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published in said newspaper• ,.)n the following � adopted at this time in order too - pro - <br />date. to -wit: tect the pro - <br />public interest, health; corn_ <br />fort and convenience and to preserve <br />the public peace, safety and welfare, <br />Thursday . Pending the preparation and adoption <br />• is}�,''G.-.c... 19-5Q of said zoning plans and ordinance. <br />The City Council further finds that <br />the regulations and provisions herein - <br />Th a nsday . i after set forth in this ordinance are <br />- ' q necessary for and are designed to les- . <br />' serk congestion in the streets; to se - <br />Thursday. cure safety from fire and other dan- <br />gers; to prevent overcrowding of land; <br />to lation;idundue to facilitate ctheradequate on of pro <br />Th u r sd�i 3• , vision of distribution of wter, sew- <br />age, parks and other public require- <br />ments; and that such provisions and <br />require - <br />Thursday, .. . regulations have been made with rea- <br />-' sonable consideration among other I <br />things of the character of the dis- <br />Thur.sday, trict and its peculiar suitability for <br />19_...... the particular uses and with a view , <br />Of conserving of property values and <br />encouraging the most appropriate use <br />11111'Sdaj', 19 of land throughout the area, and in <br />consideration of the direction of plan- <br />ning development according to a well <br />Thursday, . _ . , 19 ..... _ considered plan. <br />-' COUNCIL <br />THEREFORE, THE CITY <br />COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANA - <br />Thursday, HEIM DOES ORDAIN As <br />- 19---..... LOWS: FOL - <br />SECTION 1. No person, firm, cor- <br />Thursday, ..... Poratiorit or association shall hereafter <br />- ----- -.-- -...- , 19..------ within the f0110wfn9 desert -bed. area: <br />Between the South side of Santa <br />Ana Street and the North side of <br />South Street and ' between the <br />West side of Citron Street and the <br />East side of West .Street in- the <br />Printer and Publisher. city of Anaheim, <br />erect, construct or locate more than <br />one single family dwelling and its ac-! <br />cessory buildings upon any one lot or• <br />building site in the above mentioned <br />Subscribed and Sworn to before me by Theodore. area, nor erect, construct or locate wee <br />any dwelling on any lot thereon with <br />' a On ground floor s <br />B. Kuchel, this,----" Z-__- than 1100 square lice less i <br />-day of_ --i:.__-- _ 19_x. q feet, and in comput- <br />i ug the area, garage space shall not be <br />included therein. • <br />..< t� :SECTION <br />---- --. _..---- ------------==---- _, work P - ct nine <br />efore commencing any <br />�`-"-'--'-'----------- -- g to the erection, con - <br />Notary i'c,r►lic - ('winty Clerk —'City Clerk struction, rEconstruction, moving, cob_ <br />version,, <br />,, alteration or addition to any <br />M�' GUI11. Expires_ .. (,;�1;llni ltlli_a.:a ��----------- Auk, .. building r r . structure within said dhf* <br />p 1 8 tri a permit for each separate . <br />ng -and/or structure shall be se- <br />cured from the Building Inspector of <br />said City of'Anaheim by -the owner or <br />bis agent ;pr .said and It shall <br />unlawrul to commence said work <br />until and unless said permit shall have <br />been . obtained. No permit shall be Is- <br />sued -by the Building Inspector for <br />the erection or Ponstl'Uction of an <br />dwelling hovsec within .said area which <br />shall contain less than the rainiitipm <br />number of square feet of floor space <br />herein provided. Any building erected, <br />constretcted, Altered, or to which ad- <br />ditions are, fdade shall complY with all <br />Of the <br />pruvlsiuns of the City Building <br />rode of the City of Anaheim. <br />The City Council hereby reserves <br />the right and power. to grant Variance <br />Permits for non -conforming .uses un- <br />der this Ordinance where unusuel cir- <br />ctimatances justify issuance snd io <br />avoid hardship and unfa rness. Appli_ <br />ca tion for V ;ra rances shall <br />ky. _ I ianni be made to <br />the Cl - ' ng Commission . and <br />granted or denied in accordance with <br />the provisions of Section 4 of Ordi- <br />nance 609 of the City of Anaheim. <br />SECTION 3. Any person, firm or <br />corporation, whether, , as principal, <br />agent, employee or otherwise, violat- <br />ing any of the provisions of this is Or - <br />shall be guilty of a ris O- <br />meanor, and upon conviction thereof <br />shall be punishable by a Sne of not <br />more than Three hundred ($300.00 <br />Dollars or by Imprisonment in the � <br />county. Jail for i term not exceeding <br />three (3) months or by . both such fine <br />imprisonment. Such person, firm <br />or corporation shall be deemed guilty <br />of a separate offense for each and <br />every day during any portion of which <br />any violation of this Ordinance is <br />committed, continued or permitted by <br />such pereon, firm or corporation, and <br />shall be punishable as herein provided. <br />SECTION 4. This Ordinance in here- <br />by declared to be an urgency measure <br />and shall be in full force and effect <br />immediately' upon its adoption. The <br />facts constituting such urgency are <br />as follows: <br />The uncontrolled erection, or con- <br />struction, of buildings on building <br />sites. within the aforesaid %area <br />within the City of Anaheim, would <br />be detrimental to the public health, <br />safety- peace, comfort and gener- <br />al welfate of said City. That there <br />is an immediate- dan6er that per- <br />sons, firms or corporations will <br />erect and construct buildings and <br />dwellings in said area detrimen- <br />tal to the character of the district <br />and not peculiarly suitable to the <br />Particular uses for which such <br />territory . should be used, and uch <br />will tend to diminish at <br />property <br />values rather than conserve such <br />property values, and grill, be detri- <br />mental to the orderly development j <br />and expansion of the City of Ana - <br />helm, and the direetioq of build- <br />ing development according to & <br />well zoned plan. <br />That the adoption of thin Ordinance <br />as an urgency measure is neceseaty <br />for the immediate preservation. of the. <br />Public peace, health, sarbty and pyblia <br />welfare. <br />SECTION 6. The City Cleric shall <br />certify to 'tire passage of this Ordi_ <br />mance and shall cause the same to be <br />Printed and published once in the <br />Anaheim Gazette, a newspaper of gen- <br />t: ai circulation, printed, published and <br />(,ire•;elated in said City of An- e: <br />C:m, <br />alifuc•nia, within fifteen (16) days <br />$-----1 Q,20 ---------- <br />$---------------------------- <br />$-----J Q v_20---------- <br />