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<br /> <br />ST A Tg OF CALl)t~OR~ lA <br />CO~~TY OF ORANGE <br /> <br />RS. <br /> <br />I. . ORDINANOE'.NO.646 I <br />. 'A.N':ORDIN'ANCE '.GRANTING <br />. A VARIANCE L . <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES' OR- <br />I DAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. That a petition has <br />J been filed with said City Council <br />i and referred to the City Planning <br />I Ld.:mlmis~Lon requesting a variance <br />I from the estabished front yard <br />I aepth as determined by existing <br />I buildings, according to Ordinance <br />r No. 609 of said City, on the fol- <br />'.Jowing described property located <br />i in the City of Anaheim, County of <br />I Orange, State of California; <br />I Lot Foul'teen (14) in Block I <br />" F of New Subdivision of I <br />Vineyard Lot D-5 as shown <br />on a map recorded in Book <br />I' 1 '(, Page. 72, of Miscellaneous <br />Records of Los Angeles Coun- <br />ty, California, <br />1 which would permit buildings to <br />be built so -as to provide a front <br />! yard depth of fifteen (15) feet in- <br />stead of approximately twenty <br />(20) feet as exist~ at P!".~sent; <br />SECTION 2. That said City <br />Council finds from a consideration <br />and investigation of the facts and <br />the' report and recommendation of <br />. t.he City Planning Commission <br />I that: . '. <br />I ]. Special conditions do exist on <br />I Lhe lot described and along all the <br />I lots fronting on the westerly side I <br />lof North Clementine Street lying <br />'[ between West Charb~es Street and <br />\Vest Cypresg Street. I <br />I 2. That a variance is necessary' <br />for the preservation and' enjo)r-I <br />I ment of a substantial 'property <br />! right of thE: owners of said real I' <br />! property. <br />'I S. That the granting of such or- <br />I~inancc will not be materially det- ! <br />I rimentaJ to the public welfare, or I <br />inj urious to the property or im- <br />provements in the district wherein I <br />said prop,rty is located. <br />SECTION 3. That a variance i5 <br />hereby granted whereby a front <br />yard depth of fifteen (15) feet i:i <br />established on all the lots fronting <br />, . on the westerly side of North <br />I Clementine Street between West <br />. Chartres Street and West Cypress <br />Street in said City, irrespective of <br />the present front yard depth es- <br />tablished by existing buildings. <br />SEC1'ION 4. The City Clerk <br />shall certify to the passage Qf this <br />I. ordinance and shall cause the same <br />to be printed and published once <br />in the Orange Coun~y News,. a <br />newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed, published and circulated! <br />in said City, and thirty (30) da)9s <br />from aud after its final passage it <br />Sh:'lll take effect and be in full <br />force. <br />The foregoing ordinance was <br />approved, signed and attested this I <br />HJth day of August. 1941. <br />CHAS. A, PEARSON, <br />!tJayor of the City of Anaheim <br />Attest: <br />'Charles E. Griffith <br />I City Clerk of the City of Anaheim <br />I STATE OF CALIFOR}JIA ) <br />COVN'l'Y OF ORANGE ) S8 <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM ), <br />J I~ 'Charles E. Griffith, City <br />. Clerk of the City of Anaheim, do <br />hereby certify that the foregoing <br />Ordinance was int~odueed at a I <br />regular meeting of the City Coun- <br />('it of, th~ Cit~r of. Anaheim, held on <br />the 12th day of August, 1941, and <br />chat tht:' same was passed and a- <br />dopted at an adjourned regular <br />nieetin~ of said City Council, held <br />on the 19th day of August, 1941, <br />I by the following vote: <br />I A Y~:S: COUNCILMEN. Pearson, <br />"~an W,a:on~r" Yungbl1:l~h~ Mal~te- <br />~ net, Jr.