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<br /> <br />. <br /> <br />AFFIDAVIT O}' PUBLICATION <br /> <br />:-;'I'_\TI'~ OF t'0\1.1FUH:\'L\ ) <br />)RS. <br />County ot Orunge ) <br /> <br />l \ j. '-.~: ~ ~''''.l't" t .r' ...1..:3 C.l i..L.~ . <br /> <br />1\" ','aid ;'01111'\' IIl.ill'" first duly :-;\\"111"11, sa~'A .that he is ..; <br />1l1i'L!:' .:it iZf:1I :;f' the lJnited St:lt;.s, and of tlH:. Htate of Cal: <br />fonda, o'.-er tile age of eighte 011 years; that ~e has no ill <br />terpst in. nor is he a party to the matter herem mentioned. <br />t hat he is the <br /> <br />. "1 <br />- .... <br /> <br />; .~ ~~ e r . .:~ <br /> <br />" .. of th.. <br /> <br />'..;~:~.:"_.lIl_~.~_ uH.. <br /> <br />0.. ......:,L..,~_.~.._.:.... neWl-'pnpcr pri nted, puhlished and circulateu <br />in the jo:aid (~u\lnty of Orange that said <br /> <br />~-..~ j ....~ 1,:-- ~.,.' -:.;j.l,,~l.l.::.: .~.':".L__ .. ..... .......__ __..._____.h................... <br />i~..-~--~~~.~-~~~.~-; ~f' general cil' eulation with a list of pai~ <br />l:)'ubRcl'ibers, and Is pubJil"hed. for ~he dissemination. of both <br />local and g-eneral news and I ntel1lg-ence of a chat- <br />[teteI'; that it iA not devotpd to the interests or pu~hshed for <br />the entertainment of !I- p~rti cular class, profeSSIon, trad~: <br />calling" race or denommatlon, or of a~y number th~reu.. <br />thnt it' ha~ been J;...inb'd nnd pub1ff-lhl.~d In the City of Ann.- <br />}\l'I~n. ("'olli-tty of O'r.ange, State ,of California for more t~ar! <br />OlH~ :VNtl' up-xt pr~eeding the first day of the publication <br />hereto attachpc!: that the <br /> <br />. :..:..~.~......:..;.~~._f)o....;.:..'J'"."_"'~':~h'''''' ... . ........ __.__.__m"_ <br />or whld) thr> annexed ill a printed copy, was pub1i~hed in <br /> <br />!-IT' id !Ii~\\' !~T.l:) Pl.r at. Je:\:-:t. <br /> <br />;'nllll!',I'lH'ing on t.he <br /> <br />. . ......In\' ,0,1' <br /> <br />i !\ <br /> <br />nl1/1 p.1I11irIL!:" 'In tilt" '._ .tln,\' or <br /> <br />:, n II i li.1. t :-l~): d <br />].'11.1 ir.d".,l ,II: ill" 1',,1111'.' i !Ii.: ,I:! '.1./ <br /> <br />. . _....~". <br /> <br />t.. <br /> <br />t.. ..:: r. <br /> <br />.' . . ',.1': .1 ;.. . i "! . <br /> <br />. f f ~. 1. <br /> <br />1 fI < <br /> <br />...:.., .~ <br /> <br />~ '.1 <br /> <br />~.u ... -:.~.~",;,r.~~. <br />N'dtan' Publlr.' <br /> <br />LEGAL NOTICE 'Inabove mentioned: And further dl- r <br />rectlng the City Clerk of.. the City <br />-'f Anaheim to cause writt-en notice <br />ORDINANCE NO. 818 HE f such proposed annexation to be. <br />~ ORDINANCE OF T mailed to each person to whom land <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM APPROV... within the territory p~:Posed to be <br />ING THE ANNEXATION TO a:bhexed is assessed in the last <br />THE CITY OF ANAHEIMowO~ equalized county .~sessment .1'011 <br />. '1'HE TERRITORY KN available o'n the date the proceed... <br />AND DESIGNATED AS MONT.. Ings were initiated. at the address <br />GOJ,tERY ANNEXATION. lIhoWD on said assessment roll .or <br />.' THE CITY ..COUNCIL OFS TO\E a8 known too said City Clerk.. and <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM: DOE .. to any person who has filed his <br />~IN AS FOLLOWS: name and address and the deslgna- <br />. SECTION 1: That the City Coun- tion of lands in which he has any <br />eO of the 1tY' of Anaheim did on Interest either legal or equitable, <br />ttra Ilnd. day of July, 1961. receLve with s~id City Clerk: and that In <br />& written petition asking that cer... the event that land