day <br />1990, Ordinance No. 5155 entitlcd" An Ordinance Amendihg (.)rdinance No. 1052, PrevieWing <br />a Credit Against ff, e Payment of Taxes under said Ordinance N'o. 1052 in the Amou~n of S;.dcs of <br />Usc Taxes dtie to Lhe Redevelol.,me~t Agency of the City pursuant to Secthm 7202.6 of the <br />Rt:vc~tu{: a~-~d Taxation Code of California; and Maki~g Certain Othe.r Findit2gs anti <br />Deter~ninations i~ Connection Ti~ercwith' (Ordinances 1052 and 5t55 m'c collectively <br />as the "City Sales ~d Use Tax Ordinance"); m~d <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the Agency is empowered by Section 7202.6 of the Re;'enuc and <br />'?:t,,:alit. m Code of the State of Califl)rnia (the "Code"/ tr', adopt a sales and ~sc tax <br />accordance with the provisions of Code Section 7202.6; :;.nd <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, As:;cn~bl7 Bill 1290, which wa:; enacted l)y fi:t: State vf Cali%r~ia <br />aad bec,o!m:s effective on Jal',tiary l, 1994, repeal~q Section 7202.6 of thc Code and tl;cre[',v <br />removes the Agency's ability to in~pos,z i: sales and usc tax :is of JaI~t:ary i, !994, but pro'vid;.-:.; <br />that such repeal of' Section 7202.6 st~all ~o! impair any sales aml t!:;c t:~..x c, rd~nance ad(~:;,ted pri,,)r <br />to January 1, 1994 or the receipt of revenue pursuant to such ;: 3alc:~ and usc tax <br />JT:rui:.try l, i99,+, and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, thc City and t.h,.: Ag:racy have, dctccr:xincd pursuant to [Sat c:zrrai~ agrcemcat <br />by and between thc City raid ~qe Agency (tl~c "Sales Tax Agreement") t.lmt t!m sales ara{ ti~e trix <br />t,'asxsfer initiated through the adoption of this Ordin:mce :md tt~e exccn.~tion ::;f the Cc,~tracts :;h:dl <br />not bc deemed finally appro'ved and at~d~..)riTcd until such time as the C~ty determines,'qt.~:u:t tv · <br />~l',.e Sales Tax Agreement, that the conzplk~tiot~ of sucl~ transfer i3 necessary and desirable; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, pursu:mt to Section 203 of.' ~Imt "C),.vner Pacticiparion Agreement" <br />entered into by and between thc A~iencv ', ' ' <br /> ,.nc~ the Ca!ifornla State 'l'c.achecs rtw;,?,-., .... ,~ Systems <br />("CaISTRS") {tared __}~Z~..2kL?_~} ......... die Agency has agreed to make payments to CaISTRS <br /> <br /> <br />