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3 (o <br />Affidavit Of <br />Publication <br />S'1'.�T}: OP C'AI.IFORZ l A <br />('01INTY OF ORANGE 5ti. <br />01 said county, being first duly <br />:—L%t►1 n, suy-s. Ahal slit, is a cit- <br />irt•11 of the United States, and of <br />the State of California, over -the <br />age of Eighteen years: that she <br />il;i s no interest in. nor is she <br />panty to the Inatter ' herein <br />nwntioned: that she is the pub- <br />lisher of the ORANGE COUNTY <br />NEWS a. Nv-ee-kly newspaper <br />printed, I.;-ublished and circulated <br />Ili the said County of Orange <br />.1 l.;lt. ORANGE COUNTY <br />N!,WS is a newspaper of general <br />11irc•ulatioll with .1 list of paid sub <br />-.r:•ibers, and is published for the <br />dissemination of both local and <br />;�tleral news and intelligence of <br />ct :.;eneral ella.ra-cater: that it. is <br />NW devoted to the interests or <br />1110)lislied for the entertainment <br />of a 1%1rticllla1- class, profession, <br />, ; ,tile, c ullitl race or denamina- <br />►�.n, or of any number thereof: <br />,.holt. it has been ,printed and pub- <br />lished in the City of Anaheim, <br />Collllt}• of Oranni'. State of Cali - <br />fol' 1110re tlla.n one year <br />nt-,Xt preceding the first day of <br />111:. i)ttl)1t�•:ttiU'.l hereto attached; <br />14!,11 the <br />...................................---•------•••. <br />M t! ti: ;I1tL�,i <br />•1.1 V. 1\':tti Ai{l 'll <br />.,1.,., : t10_a, J?t.0 <br />lr.:l) .:lritl 1.►_1 tier <br />16' t clay' <br />�, eT'• <br />y.._.... ... .. I`1 .. allfi <br />...... ....__. +. <br />tlriill c:tl `tlt. .._ _ day <br />Yrs......... anct <br />.Itilt fiil.l+t..... ���.�..�.._......... <br />was published ot1 the <br />:lr)wi!1 days: <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />ORDINANCE NO. 636 <br />.3N ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF ANAHl111M AMENDING S U L - <br />SECTION 12 OF SECTION 10 OF i <br />ORDINANCE NO. 507 OF THE <br />CITY - OF ANAHEIM, ENTITLED, <br />"AN OANCE PROVIDING <br />FOR, . THE�CENSING ' OF BUSI- <br />NESSES, 'PSOFMISIONS, SHOWS, <br />MXHIBIT)f S AND GAMES CON- <br />DUCTED OR. CARRIED ON IN <br />THE CITY:OF ANAHEIM, FIXING <br />THE RATIN OF LICENSE THERE- <br />FORE, PROVIDING FOR THE <br />COLLECTION THEREOF, AND <br />FI?s:ING P CNALTI&S FOR THE <br />VIOLATION THEREOF." <br />THE CITY COUN'CII. OF THE <br />CITY' OF -ANAHEIM DOES OR- <br />DAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. That .subsection 12, <br />Of section 10 of Ordinance 507 of <br />the City of Anaheim, entitled, "AN <br />ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR <br />THE LICENS1ING OF BUSI- <br />NESSES, PROFESSIONS, SHOW'S, <br />EXHIFSITIONS AND GAMES CON- <br />DUCTED OR CARRIED 'ON IN <br />THE CITY OF ANAHEIM, FIX- <br />ING THE -RATE OF LICENSE <br />THEREFORE, PROVIDING FOR <br />THE COLLECTION THEREOF, <br />AND FIXING PENALTIES FOR <br />THE VIOLATION THEREOF," be <br />and the same is hereby amended to <br />read as follows: <br />12: Of a public bowling alley, six <br />(16.00) dollars a year bar each al- <br />ley. <br />SECTION 2. The City ClerlK, <br />shall cause this ordinance to be pub- <br />lished once 'fn the "Orange County <br />Newt," a weekly newspaper guh- <br />lishe4d and. eirculated in' the City of <br />Anaheim,'' and - shall take, effect <br />thirty (0) dtyq atter its final pass- <br />age. t <br />The.. foregoing ordinance was <br />signod' and, approved by me thi-e 16th <br />day prof 1940. <br />. CH A.S. A. PEARSON ,. <br />'AT1liI or: of the City of Anaheim 1 <br />i" •. CHAS. E. GRIFFITH. <br />City.�`.Cler*K . of the City of Anahelin. <br />.................................................... <br />.•............---tji^..... tn......... <br />��iibscri';ed and sworn to before <br />tills -- day of <br />.._..._mac ......r: ------- -- ------ <br />u <br />r <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) Sb• <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM ) <br />I, CHARLES E- GRIFFITH. City <br />Clork of the City of _AIIaheim, do <br />hereby certify- that the foregoing <br />Ordinance was introduced at a reg- <br />ular meeting of the City Council of <br />the City of Anaheim, held on the <br />9th dad- of July, 1940, and that the <br />same was passed and adopted at a <br />regular adjourned meeting of said <br />City Council held on the ' 16th day <br />Of July-. 1940, by the following vote <br />of the members thereof: <br />AYES: COUNCILMEN, Pearson, <br />Ylingbhith, Martenet. Jr, and Sher- <br />idan. <br />NOES: CO Lr N CILME'N, None. <br />ADISENT AND NOT VOTING: <br />COUNCILMAN, Van Wagoner, <br />AND I FURTHER CERTIFY <br />that the MAYOR of the City of <br />Anaheim signed said. Ordinance on <br />the 16th day of July, 1940. <br />IN WITNESS W FIEREOF`, I <br />have hereunto :4et my (land and af- <br />Rxed the seal of said City of Ana- <br />heim this 16th day of July, 1940. <br />(SEAL) CHAS. E. GRIFFITH, <br />Ott-, - Clerk of the City- of Anaheim. <br />