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AFFIDAVIT 4F :: U1H. 1. CAT ' := <br />OR -DT; NAD: �Fa tvQ• 754 (East Vermont <br />Averue Annexation", <br />ORA -;'-GE. <br />c; -o r a.n. }r "Ptir y �` <br />. p • J i l � } �..+ • <br />1N? • - (Pub. Anaheim Gazette Mar. 9, 1950.) <br />ORDINANCE NO. 754 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />ANAHEIM APPROVING THE AN- <br />NEXATION TO THE CITY OF' <br />ANAHEIM OF THE TERRITORY I <br />KNOWN AND DESIGNATED AS <br />EAST VERMONT AVENUE AN- <br />NEXATION. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL .OF THE <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1: That the City Council' <br />of the City of Anaheim did on the <br />10th day of January, 1950, receive a <br />P L• f., <br />+ i » „ ri e Lbeing <br />T " _ e o (. _. a tr B. i n `, duly S wo rn t •a. a --i •> Cs• -.:_• <br />i written petition asking that certain <br />new and uninhabited territory de- <br />aP. i } S �� `. <br />scribed in said petition be annexed <br />• <br />to .the City of Anaheim. <br />.Tlxat .. said territory proposed to be <br />That is r: n(.i at. a-.1 times herein men t i:0 r ed w ac-; <br />*hnexed to said City of Anaheim is <br />;itu*ted in the County of Orange, <br />n � t '-w p } States,r r r ' - r -, <br />c. �- �. r i "" e Ci. �� ��' TJ r ;, E' Cl over y ; J e _, �' <br />State of California, and is contiguous <br />to the City of Anaheim and is un- I <br />ti iv e n t -• ') n? a ,' e a r S i e, n d that he, is not a <br />Whabited territory. That said petition ` <br />contained a description of said terri- <br />; t vs , r• S -i c, * r. r t , yr . +- , .. <br />n ._r.�. ested In t..�. above entitled m-- � ��-;t� <br />tory in words and figures as herein - <br />tory <br />- .,t. � � <br />i'l e ri P I r F t P''' c i s d n u bl i S !1 ed of the AN AHE I! - <br />alter in this Ordinance describe,. <br />That the City Council duly assem- i <br />_r-% <br />o 1 ge I"# a.1. c cul a r. I : r <br />GAZETTE, „� nQ14'ra ���. ) �;'Y' general citecul �- � ; <br />bled at a regular meeting of said City I <br />Council. held on the 10th day of Jan- <br />, ; "; 1 , .. <br />'..� ' !''. u C Ali :) �.. �. S �' 1 c +d e j n a c i :' t u 1 a. t e d 114' f':• a ;- ! o } + <br />ttaryr, . 1960, did find that said petition + <br />at the time it was filed and received <br />.� 7 i,Z A" S dv-tT S ,.1'►. : c ; i Cl v o un t jr' of Orange,, ­'; <br />was signed by the owners of not less <br />` <br />'r ^ Y f, n �- z +'� ' ^ ;, x' , , . *� �. <br />Cl f' u p c� • ' �. , �. + .� -•- �� . P o ; t h e d 1. s s e 1 ' ; .a. 0 1'I <br />than one-fourth of the area of the land <br />fn such territory and represented not <br />- <br />l o c a l s..n d I I.; e l l i ge g r` i'n pan e c t e t' <br />less than ane -fourth of the assessed <br />value of said territory proposed to be it <br />w'• Yl4't� , net*r s o a;." � e r a t a•1 L f q P t i m. e s f f w- N. i.,l t:' : - <br />= <br />annexed according to the last preced-ii <br />Ing equalized assessrpent roll of the <br />- '� i c .� z , - .� ; r� ;-: ,.� <br />• i t ` �' Ci i c'. `�. n S t ,11 -L has `" bona a fide s u, '.. `, '" �. <br />County of Orange, State of California, <br />11' r 7'' yJc;4�tn" S?:;;o�''' ber$, and �A_�'i which n`�-r�; r��_; , ;,,r• <br />in which said territory 1s situated <br />and that said territory did not form a <br />R * .-{ r 1 i t # f ,� <br />'1 �.. ._ E f` n e S ., c . b• i S 'l P d , pr e d r' nd Dub1. -1 ... .., P '• -- <br />part of any municipal corporation and <br />did find that said territory is contig - <br />e e d i n t - one year next before t� ,,� e pu el i e : • r i ri .