-'d""Sherldaft.. .. , <br />INOES: ~~FN~ f.r~~.. . <br />ABSENTr..AND NOT YOTING. <br />17COUN~EN~ N~ne~:' ",... '. <br />I ..... . <br /> <br />I . And" .i.":. further . ~ertJiy. ::ttlat.r the <br />I"l\~ayor of':"'tiie . .~ity of ";'~ A~~ft~il!l <br />. sIgned' a-'.- approved." :~~ld ';" O~l- <br />nan('e' on<the 19th'.day: of. Aq'ilst, <br />'1941. ".' '':':"..;.-.<.... ". ..... ';i:' . .. · '. '(.r~~ "i. . <br /> <br />.. .. . . <br /> <br /> <br />I.:h.~~~h_~t :_ll!~ <br /> <br />,.t" "fl~ed .t~e:.~.~.f)rP~~at~" '.seal. . .of ,~id <br />.r.ty thIs"18th day,.of August, 1'- <br />,....'1, .'. . ,,- <br /> <br />1':City cl~~~Jt~'3~:;:eW ! <br /> <br />, Q..... AT.. \ . <br /> <br />Affidavit Of <br />Publication <br /> <br />......,....... .i_~_._~_t!:_{~: ;i.i;J.~'~..." .._....... <br /> <br />ot: said count).. being first duh' <br />~WQ.l'll. says-that she is a cit. <br />izen of the United State.s. and of <br />the State of C~lifornia. over ,the <br />ng;e of e,ighteen year-s; that she <br />has no interest in. nor is she <br />a pa.l'ty to the matter herein <br />mentioned; that she is the pub- <br />lisher of the ORANGE COUNTY <br />NEWS a weekly newspaper <br />printed, pubitshed and I circulated <br />in the, sa,id County of Orange. <br />that sa,id ORANGE COUNTY <br />XEWS is a newspaper of general <br />(~irculation with a list of paid sub <br />scribers, and is published for the <br />dissemination of both local a.nd <br />general news and intelligence of <br />a general character; that It is <br />not devoted to the interests or <br />l"uhllshed for the enterta.inment <br />of a particular class, profession. <br />t l'ude, calling, race or denomlna. <br />tion, or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been Jprinted and pub- <br />lished in the City of Ana.heim. <br />COllnt)" of Orange. State of Cali- <br />fornia for more than one year <br />next preceding the first day of <br />thE> publica-tion hereto attached: <br />tha.t the <br /> <br />Or.\tt.Xli~n~ ~__.:.;9 ~_. .!_~~_Q ___. <br /> <br />-..............-........... ............ ....... ---............ -......... "....-....-.. -..-..-... <br /> <br />.... --....... ---. ....... --....... -..... -- --.. --...- "''''-'''- .........--- --........... <br /> <br />..... -- "'............. -...-... ........... -....... -- ............... ............. -..... ...-...-.---.. <br /> <br />of which the annexed is a printe'(l <br />('OPY. wa.s ,published in ,news- <br /> <br />J)aper at least --...u-OllaB........h__. <br /> <br />('ommencing on the ----21_____ day <br /> <br />of .--_.At.:~E;lJ..~.3:l___..____. 19__~~_., and <br /> <br />~nding on the u-u___._n.__h...____ day <br /> <br />ot' __u. .---__n_h___..__..__. 19_...00.., and <br /> <br />t.hat said ..u-.~_~:~..:.~~~~w.g9.~..nu_._. <br /> <br />-.....-.~..-.--... was publis,hed on the <br />following days: <br /> <br />-. ..~~l& ~~:t~ ...Z.l"...lfl:~l.. _.._ _... _.. <br /> <br />Sl?!!:!~~~=~=~~ <br /> <br /> <br />me this h., _.~._~".__"____... day of <br /> <br />...-..U!--A1--~.~I:~.h... 1~9~<___. <br /> <br />.' " . - "..-t1/.' .'- <br /> <br /> <br />u....;....: __~~._~~~; <br /> <br />