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Affidavit Of <br />Publication <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />CO L7 TY OF ORANGE <br />111 S 1- <br />. .wr O1rr� <br />.. <br />. ............-----....--- ._......---- <br />of said county, being first duly <br />sworn, says—that she is a cit- <br />izen of the United States, and of <br />the State of California, over -the <br />age, of Eighteen years; that she <br />has no interest -in, nor is she <br />a party to the matter herein <br />mentioned; that she is the pub- <br />lisher of the ORANGE COUNTY <br />NEWS a weekly newspaper <br />printed. publtsheti and • circulated <br />in the. said County of Orange <br />that said ORANGE COUNTY <br />NEWS is a newspaper of general <br />circulation with a list of paid sub <br />scribers, and is published for the <br />dissemination of both local and <br />general news and intelligence of <br />�+ general character; that it is <br />not devoted to the interests or <br />I-liblished for the entertainment <br />of a particular class, profession. <br />i i ade.. calling, race or denomina- <br />tion. or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been )printed and pub- <br />lished in the City of Anaheim. <br />County of Orange, State of Cali- <br />fornia for more than one year <br />11ext preceding the first day of <br />rhe;, publication .hereto attached; <br />t!lat the <br />Mrd. n n _ Noa 639- <br />----- <br />of which the annexed U a printed <br />c'om was .published in said .news - <br />Iia -per at least o ei <br />vommencing on the ..3I3t_. day <br />of October40 and <br />.............................. 19 ......... <br />Exuding on -the da <br />of ---•- 19 and <br />thatsaid ----• ................................ <br />------------------ was published on the <br />toMowing days: <br />October _ 3 x..1940 <br />......... <br />Subscribed and sworn to before <br />Ine t s ..----. '7 9--- day of <br />, --l----1_ �p <br />OT110 •,0--.----- <br />..............�.. <br />Notary P�Jl c. <br />COUNT --Y N W.S•. <br />— <br />LEGAL NOTICE — <br />ORDI NANCE NO. "0 <br />AN ORDINAXCE. OF THE CITY <br />OF ANAHEIM AMKENDING <br />CERTAIN PORTIONS OF OR- <br />DINAA= NO. _ 609 OF THE <br />CITY OF - ANAHEIM AND <br />ADDING PORTIONS THERE- <br />TO. - .. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES OR- <br />DAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. Section 1 of Or- <br />dinance - No: --609. of the City of I <br />Anaheim, entitled : "An ordinance <br />repealing Ordinance No. 511 and <br />providing 'for the creation in the <br />City of .Anaheim of six. (6)- zones, <br />consisting of ' various districts - and <br />prescribing ,for the several zones, <br />the classes sof buildings, structures <br />and improvements; the use of <br />such buildings, structures, im- <br />provements, and premises; the <br />heights and locations of buildings <br />hnd the area of lot covered there- <br />by; defining certain terms used <br />herein and prescribing the penalty <br />for the violation of the provisions <br />hereof," is hereby amended by the <br />addition of the following para- <br />graph: <br />"DUPLEX: Means a building or <br />structure, equipped with not more <br />than two kitchens, used or design- <br />ed or intended to be used to house <br />two, but. not more than two, fam- <br />ilies living independently of each <br />other and in which building the <br />two housekeeping units are com- <br />pletely separated by a partition <br />without openings." <br />SECTION 2. The definition of <br />the term "Yard" in Section 1 of <br />said Ordinance No, 609 is hereby <br />amended to read as follows: <br />"Yard: Means an open space on <br />a lot on *hick a buildinLy is situ- <br />ated, and except as otherwise pro- <br />vided in this ordinance, unoccu- <br />pied and unobstructed with build- <br />ings or portions thereof from the <br />ground upward. The measured <br />distance of a yard may be known <br />as the width or depth, and meas- <br />urements shall be hori::ental and <br />at right.. angles to the lot lines <br />from which the yard depths are <br />(l -termined." <br />SECTION 3. Section 2 of said <br />Ordinance . No. 609 is hereby <br />amended to read as follows: <br />Sectiob 2. Establishment of <br />Zones. <br />(a) In order to designate, regu- <br />late, restrict, and segregate the <br />locations of enterprises, indus- <br />tries, businesses, trades, apart- <br />ments, dwellings, and other spe- <br />cified uses and the buildings <br />designed, occupied and/or niain- <br />tained for such uses, and the <br />use of premises, and to regulate <br />the area of yards for thepublic <br />health; safety, general welfare, <br />and orderly development of the <br />City of Anaheim, said City is <br />hereby divided