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STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />County of.-----0X�Ag0----- ------ ss. <br />-------Tbaodue.-B-=--XU,.chel................................. <br />of the said County, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: <br />That he is and at all times herein mentioned was <br />a citizen of the United States, over the age of <br />twenty-one years, and that he is not a party to, <br />nor interested in the above entitled matter; that <br />----------------------------he is the ------------------------------..-.._------ <br />publisher of the--- Apaheim-_G�a,zette______________ <br />a newspaper of general circulation, printed and <br />published said County, and which <br />newspaper is published for the dissemination of <br />local news and intelligence of a general character, <br />and which newspaper at all the times herein <br />mentioned had and still has a bona fide subscrip- <br />tion list of paying subscribers, and which <br />newspaper has been established, printed and <br />published in the said County Qf -------------------------------- <br />--------Orange----------------- for a period exceeding one <br />year; -------......and ------------- that the notice, of which <br />the annexed is a printed copy, has been published <br />in said newspaper on the following dates, to -wit: <br />-- - -----. December 28 j__ 1939 -------- <br />Affibaluit of PubfiratWott of <br />*A0 <br />''1' ... <br />eets and <br />AN Cop <br />#. <br />1„ Wit = <br />and cony <br />;;sues X <br />TV tiuM <br />F : RW .EDF SSR.-.. . ptt ] bit , ,begin <br />raoN rw"15, SLiTI17ma, , i <br />QINAN <br />. OW <br />hib City- CbdK�i of ate ci - be s$t f ict <br />al�im @Ion `tl: <br />SCI�C?1�T 1. Wit:- $. tp Q•: ,. :.r :J <br />i :iki�e, <br />�alifo� "..-l�tn wn . a� ,th! � iiI � i.fnaiiee eu <br />S toe . of C. jn* 4 ' <br />:w�tvislon --3$aji M4," - <br />ore::! . ry to the <br />T iap x' Zt fiee� ' ty 0 ] <br />3011-13�� <br />'s of I #� dt 7....:e, north pa% <br />1. i 3god a ri e n d rn .e n t of sur"r. <br />r <br />eretb, to rLgu1A ludic bed 8..- nits of -no <br />e th, and <br />AilsA- <br />:.. b► v_ <br />re ustioris iri ad- ttD#,.;ublic util <br />:opt d. S g , <br />i too the p m. isk'na of.. aai the .City Council has aj <br />Act, must be coin lied with befori- loc of- the same <br />the -ibrilative° a ; or �+�; alleys: <br />M it Maps t' t~e st ►te - 9: t t ie mit is <br />sions or o+ther,divid -of land into plat of -the - survey it r <br />arcels may be approved by sai. i�. <br />p dohm= <br />City. Cogncil. In. W. .1ot0,, s� <br />Tt0k 2. 'or the ar ose: - :a 5: a09. <br />of Ns ordinance the #oowin .. of .3 aiid alfa <br />words, terms and phrases are location .o set back <br />c�fi. W . its follows: �er. <br />.646ty" sht mean the City of 11... ` >, fete plIt <br />Anaheim, Calitfornia; details: an specificaU <br />"City Council" s1za11 means the pro #ropesed. •: <br />City Cotinci2• & said City of Ana- .ednt <br />heith; in .fog: �•� t o ma <br />"Adjacent. city" shall mean any prover4w is apps <br />dbher city id bra e . Coaifty; Cid • . <br />• <br />44T.6 to.. � � s�h r�i�an nat��:��. � • <br />' ' o! the <br />• oint. stock traverts, ' and <br />person, yougt venture, y <br />sa <br />E :! etio ti�tts uri Viand <br />elt �: cash, or tl tai ' • ':that <br />'t i van M <br />sei tc <br />• v �� or employee of a � �` L Q� <br />mernY <br />t "Act" shs�l mean std ` - ntat <br />Act a robed i3 1 <br />sign lea ISP proved : i hey de not <br />�7.�tmeri teifts t1 eY�Cto; _ . nor s egs <br />wad"11 mean arid, f =- con <br />part of the Cali <br />c ° - . <br />forma or lJriite States highwayenuiat tion . .,provided <br />} ter `ier hive map <br />this. ` ice <br />"reoi of:uey *nap,'. �t�.• I.riap: <br />Pits or <br />map;" "subdivision," "subdivid%.& <br />Subscribed clP. <br />3p s J� Ovlsoxy Agency design ar <br />Svrn to before me this---------------- - ----- :em;..e* .used in "' p <br />------ t: <br />�l ht�e�he .meanf . <br />da of_---m,.,G19� givren o s id terms, r ective etre <br />------------- 2� ets and <br />-------------------y ---- -- <br />----------- - --- - �U-•----- <br />Affidavitt of -Puiahcation <br />in = said S �v 1bA . ap c .. . <br />ADGE�iCY dt, <br />im�Iok- 3. a ,Ciity Planni : <br />ull are <br />r: public•- c <br />• <br />CorYimission of the City' of Ana•-.. � <br />use <br />i <br />dedicot, <br />.. <br />heitn is. hereby designated as the --e <br />F: . Y Aw.1h' City <br />as rq <br />the duty of making vesi� 3..TOp <br />gations and reports on the desitn <br />oeed <br />o <br />r alb poveiett= of Mod, <br />a"C ON 4.' Ali tentative mei <br />ar .,ail <br />1. d, <br />•Q <br />