within the ter... <br />tMn new territory described in said ritory proposed to be annexed tG <br />!Mtttton be annexed to the City of the City. of Anaheim Is owned by a <br />.AIIahelm. . county. that the City Clerk shal~ <br />Tbat betore the ttll~g ot said petl... cause written notice of sucb pro", <br />tIon. the proposal fGr the anne:xa... posed annexati'On to . be mailed to <br />tie.. of tb. t.rrltor)" hereinafter de... the Board of Supervisors of such <br />.,..I'bed to the City of Anaheim was county and directing that such no- <br />nbmltted to the Boundary Com- tices be given not less than twenty <br />1at..IGn of the County of Orange. l20) days before the first public <br />Btate of Calltornl.. and reported hearing on the proposed annexa- <br />upon. by said Boundary Commis... tion <br />.0. witb respect to the definite... That on the hour, day, and at the <br />...s and certainty of the proposed place specified In said Resolution <br />boundarle.. No 1998 to wit: On the 28th day <br />. That said territory proposed to of '.A:UgU~t 1952, at the hour 'Of 8:00 <br />.. abnexed to .aid City ot Ana... o'clock P. K. In the City Council <br />lIelm I. situated In the County of Chambers in the City Hall In the <br />Oran..e State of Calffornla, and Is City of Anaheim. Callfornla, the <br />contigu'Ous to the City of Anaheim. City Councll of. the City of Ana- <br />..d Is uninhabited territory. That helm did meet and assemble to hear <br />Aid petition contained a descrip'" and pass 'On all protests filed or <br />tloD ot said territory In word. and received up to the hour of 8:00 <br />t1P"S &8 hereinafter In this Or- .o'clock P. M. on said date and the' <br />dlnallce ducrlbed. City Council did find that the Be... <br />-. ~.t the City Co un ell duly a.... solution fixing the ttme 8:nd place <br />"Dlbled at a regular. meeting ot of said hearing was pubhshed by <br />.... City Council held on the 21nd the City Clerk as therein directed, <br />~ .., .,July. 18&1. did find that said and that written notte. 'Of such pro- <br />_tltlon at tbe ~Im. It was fUed and posed annexation was mailed to <br />...c..I...4 was sl8'Q.d by the own- each person to whom land wlthl~ <br />...~ ot not than one...fourth ot the territory proposed to b~ au- <br />t.... are.' of the land In such terrl- nexed Is assessed, 'Or In which such <br />torY' and represented n'Ot less than person has any Interest, by the <br />on....tourth ot the assessed value City Clerk as directed In sald Re- <br />ot said territory proposed to be solution. That written protests were <br />_aex.d according to the last pre... not made by the owner or owners of <br />aedlng equalized assessment roll of one..halt 'Of the value of the terrl- <br />... County of Orange, State of tory 'proposed to be annexed accord- <br />Oallfornla, In which said territory ing to the lut .qualized assessment <br />Is;';sltuated and. th..t .ald t.rrltory roll of the County of Orange. State <br />41d not torm' a part ot any muni.. of California. nor were protests <br />elpal corporatl'On and did find that made by public or private owners <br />old territory Is contiguous to the equal to one...halt of the value ot <br />City of Anaheim and Is unlnhablt... the territory proposed to be annex.. <br />..