} r <br />nous to the City of Anaheim and is <br />uninhabited territory. <br />t, In f-. i ,s ' ;. !1 c; F' �r't: i t� of this notice; r, j'i "� i f <br />That on the 10th day of January. <br />�: p ..•, , � �l � . , _ � r n . �..• �;; ,� r !-..Y. <br />" '�%,,.h r h f' annexed a p i ! <br />City, at a regular meeting of said <br />City Council of the City a! Anaheim. � <br />�, � yi Y � I � r,+ � � � ,.• <br />�'1 a .- b e f ... : u - i I..... N fi d, in , s c:,- i o. n e it s p a l� a �' � ' . ` � E' #' �'? -• <br />Re#olution No. 1719 was duly passed ; <br />and adopted specifically _ describing: <br />O �s` t e �� y to—-� !'0 i - <br />the boundaries of the territory so ; <br />proposed to be annexed to the City <br />+linnirt <br />{^ S { . + • i • • • • . • . • • • • • Y Y • • • • • • • • • • L f 1. <br />.{ t. ,.....,. .. .................. . 1•.�. <br />i - <br />pig rit,C:��-_,��ti.. p��r 1iShe:' <br />� z rJsc r1. 1 -,f: nd. 6,�vorr; to befo�^E% me qtr c+1r; cXr� e <br />B. Kuc•-IPj'.., this . ,nth • day Ot- Pla- fib.. .� . .. <br />o� a •r f=�..i - �otny �1erkIJ <br />vCon+In e s.• • • • • • • . • + • • r r • . • r <br />of Anaheim and designating such ter- <br />ritory as 'East Vermont Avenue An- <br />nexation and. giving notice of such <br />annexation and fixing the 14th day <br />of February, 1950, at the hour of 8:00 <br />o'clock P.M. at the City Council <br />Chambers in the City Hall in the <br />City of Anaheim, as the day, hour and <br />Place when and where any person <br />owning real property within such <br />ter-ritory so proposed to be annexed and <br />loving objections to the proposed <br />aanexation might appear before the <br />City Council of the City of Anaheim <br />and show cause why such territory <br />should not be so annexed and notify - <br />Ing all persons having objections to <br />such proposed annexation to appear <br />at said day,: hour and place to show <br />cause, if any they had, why such <br />territory should not be annexed to <br />the City of Anaheim and directing <br />the City Clerk to publish or cause to <br />i be' published a copy of said Resolu- , <br />tion at least- once a week for two <br />,., <br />,successive weeks prior to February <br />H. 1950, in the Anaheim Bulletin, a � <br />newspaper of general circulation, pub- k <br />lished in the City of Anaheim, Coun- . <br />A, d ty. . of. Orange, State of California. <br />` That said Resolution was caused to <br />be published by said City Clerk in <br />said Anaheim Bulletin as directed. <br />That on the hour, day and at the <br />place specified in said Resolution <br />No. 1719, to -wit, on the 14th day of <br />' February, 1960, at the hour of 8:00 <br />o'clock P.M. in the City Council <br />Chambers in the City Hall in the <br />City of Anaheim, California, the City <br />Council of the City of Anaheim did <br />Ineet and assemble and proceed to, <br />hear and pass on all protests. That <br />written protests were not made by <br />the owner or owners of one-half of the ' <br />value of the territory proposed to by <br />annexed according to the last equalized <br />assessment roll of the County of <br />Orange, State of California. • <br />SECTION 2: That the annexation <br />of the territory included within the <br />boundaries of the East Vermont Ave - <br />hue Annexation and more particularly <br />' de"ribed as follows.: to -wit: <br />A. tract of land including a por- <br />t*of Lot 16 bf. Anaheim Ez- <br />!1`491iaia ..a hown op a Me.p of a <br />' j► .. .W:'tliia.m • Istel <br />`3B8 1C 8, Fege <br />Q4 ds of Loa <br />�Wdrwlwa, f'YK1.' iisy:. .a•. -s <br />