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<br />Affidavit Of <br />Publication <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE <br /> <br />ss. <br /> <br />- - .. - -- --~.! .~.~ ~~!~ - .-- -.. -. -. --.. - . -. <br /> <br />of said county, being first duh' <br />sworn. says-that sile is a cit. <br />izen of the United States, and of <br />the State of California, over the <br /> of &ighteen; that she <br />has no Interest 'in, nor Is she <br />a party to the matter herein <br />mentioned: that she is the pub- <br />lisher of the ORANGE COUNTY <br />NEWS a weekly newspaper <br />printed, published aud' circulated <br />in the said County of Orange <br />that ORANGE COUNTY <br />XEWS is a. newspaper of general <br />circulation with a list of paid sub <br />Rcrlbers, and is published for the <br />dissemina.tion of both local auo <br />general news and Intelligence of <br />a general character; tha t it is <br />not devoted to the interests or <br />l'ubUshed for the enterta.inment <br />of a particula.r class, profession. <br />trade, calling, race or denomIna- <br />tion, or of any number thereof: <br />that it has been Iprinted and pub- <br />lished in the City of Anaheim. <br />County of Ora.nge, State of Cali- <br />fornia fa I" more than one year <br />next preceding the first day of <br />thE> publica.tlon .hereto attached: <br />that the <br /> <br />.. .-__Qr~~.~~1c;.~._.H9.~~~~..._. <br /> <br />of which the annexed is a printe.{t <br />C'OPY. W'SS ,published in 'lleWH- <br /> <br />J}aper at least __..__._.9}Jg~_....u___. <br /> <br />('omme-Dcing on the ___1:th... day <br /> <br />of .___Ayg~_t.......__.. 19...41., and <br /> <br />('nding on 1:he __..........______..____ day <br /> <br />of ___..h..........._...__.... 19.___..... and <br /> <br />that said ..u.__Q.~9.J_D~J.lQ.~......._. <br /> <br />..........__.u.... wa.s pubUs.hed on the <br />tollowing <br /> <br />__ .~~~~~:~_ __'!.-'___~~_~!m. __uou___ <br /> <br />~-"':'~.----. .._~~_;.:...--nn~...:..._u:..-- _........ <br />~~-~~TZ; on .. u......u.... <br /> <br />Subscribed a.nd sw rn to be.fore <br /> <br /> <br />m~..~:~~m:.~:~::'-~;~7 or <br />-~~4r <br /> <br />l <br /> <br />.......,.,....1.... <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />ORDINANCE NO. flU <br />.o\X ORDINANCE OF T'8E CITY 01' <br />ANABElM" .~~.TlNG MO~EY <br />FOB ADvatt81NG P1JBP08lIS . <br />TH.E . CITY COUNCIL OF ,.HE. <br />CXTY' OJ' AN4HEIK <br />DOE$ ORDAIN AS..POl-LOWS: <br />SECTION 1. That there b~ and herebs.' <br />'iII ap>>propriate4 fQr the fiscal year eDd.. . <br />t... ".,.... ". :1..... . _Iii:. t,. ~ <br />Fund of the City of AnaheIm, the *um <br />of Four. ThoulI&lId <"',000.00) D<>>llarli. <br />which 8U~ Bhail' be UBEKf for' the'., >>UT'-.. <br />pose of ad.v.ed:isin. the' City of Anaheim:' <br />and' providing for music and IJ)rolliotlon <br />within the ,aid city, ald. money to be. <br />pal... by direction of th~ City COUDoll Of'~ <br />the City of Anallelm fot Baid pilrpo~. . <br />SECTI-ON 2. The City Cle;rk Bhall cauBe. . <br />this ordinance' to be !tUbU8hed ODce lir.: <br />. the "'Orallte Count")" New.;" a weekly ~ <br />ne.wlipape;r publ16bed and circulated 1D <br />.' . the' CIl, ior Anaheim. and. 8hall talie' ef- <br />fect thh=-y (3~) . days after its Unal <br />pauage. <br />Tile f9rttlgolng .ordlnance was slenad <br />a.nd appl'oved by me thlll 6th day of. <br />AUgU9~: Uf!. <br /> <br />CRAS. A. PEARfJON <br />Mayor of the City of ""nahelm. <br />A'tteat: , <br />CHARLES 'E. GRIIlI'FITR, <br />City Cleric: of the City of Anaheim <br />ST ATE OF CALII'OBNJA, <br />COU}ilTY OF OBANGB, ... <br />CITY o~ A,N4-HBIM <br /> <br />I, CharleB Eo Oriffltll. C1t7. Qlerk of <br />. the City . of' Anaheim; do hereby eel.tity <br />that the .foNcolnl' Ord1nallc8 .&111 latro- <br />duced at an adjourned l-el'alar meetiq <br />of .the City CounoU of the City of Aua- . <br />heim, held on the 29th'day of J~ly, U41.' <br />and that the ....ame was paBIIed' .and <br />adopted at an adjourned regular meeting <br />of said City. CouDcll held on the 5th day. <br />of AUgU80t, 1841, by the following. v,ote <br />of the members thereof: <br />A YES: COtrNCILM:~N. Pearson, Van <br />W&go~er, Yunl'~luth, )lar~eDet Jr.~ <br />"and' Sheridan. .- . . <br /> <br />NOES: COUN~ILME;N. None. . <br />ABSENT: COUNCILKBN, NOD~ . <br />. And I further certlf7 .that the Mayor: <br />of tile City of Anaheim' :algned and ap- <br />proved OmiaanC'e on the 6th. day. <br />of AU8UBt, Uti. . <br />. IN WITNESS WHEn.or, I haY. here... <br />unto _t 111)" hand ~nd . aftlx:ed the' ..~al' <br />of _id Clli' 'of Anahelll...tflls' 6th d&J" of. <br />August, -l'U~ .' . 'Of <br />CHARLES. E. GRIFFITH <br />Clt:t . Clerk "of the- City Qf Ailabebil <br /> <br />(SEAL) <br />