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Affid— <br />avit Of <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />...... �.....,....__� <br />Publication <br />ORDINANCE NO. 632 ' <br />AN ORDINANCE GRANTING; <br />A VARIANCE AND CONDITION- <br />-"- <br />AL- E?iCPA-ITIO•N PERMITTING <br />CERTAIN LOTS TO HAVE A N ' <br />i'.1l .I 1� U is N 1.\ <br />AREA OF LESS THAN 6,000 <br />G`E l'\'1'V ()1-' ORANGE <br />SQUARE FEIET. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL O•F THE <br />CI`rY OF ANAHEIM DOES OR- <br />DAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />.et' Aahl t•ottnly, being r'ir,l. eluly <br />SECTION 1: That the owner or' <br />;��:,t n, :-.i�•� that sltEl i� a cit- <br />the property situated in Anaheim, <br />Orange County, California, and <br />1•r.t111 of ili— ?'ttited Suites. and of <br />hounded and described as follows: <br />'lit! Stato of California, over t.11t. <br />Beginning at the intersection <br />:tl. c of OvIlte.-n vearls: that :,he, <br />of the monume•nted center lint, <br />}la= Iro inrere t in, nor is site <br />of North Palm Str•c-et with the <br />of <br />line of La. Verner Street: <br />m -ty : o they matter tierc1in <br />thence westet•ly, along the cen- <br />nientioned: thtlt she is t.11tL heel,- <br />ter line of La Verne Street <br />Iislte�r of !lie O[3A\'G H: ('UCNi'1 <br />734.95 feet: thence northerly, <br />\ l�;1�'S ;i tivt;e l:ly newspaper <br />parallel to said center- line cit' <br />parallel <br />Palm Street. ac it wxists <br />Printed. 1,tiblislted and c-irc:ulateelbetween <br />West North Street and <br />iit the said County rf Oraligo- <br />West IAA 11'alma :\ entie. 2-12.05 <br />;hat -aid ORANGE COUNTY <br />feet. inore or less, to the west- <br />erly prolongation of tht• smith - <br />NEWS is a newspaper of };entaral <br />er•ly line of the parcel of real <br />circulation with -1 list of pai-cl sttl) <br />property conveyed to Ariahpi111 <br />�-cribe-rs, :rnd i published for the <br />School District of (lrrtnge� ('(►tti1- <br />4issemination of Moth local and <br />ty, California, by dead filed in <br />the office of the. Registr'a.r of <br />I(Il gyral rre'ws and intelligence, of <br />Titles of Orange• C'orrnty, Cali - <br />:t €;eneral character: that it i• <br />fornia, lender Cortiticate of Ti- <br />t;ot &-v c)t erd to the. intere3;ts tar <br />Ile No. 4181; thence easterly <br />' 11},1i511ec1 for the entertilinIne-'nt <br />along said southerlN line and its <br />prolongations i'amtet-l-y and eveAst- <br />,�t :t Dart,Wular class, professioli, <br />erly 736.45 feet. to :4.►id monti- <br />" a(le . calling, rare or derromin.t, <br />niented center lint-, cif North <br />alit number t here -of : <br />fain Street: thonee soot}r-pi•ty <br />r ll.,t it reels J)Oeli 'Printed anf.1 pul)- <br />along said center lino if North <br />lisi;rcl in the' City of Anaheim, <br />i'aIni Street t()• 1 hey 1►oint ()r' <br />be -(ginning. <br />G't,ituty e,' t)r:,ngc-. St,ate of (.~tIli- <br />having dedicated certain streets ;slid <br />:�1ltiia f• r I1111re thalr otle �•e:tr <br />alleys to the City t)t .kne,}ie'l17], finers <br />that dire to existing conditions, lots <br />1)rO(•('(11119 the; first. (1113- est <br />of less area than is retlitired by or- <br />h� nt.rblit'atioll }rcr•eto attuc•he.d. <br />dinance are neer-s ry to make Ve- <br />il;it elle, <br />onomic nse of said property. <br />That the owner of the abovr dt•s- <br />cr•ilwd property filed a }r•tition -with � <br />., <br />the City Planning("otnimission re- j <br />questing a conditional v.) riance 1wr- <br />mittime. said property to be divided <br />into lots of less area than is r•e- j <br />quired by ordinance on said proper- <br />roper-ty, <br />ty,and said Commission has made <br />an investigation of the facts an(] <br />mad(--, its findings in respect to ilie <br />"'lt'�'�i ' '` '' '�' .l '•s ;' !:='iit'' <br />salve. and has deter•tnined that (-�x- <br />��;� lit}::i.'ir.l i•, s. ire pit °.� <br />isting facts warrant the granting of <br />such Gond' ional variance or ex- <br />*, ,, le•;; <br />eeption a has i-econimende�d to <br />said City, ouncil that such vari- <br />tr'.r:r. <br />ante• be g•r nted. <br />SECTIO 2: That said (ilk <br />19 <br />Council liege j)y tints rrmn consid- <br />eration .ind investigation of tilt <br />r:�lin:; t'. ell: <br />fpe s ane] the report of said flan- <br />- <br />ping Commission: <br />f 1.:J..... .ilttl <br />(1) Special eirc-►rnistanc•es df) ex - <br />... <br />ist in the area clrstwribcd causin <br />piaetic.:d difficulties in (•ari-yi,i g trot <br />. <br />the lot area provisions of an ex- <br />w.i` puhIi•hc�rl ��n ('�� <br />isting ordinance. <br />(2) A variance ear vxception is <br />;' eti� _r►{ �lrl ,. <br />ne-ecssar4 for tel(• pr•es(•tw ation or :1 <br />srr}►st.intial prop(.rty right of tht:. <br />potitioner•, <br />. (R) The glrantinz of sitch eo n- <br />_. _- <br />ditional variance will not. he ni a - . <br />teiially detrimental to they palbint. <br />welfare or injurious to the property <br />W, improvements in the di:,tri�•t <br />wherein said property is located. i <br />�- <br />SECTION 3: That a conditional <br />' �.., � ,Y,• <br />variance is herel.)y granted per•Iuit- <br />ling uach lot in they are -a desc:rilwd <br />�::i►se ribe�l and swortr to before <br />above to be less than 6.000 .Sentare <br />clay of <br />feet in area, but not loss than 57441 <br />s.l ttarr- feet in aj,ca, provided d laox4 - <br />A4. <br />Ever that, with respe.-ct to said pro - <br />Perry front:inri cm :tior*L !'.rent <br />O <br />erre nortllel'Iy ()i the <br />`0CSi <br />. ...__�!.!T___ --� ..... .. % /� <br />:�olitll•'1'1\' 4I :•Pe't nl:l\' a►t• 1.1St•(I ..tom :1 + <br />Notary( V. C. ; <br />lot, <br />SF.(�­i`I()N 4: Not.hin:; In this ol'- <br />diriance shall bt• confit rue(1 per- <br />/ <br />rniting: any exception t() 1he Stlbdi- <br />vision flap :Net of thr. Stair. est' c al- <br />ifnr•nia or aiw orchnances of the <br />City of A.nahein-1 .adopt('rl in piir- <br />,4uanee thereto. <br />SEVTTO 5: 'Pleat trot, City c'le'rk <br />shall certify to i Fie• (af i his <br />ordinance and uaiise- the -saint: to <br />lw,hed torr.(• in tern -0-:angt <br />Count- News," a newspape i- of gc-n- <br />