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<br />q <br />d <br /> <br />'-":1~~' r"'~i~ ~1(:E Nt;. St.,,: <br /> <br />Jl <br />1 liAN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE DISTRIBUTION OF HANDBILLS <br />11 " ,.' <br />2 1i * " <br />Ii <br />~ i <br />3 ;!!HE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />H <br />~ ~ <br />4 ;: SECTION 1: It has come to the attention of the City <br />5 llCouncil of the City of Anahe1m that the profuse and promiscuous <br />~ i <br />!i <br />6 II01rCulatlOn of handb1lls, without regulation, 1n the streets of <br />1I <br />t'l llsald City, and on the premises, porches, dr1ves, sidewalks, and <br />8 ~: in the yards of the res1dents of the City or Anaheim, and in <br />9 ~jveh1cleB standing 1n the public streets, results 1n the blow1ng <br /> <br />", <br /> <br />10 ::of such matter 1n the streets, alleys and other publio plaoes in <br />11 liea1d City, and has become a public nuisance by the littering of <br />12 : the streets, alleys and other pUblio plaoes~ and thereby oausing <br /> <br />I; <br /> <br />j" <br />13 i:an uns1ghtly condition, as well as a menaoe to the public peaoe, <br /> <br />i <br /> <br /> <br />14 ihealth and safety by the risk of fires, of clogging storm drains, <br />15 and of apprising prowlers and orlminals of the absence ot reSidentsl <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />16 from their homes, and generally annoying and disturbing the <br />17 general public; and, <br />l. <br />n <br />18 ~~ The safety, comfort and .elfare of the citizens and <br /> <br />!j <br />19 1!res1dents of the City of Anaheim and of the public 1n general, <br />!! <br />:1 <br />20 :jdemana that this oondition be remedied, <br />" <br />Ii <br />21 Ii SlaTION 2: The practioe ot throwlng, casting, d1strl- <br />i! <br />22 ljbut1ng, scatter1ng and depos1t1ng handb1lls upon pub11c and <br /> <br /> <br />I, <br /> <br />23 liprlvate property 1n the C1ty or Anahe1m, without regulatIon, 18 <br />p <br />24 I!hereby declared to const1 tute a public nuisance. <br />~ ! <br /> <br />25 !i <br /> <br />SBCTION 3: Defin1tions. The follow1ng words, terms and <br /> <br />26 j!phrases when used in this ordinance have the meanings ascribed to <br />H <br />27 ilthem in this section, except whe~e the context clearly 1ndicates <br />n <br />28 1la 41tferent meaning; <br />11 <br />29 Ii (a) 'Person" inoludes any person, f1rm, partnership, <br /> <br />30 :;assOclatlon, oorporatlon, company or organization ot any kind. <br />.! <br />31 :: (b) 'Handbill' includes any printed or written adver- <br /> <br />32 tieing matter, any saRlple or dev1ce, dodger, ciroular, leaflet, <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />;, <br /> <br /> <br />;, <br />