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lI <br />2 <br />3 <br />4 <br />5 <br />6 <br />7 <br />8 <br />9 <br />L0 <br />__2 <br />i4 <br />15 <br />6 <br />8 <br />20 <br />21 <br />22 <br />23 <br />24 <br />25 <br />26 <br />27 <br />28 <br />29 <br />30 <br />31 <br />32 <br />FRIIS & SCHUTZ <br />ATTORNEYS AT LAW <br />402-404 BANK OF AMERICA BLDG. <br />ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA <br />TELEPHONE 3456 <br />ORDINANTCE N0. 631 <br />A I Gi DiNANCal E Gr.� r.'I I �: A +iA�tIA J CE x1rTD PEM: ITT3L*1gG CERTAII: LOTS TO <br />- AVE AST d"ia� TA C" r LESS r7r- 6)0-00 SQUARE FEET . <br />i;t EMT' <br />.P;. P1!t`If { 'iT V rr.­.:L' i"1T'�?►�T r �;t T. rT�-��-w DOES <br />�1 ? ;°� �.� .�a _ 1:�A�y,Ir�.. DIES CRDAII`j AS FGLLC"rS: <br />SECTIO: 1: That a tentative r:iao of a. proposed subdi- <br />s1tu .ted 3 n the CitL� of �n��heir.�,;e County, California, <br />v =si{:gin of -oror)erfi.ylbounded ai-01 described as folloTfrs: <br />That p;. _ t.,_on th Koef fler Tract, as oer ma.p <br />_ y <br />thea,=o recorc5 ed. ire t:3v?i 30, na.� e 17 of <br />sc,e1 anekous Reco}r� F of Los An=geles , <br />r. 1 � .'� � • e_J <br />int ��''i.,_'iEi�;.�: r�ort�or? :�:� Acacia. Street and <br />Port 1 _.,r 8 tr:.:. et s ej.:c. nidloneC't b r'der of the <br />BoP..rt_ ,.: f 'rus. U e c t'�e City of Anal,.eiri <br />s <br />aeecj�i::eta. a.s • v <br />t tapeL.Leat corner of Lot your (4) <br />ire ;.oc fil (ya of said tract: thence Westerly <br />along e So�j t�-.r? line Of said Block One (1) <br />ti <br />extexisio to G -r)uint in the Easterly <br />i re J . a. trcict cf i�:.rl�.. %r3-3nveyed to S. R. Cokeley <br />by . i.a. "lE;�.:.z� _:e�, e t u, .SAY deed recorded in <br />, ,e bLof' ee4, records of Qr��.nge <br />CoT;�n t', ? or r; � ; to"A TXT rt` rly along the <br />t.T , C... i.f_ �r� �a ez�ce �tio ��-�e <br />EGste���L �.ine •��f ttie y"nd so conveyed to Cokeley, <br />3' ::ienc e e se r+- <br />:' „ �oc,).razi e 1 with the center <br />L. V i <br />li?le of Acacia Stre:ct, as. said Street is shhown on <br />V J w+ r- Tr.a.ct , and 13 feet Northerly <br />the So • 1- , �,? . , i �:, t", <br />'v.l+:ie 1.,.' line it ►'..132 149 12, 10 <br />-end 8 in Bloch: Two of s 1 Koeffler Tract <br />tc Je:.terl;; 1* of. Lot Four (4) in said. <br />lucE Two <br />; -oarGllel vi -h�cr <br />t1,%e �ente�* ,.in+;=: n1 f P .i.� : Street tca. the point of <br />b eFl n i ng. <br />i'i1ed 'r*zti{ said "11_tullcil y . ref erred. to the City Planning <br />sign, s t.:;t?Ts lets of less c,�Lrer:. iS required by ordinance <br />on pi Perty, and <br />'Jjat t.".e or,ner of t:. -:.e above described. property has <br />f :ilea _ .� `�E tl ic,1 .�r� tl� s iia Oc. ! _,cs c "s',in- for <br />i�n � ,. . a conditional <br />varia,.�; z : err- r, ti.g sa.ic� �r�, ger t;�- tr) b� d.ivided into lots of less <br />area t_Jian !,a-. r ::-ab-iced by crdina.nice on said property, and said <br />1cr.�r�� ,s ior. has r:�� d � i �vesti Gi�,n of the facts and made its <br />f -s j - -i t,1 ,' .,IF 7e^fi t�� jE s :� ;. determined that fact <br />u ---.r , c h�a s ed th s <br />e��ist U�r,rrari ;i�, _; t �e ;r�;,a;t .rl Jf suC�'1 variance, and has recornraende <br />to sai6 vitt. v':i;.iel.. t :lc=. t -s -chi variance be granted. <br />SiTI"C"14 2: Tw�r t sa 1. d. v i ��� <br />Vt C,, -jun c I.1 hereby finds from <br />consideration L- - r�-stigation rJf t"'P facts and. the report of <br />