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Affidavit <br />Of <br />Publication <br />STATF, OF CALIFORNIA <br />S3. <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE <br />(if said county, being first duly <br />sworn, says—that she is a cit. <br />izen of the United Stated, and of <br />the State of California, over the <br />trge of eighteen years, that she <br />hits no interest -in, nor is she <br />�t party to the matter herein <br />mentioned; that she is the pub- <br />lisher of the ORANGE COUNTY <br />NEWS a weekly newspaper <br />printed, published and circulated <br />in the said County of Orange <br />r hat said ORANGE COUNTY <br />1 EWS is. a newspaper of general <br />circulation with a list of paid sub <br />,,cribers, and is published for the <br />dissemination of both local and <br />general news and intelligence of <br />:c general character; that it is <br />not devoted to the interests or <br />i-iiblished for the entertainment. <br />(if a particular class, profession, <br />trade. calling, race or denomina- <br />tion. or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been ;printed and pub- <br />lished in the City of Anaheim, <br />County- of Orange, State of Cali- <br />fornia for more than one year <br />next preceding the fir -at day of <br />the. publication .hereto attached; <br />I liat the <br />o�nzt.rrr ... ,33 ........ <br />whic'r the anrexc l i:; a printc;i <br />c (iry, wa:; pubiis;.rcd in s -aid .flew s- <br />rcrper at least - .._Q): C' ...--- ... <br />u(minienc•ing oil the h' 17 dati <br />„f ........ tJ _1;:_....._..... lA'a. and <br />i•nding on the .day <br />„f ......... 19 -- and <br />I hat said Orr t` txneC <br />-------------------------------------- <br />was published on the <br />tr%.11owing days: <br />104 <br />_.. ;.A..._. _.... I. .............. <br />:.�___•__! _ _ ............ <br />i <br />Subscribed and sw rn to before <br />me. this <br />.f <br />liahed in the Oraage C ° :1w' News liar -medUat-,of the City C�JW <br />LNGAL NOTICE. a weekly newrspapes o . " e eir- e = C#ty :ot Anaheim; held~ 4= 'fie <br />��-r- cul tionrinted <br />p . publis and: cfr- 'llGth daw _ef Ju$e, 1940, and:. Aft <br />ORMNACE NO , ��33 in the City of Arii>3itiei ,Ana .ame w :,Vassed and adopted, <br />► <br />• thirty (30) days from a4d after its adjourned'..'meeting of saw'" <br />AN QRDIlNAATCE OF TkiK CITY <br />OF ANAHEIM IM RESTRICTING <br />THE. ENTERING IN- AND ON <br />BUILDW06 AND STRUCTUREIN <br />OF T119 - -Cr..rY OF ANAHEIM, <br />AND PROVIDING PENALTIES— <br />POI: THE VIOLATION THEIE't,BOF. <br />THE ' CITY COU14CIL OF THE <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES OR- <br />DAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. That it is iinlawful <br />for any person to enter any build- <br />ing, roam, yard or enclosure owned, <br />occupied or under the control of the <br />City. of Anaheim, at any time when <br />such building, room, yard or enclon- <br />,urp is locked, barred or otherwise <br />shut off from the use of the public. <br />SEICTION 2. That it is unlawful <br />for any person to climb or he upon <br />the municipal. water tank of the . <br />City of Anaheim or the structure <br />supporting the game. <br />SECTION 3. That it is unlawful <br />for any person to climb upon or <br />tamper. with - any pole, ornamental <br />lighting standard, wire, trpsfor•mer, <br />Wtet,- .motor, ptr•inp, or electrical <br />equipment- owned or used by the <br />City of. Anaheim. <br />EC.Tr(}RT-4. That it. -is unlawful <br />for arty person to enter or be in <br />the- poirer""house of the City of An- <br />aheim be%Ween . the hours of 5:00 <br />.P. M. of -Any day and -7:00 A. M. of <br />the succW-ing day. <br />SECTION 5: That it is unlawful <br />for . anj* person to enter or be upon <br />the roof 'of 'any building or struc- <br />ture, wee;--occiipled or under the <br />control 'of•.the City of . Arnahetm. <br />'.l ECTION.- 6. That this ordin- <br />ance, -O&IL. not apply to. any duly <br />autho+rlsed. employee, agent or offi- <br />cet of -the City of Anaheim or of- <br />ficer -of : the United States or 'State <br />of:California, or of any agency, de- <br />partmeat, bureau, or subdivi-.4on <br />th#reof, or' of any a.utbor°zed em- <br />pldyee.. of .any corporation furnlsh- <br />ser—ling electricity, 'gas, telephone <br />vi-Oe or -water to said City, when <br />Isuch - employee is in the course of <br />day. <br />#EI ' ON 7. Thaf any person <br />v4flain-g any of the provisions of <br />•thls 0i4inance shall be deemed <br />tyf-a a' wisdemeanvr and upon <br />co viation thereof, shQ1 b:: pun- <br />s�ed. .iy a fine of 'nvt'- more than <br />T ree'; H -u ' red ($300::06... -Dollars or <br />bg inrisonment in tie City Jail <br />for: a '"eriod • of not more 'than three <br />'4ntI4 or 1•)y. both such fine and <br />hOris+onment. - <br />°13MTION 8. That all ordinances <br />or parts of ordinances in conflict <br />herewith kre hereby repealed. <br />:. 'ION 9. That the. City Clerk <br />of. the' City of Anaheim -shall cer- <br />tify to the passage of this Ordin- <br />ance. and cause the same to be pub- <br />ftal - passage, It shall tsitkd' effect Cou i fl- hAd on. the 2nd day q July, <br />and be in full force. 048 ley tbs- -following votes: <br />The foregoing ordinamwe is. sign- AT -COUNCILMEN.- P4 1' ; <br />ed and approved by tare thI* ,...2nd 'Van Wagoner, ' Yungbluth, en - <br />day of July, 194$ et, Jt� and Sheridan. <br />CHAS. A. P ARSON, - NOES: COUNCILI ENI , LWoie. . <br />Mayor of the City 6f Anaheim ABSENT: COUCILMEN, Nom. <br />And I' further certifyth&t . the <br />ATTEST: Cfi.48: E. t#R,IFFiTH, Mayor- of the City of Anaheim -44 - <br />City Clerk of the City of Anaheim. <br />ed and approved said Ordinaneig: On. <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) the 2nd day. of July, 1940' <br />COUNTY OF GRANGE ) SS. IN WITNESS► WkIERBOF�I <br />CITY OF ANAHLIM ) have hereunto set my hand anelaf- <br />I, CHA.REES E. GRIFFITH, City* fixed. the corporate seal of said City <br />Clerk of. the City of Anaheim, do this 2nd day. of July, 1940. <br />hereby certify- that the 'foregoing (SEAL) CHAS. E. GRIPM70, <br />Ordinance was introduced at a reg- City Clerk of the city ().r Anabetm. <br />