into seven (7 ) <br />zones to be known as: Zone R-1, <br />Zone ,R-2, Zone R-3, Zone C-2, <br />Zone C-3, Zone M-2, and Zone <br />M-3, ' which said several zones <br />-and the districts of each thereof <br />are hereby established; and the <br />property comprising said dis- <br />tricts and each of them is des- <br />cribed herein. <br />(b) Territory annexed to the <br />City of Anaheim subsequent to <br />the effective date of this ordin- <br />I ance shall, upon the date that <br />the annexation becomes effec- <br />tive, become a part of the Sin- <br />gle Family Residence Zone, <br />Zone R-1, of said city. <br />SECTION 4. The paragraph <br />designated as "1" under Subsec- <br />tion (b) of Section 5 of said Or- <br />dinance No. 609 is hereby amend- <br />ed-to <br />mend- <br /> read as follows: <br />1, By posting public notice <br />thereof not less than ten (10 ) <br />days prior to date of hearing <br />mentioned therein; such notices <br />shall - be placed not more than <br />OwrAA llnn#4v-aA (2nn% ♦'nn+ nv,ov.+ <br />— LEGAL NOTICE — <br />the boundaries of the property <br />involved in the proposed <br />"Change of zone" or a descrip- <br />tion of such property, and the <br />time. and place at which a public <br />hearing on the proposed change <br />will be held; or <br />SECTION 5. Paragraphs 2, 3, <br />and 4, of Subsection (j) of Sec- <br />tion 7 of said Ordinance No. 609 <br />are hereby amended to read res- <br />pectively, as :follows: <br />2. There shall be side yards <br />each of which shall have a width <br />of -not less -than four (4) feet, <br />subject to the further provi- <br />sions of Section 14, <br />3. There shall be a rear yard <br />of not less than ten (10) feet <br />in width. <br />4. On corner lots in respect <br />to the end abutting the street, <br />buildings shall be made to com- <br />ply with the above front -yard <br />provisions and also shall be lo- <br />cated so that the distance from <br />the exterior side lot line to the <br />'nearest line of the building or <br />any portion thereof shall be not <br />less than four (4) feet. <br />SECTION 6. Said Ordinance <br />No. 609 is hereby amended by the <br />addition thereto of a new section <br />whieh shall be designated "Section <br />7.5." Said Section 7,5 shall real <br />as follows: <br />Section 7.5 <br />Zone R-2 <br />TWO FAMILY RESIDENCE <br />ZONE <br />In Zone R-2 no building, struc- <br />ture, or portion thereof designed, <br />arranged or intended to be occu- <br />pied or used f or any other .pur- <br />pose than those provided for or <br />allowed by this section, shall be <br />erected, constructed, established, <br />converted, altered or enlarged; <br />and no lot, building, structure or <br />portion thereof, in said Zone R-2 <br />shall be used for any other pur- <br />puses than those specifically pro- <br />vided for and allowed by this sec- <br />tion. <br />(a) Any lot, building, structure, <br />or portion thereof, in Zone R-2 <br />!nay be. used for any purpose reg- <br />ularly allowed in Zone R-1. <br />(b) There may be duplexes or <br />st building designed, arranged and <br />intended to house more than two <br />families, subject to further provi- <br />sions of this section: <br />(c) T% -o separate dwellings <br />may be constructed or established <br />on any lot in Zone R-2 which con- <br />forms to the requirements of this <br />ordinance and which is 150 feet <br />c -r more in length, but such dwell- <br />ings shall conform to the further <br />provisions of this section. <br />(d) If. the major portion of a <br />dwelling existed on the rear half <br />of any lot in Zone R-2 prior tc <br />the effective elate of this amend- <br />inent, an additional dweLing may <br />be constructed or established' or. <br />the front halt of said lot, provid- <br />ed that said building and each <br />Portion. thereof i;. at least 15 feet <br />distant from the existing icai <br />dwelling and each ,)ortion there- <br />of, but there shall be not more <br />than two such dwellings on any <br />such lot unless all ,area require- <br />ments of this section are met. <br />(e) The following lot width, and <br />area requirements shall apply: <br />1. Each dwelling or duplex, <br />permissible .in Zone R-2, shall be <br />situated on a lot having a width <br />of not less than 55 feet along the <br />adjoining street and an area of <br />not less than 6000 square feet <br />provided however, that said min- <br />imum provisions of width and <br />area -shall not apply to any lot of <br />less than said width and area ex- <br />isting on the effective date of this <br />amendment. <br />2. On lots having an area of <br />more than 6000 square feet,.there <br />may be a building designed, az- <br />ranged or intended to house more <br />fkary 11_ - <br />I .Ll <br />