~ territory, ed &II determined by the City Coun- <br />. That on" the 12nd day of J'ul,.. ell . <br />1.11. at a regular meeting of said SECTION 2: That the annexatlO'll <br />ClIY Council of the City of Ana- of the territory included within <br />:helm, R.aolutlon No. 1998 'Was duly the boundaries of the MONTGOM:... <br />.....d and adopt.d specifically des... ERY ANNEXATION and more par... <br />"lblng the boundaries of the ter.. ticularly described as follows, to <br />"tory .0 proposed to be annexed t'O wit: <br />the City of Anaheim and designat... A tract of land lying within <br />.. such territory &8 JrlONTGOM.. the east half of the Southeast <br />lDRY ANNEXATION and giving no... Quarter 'Of Section .8, and a por- <br />tie. of such annexation and fiXing tion of Euclid Avenue lying <br />the 36th day of August. 1952. at the within Section 9 Township 4: <br />hoUr of 8:00 o'clock P.M. at the South, Range 10 West, San <br />Clly Council Chambers in the City Bernardino Base and Meridian, <br />Still In the City of Anahe1m, as also a portion of Crescent Ave- <br />the day, hour and place for hearing nue more particularly descrlb... <br />o'to:. written protests to said annexa... .d as follows: <br />tift and, when and where any per.. Beginning at a point on the <br />... owning real property within existl"ng City Limit Line. said <br />.,.h territory so proposed to be pOint being on the EasterlY <br />_.x" and having objection. to rlght..of-way line of Euclid Ave- <br />tb proposed annexation might ap... Due and a distanc. of 240 t..t <br />.e.r b.tore the City Councll of the more or less from the North- <br />CIty ot Anaheim and show cause easterly IntersectiGn of said Eu- <br />wlI,. such t.rritory should not be cUd A ven ue and :Manchest~r <br />'aDDex.d to the City of Anaheim, and Avenue also known as U. S. <br />dlrectln.. the City Clerk to publiSh Highway 101: thence westerly <br />or. cause to be published a copy of along existing City Limit Line a <br />....d R..olutlon at least twice, but distance of 60 ft. more or less <br />Dot oftener than 'Once a week. tor to the west rlght-ot-way line <br />"we succel.lve weeks prior to the of said Euclid Ave.: thence <br />dat. ot said heari'ng In a newspaper southerly continuing along ex- <br />fit ..enval circulation printed. pub... isting City Limit Line and said <br />lI.hed and circulated In the City of west right...of...way ltne of Eu... <br />A.llabelm, to wit: The Anaheim Bul... cUd Ave. a distance of 26 ft. <br />I.tln of An'8.heim. Orange County. more Or less to existing East <br />California, and also I'D a newspaper and West City Limit Line: <br />ot general circulation printed. pub... thence Westerly continuing <br />1I.1I.d and circulated outside of the along said existing City Limit <br />City of Anaheim. but In the County Line 133 ft. more or less to the <br />of Oran8'e. In which Is located the Northeasterly right-of-way line <br />territory hereinafter proposed to be of Manchester Ave., which line <br />&lInexed to the City of Anaheim, to is also the existing City Limit <br />wit: PLACENTIA COURIER and Line; thence northwest.rly <br />directing that said publication b. along said existing City Limit. <br />completed at l.ast twenty (10) day. Line and the northe"'~.l'l7' <br />prior to the date of hearing here- rlght...ot-way line of ...Dch..... <br /> <br />ter Avenue & dl.taDce of 138'7.'70 <br />feet more or less to the west <br />line of the But half of the <br />. Southeast Quart.r of Section 8, <br />. TOWIIsbtp' 4 Sout)J.. n.n..e 10 <br />West, San B.rnardlno Dase and <br />Meridian: thence north.rly <br />alone Aid .....t lIn. of tb. But <br />half ot section 8 to the Nortb <br />. RIght...of...wa,. lIn. of ~rescent <br />Avenue: ,thence euterly alone <br />said nGrth Right...of...wa.Y line of <br />Crescent Avenue .xteaded to <br />the Northeast Intersection of <br />said Crescent AYenu'e and Eu- <br />clid Avenue: th.nce southerl,. <br />alon.. the East JtI8'bt-of-way <br />line extended of said EucUd <br />Avenue to the point of beClnnln&,. <br />is hereby approved and. eaid terri- <br />tory Is hereby an'llead to and In- <br />corporated In the City of Anah.lm, <br />County ot. Orang., State of Callt- <br />ornla. and I. h.reby d....l..nat.d a. <br />the MONTGOMERY ANNEXATION <br />to the City of Anah.lm~ <br />. SECTION 3: That frmn and aft.r <br />the effective dat. of this Ordinance <br />and the tlUng ot a certified copy <br />thereof with the Secretary of State <br />ot the State ot California.. the an- <br />nexation of the t.rrltory herein <br />described shall b.' d.emed to be <br />and shall be complete and thence- <br />fOrth .uch ann.xed t.rrltory .hall <br />be. . to all Int'ents and purposes" a <br />part ot tlJe City of An_helm. and <br />from aDd atter the effectlv. date 'of <br />8Uch &nDe:u.tlon, all prop.rty tb.r.- <br />In shall be SUbject to taxation equal- <br />ly with the propert,. .wlthln the City <br />of Anaheim and shall b. taxed to <br />pay Its: proportionate. .hare o.f the <br />existing Indebtedne.. and lIabillt,. <br />it.sald City of Anab.lm contracted <br />prior to or exl.tln.8' at the time of <br />ncb &1Ul.xatloD pursuant to th. <br />wrltt.n cons.nt. of th.''. of <br />property la said. aDllUed' t.rrltol7 <br />fU.d with the Clerk of the City of <br />Anaheim prior to the adoptloll of <br />this Qrdlnance. <br />SECTION 4:: Th. City Clerk .hal1 <br /> <br />certify to the passage of this Or- <br />dinance and caus. the same to be <br />.~ubUalted ODce In THE ANAHEIM <br />B~TIN. a dally newspaper <br />prl , published and circulated in <br />the '"" aty of Anaheim. Coun ty of <br />Orange, Stat. of California, and <br />thirty (,3D) days from and after its <br />tlnal passage It sl1aIl be In full <br />forc. aDd effect. . <br />THE FOREGOING ORDINA~CE I <br />was approved and slcned by me I' <br />this 16th day of August, 1952, <br />CHAS. A.. PEARSON <br />Mayor ot the City of .An:a ~ ~ ! m : <br />(SEAL)I } <br />ATTEST: <br />CHARLES B. GRIFFITH : <br />City Clerk of the City of Anaheim; <br /> <br />STATE OF C.Ai:iFORNIA') I <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) .., I <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM: ) I <br />I. CHARLES E. GRY'FITH. City I <br />Clerk of the City of Anaheim, do j <br />hereby certify that the foregoing! <br />Ordinance wa. Introduced at ... <br />REGULAR meetlbg of the City <br />Council of the Clt,. of. Anaheim. <br />held 'On the 16th day of August, <br />18&1, and that the liame was passed <br />and adopt.d at a~ REGULAR meet... <br />Ing of .ald City Coun-cll held on <br />the 10th daY' of September, 1952, by <br />the following ',vote of the membere <br />thereof: <br />AYES: COUNCILJrIEN: Wisser, <br />Heyln8' and' Va~ Wagoner. <br />NOES: COUNCILMEN: None. <br />ABDNT: COUNCILMEN: Pear- <br />son and.' liIoney. . <br />'ANt) I FURTHER CERl'J.'IFY that <br />the Kayor of the City of Anaheim <br />' &Dd Blarned said Ordt... <br />nance Olr the 10th day of Septem- <br />ber, 11&1. '. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have <br />hereunto set my. hand and affixed <br />the seal of the City of Anaheim <br />this" 10th da)' of September, 195.2. <br />(SEAL) . . . <br />CHARLES B. GRIFFITH t <br />City Clerk of the City of Anatle1rn i <br />(Pub. Sept. 18, 19&'2) 4 <br />..__..---. r . <br /> <br />