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<br />Affidavit Of <br />Publication <br /> <br />STATE OF CA!.:!fi'OfU,IA <br />('O{:XTY Or' ORAKGE <br /> <br />~~, <br /> <br />.. . _ ::. ~.~ .:~: _~ ~ ~~.~ ~~ Et?~.~ J ... _ . __ _ . . _. _. _ . __ <br /> <br />of county. being first dul~' <br />sworn, says-.--thar she is a, cit- <br />izen of t.he United State's, and of <br />the State of California, over ,the <br />a~e- of 6-ighteen rear~; that she <br />haK no interest -in, nor is she <br />a party to the matt.el' herein <br />mentioned; that she is the pub- <br />lisher of the ORANG}4~ COUNTY <br />XEWS a w-eekly newspap.el' <br />printed. pubUshed and i circulated <br />iu the. County of Orange <br />that. said ORA~GE COUNTY <br />X KW"S is a newspa.per of general <br />eiJ'('ula tion with a list of paid sub <br />H~l'ibers, and is published for the <br />d i~Kemination of both local a.nd <br />.~t:'neral news and intelligence of <br />a ~ene'ral character; that it is <br />lIot devoted to the intere.sts or <br />Hthlished for the entertainment <br />of a pa.rticula.r dass, profession. <br />trade, ealling, l'acp 01' denomIna- <br />tion, or of auy number thereof: <br />that it. has been JPl'illted and puh- <br />li.~hed in the City of Anaheim, <br />County ()f Orange. St.ate of Cali- <br />fornia for more, than one yeat' <br />Ih~xt preceding the first day of <br />t IH' puhlication hllreto attached' <br />I h:t t HI p,. ' <br /> <br />....:: r.~';, :, _;. .1;'_. .:.~.,:q :~". , . ~ ,'~' ~_ :~:.'!: ("~.. _ _. _ _ _. <br /> <br />... ~."" ~ - ............. ......--.... .........-......................... <br /> <br />or whieh the annexet! to; a I.H'inte-d <br />(.OI~Y. was ,published in 'lleWH- <br /> <br />vapeJ' at lea-Rt .--...Q;~~(~n......__m..._ <br /> <br />('i,mmeucing 011 the .---...~}tJ}, day <br />or ...... ~:".~'J'.\~~~:~:I....,.. 19__~1.. and <br /> <br />l'nding on 'the <br /> <br />day <br /> <br />or ..__..______._...____.. 19._.__..., and <br />t It at _. _. ~~!l: ~'~_'~...; ~..'.( ~~ ::;.. __. __. _ .. .. <br /> <br />-- ...-.P........ wa.s published on the <br />fl'll()will~ da.ys: <br /> <br />.......... -... ..\....~~:!i.:..: ~.~'.(:;:_-~~..~--..=-i~!~l................ <br /> <br />............ . . ......... ....---........... ---..... ---- ................-......... -.. ...-.. <br /> <br />/ ", . f <br />-. .::... ._~--_. ...~~ ~.i.. .u..~:f:::-(,~.::: _.. <br /> <br />~ t1 bscribed and 8worn', to before <br />I .0 <br />nl(\ thf!':\ day of <br /> <br />u..(.:'.~i~;~~~;jii~~:!J . <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />, - UGAL NOTICE - <br /> <br />i ORIJ'INANCE NO. 648 <br /> <br />1 AN ORDINANCE GRANTING A <br />I -'. . VARIANCE <br /> <br />I THE CITY COUNCIL OF' THE <br />I CITY .oF ANAHEIM DOES OR-I <br />DAIN AS F-GLLOWS: <br /> <br />. SECTION 1. That a petition, <br />dated September 15, 1!141, ha:il' <br />been filed with said City Council <br />l't;questing a variance the es- <br />t tablished zoning restrictions of <br />said City permitting the operation I <br />of a 'citrus. b~{-product~ and debY-l <br />dr!lting plant on the .foll~wi~g des-l <br />crlbed property, which IS In the <br />single-family residence I..:one: <br />All that cel.tain real property <br />~Jituated in thl~ City of Anaheim, <br />County of Orange, State of Cali- <br />fornia, described as follows: <br />The Easterly 225.25 feet of <br />the Northerly 9.25 acres of <br />Lot 39 of Anaheim Exten- <br />sion, as show~ on a map Inade <br />by William Hamel and filed <br />for record in the office of the <br />County Recorder of LOR An- <br />geles County, California. <br />Section 2. That ~aid City Coun- <br />cil finds fro'm com~ideration and <br />investigation of the facts and the <br />'report and recommendation of the <br />City Planning Commission that: <br />1. Special circumstances and <br />exceptional conditions do ex- <br />ist as to said pal'ce I that d () <br />not apply generally to the <br />pro'perty or . classes of uses in <br />the same zone or di~trict. <br />2. That a variance is nece8~ary <br />for the preservation and en- <br />joyment of a substantial '1))'0- <br />perty right of said petitioner. <br />3. That the granting of such <br />ordinance witl not be mater- <br />ially detrimental to the puh- <br />lic welfare 01' injurious to thl' <br />property or inipI'ovementg in <br />the district wherein said pro- <br />perty i~ located, provided the Attest: <br />conditions set forth in Sec- <br />tion' 3 hel'eof are complier! Charles E, <'il'iifith <br />I with. City Clerk of the City of <br />I SECTION :1, That a conditional' Anaheim <br />!Vari.ance iR hereby g'l'anted whereby I STATE OF CALIFORNIA) <br />a. CItrus b)'-pl'oducts and dehydr~- COUNTY OF ORANGE ) ss <br />1 tIng- plant may be o'~erated on :,aId . CITY OF ANAHEIM ) <br />parcel of l"e~tl propertJ' descl'lbed I '. ' <br />L in Section 1 hereof fot' a limited "I, Charles ~~. Griffith, City Clel'k <br />I term and subject to the follo,wing I of the City of A naheim~ do her;~b~' <br />conditions: certif~~ that th<<.' foreg-oing- Ol'di <br />a. That subject to a soonet' I ~lancc was inti'o<luced, at an ad- <br />termination as provided for in l.1ourned }'C'g-ulul' meetlng: uf UII' <br />the fol1owin~ subs'ections" b. I City Council of the City of Ana- <br />c and. d, the term 'of ~airl VaJ'- " heirn, held on thl' 16~h .da ,. of ~ep'- <br />iance shall be for a period tember, 1 !l4.1, and that the f;ame. <br />commencing- with the effel:"- was pas~l'd and adopted at a l'eg'- , <br />tive date of this ordinance ulal' adjourned meeting- of ~H~z! I <br />and, ending Septem.b.el' 15, City Council hl'ld on .the 7th day I <br />1948. ! of Octobt'l', 1941. bv the folJowino <br />b. That in the evtmt a final 'I votes: . .- <br />map of a subdi,:,iRion whic~ i!l- A YES. COUXC'ILMEN, Peal'fion, <br />~ludes land sItuated. wlthl~ I Van Wag'oner. lungbluth, Ma!'tp- <br />25,0 fee.t of th~ propel ty de~-. I net, .Jr.. 'and Sheridan. <br />cl'Ibed In Section 1 hereof, IS " . <br />recorded, ~nd i~provements ! NOES: COUNCILMEN, None. <br />su~~ as i~sta~ll!lt~~n of .curb OJ' II ABSENT A~D ~OT VOTI~G : <br />utIlIty' dIstrIbutIon' hnes 01'. COUNCILMEN. Nonl', <br />mains, or street gl'adin~ OJ' I . . . <br />surfa~inA" is '..c:pnlmenced, that I And l!-urther ~el'ttfy that the <br />this va'riance "shall becoml' null Mayor of the CIty of Anaheim. <br />and void 30 days after the City ,sig'ned and approved said Ordi- <br />Council causes a notice there- I nance on the 7th day of Octobe:', <br />of to be served upon the OC('U- HJ41. <br />, l pal!t~ o~ sai4 .pr~p~~y de,- IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I <br />sc~bed I.n SectIon' 1 hereof. have hereunto set my hand and af- <br />or If ~o ...occupants c:an. he fixed the corporate seal of the said <br />fo~nd...t.o pos~ .Slich notIce .In,a City thh~ 7th rlav of October 1941. <br />COnsplCIOllS plaee upon saId" . , <br />property: 30 days after t.he CHARLES E. GRIFFtTH <br />servinA' or posting of such no- I . '. <br />tice all uses of Flaid pronertr . City Clel'k of the <br />, descl;ped in Section 1 hereof (SEAL) City of Anaheinl <br /> <br /> <br />,I ~-- - - .---.---------.--. ----:::-:-,- -----------.---- -- <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />1= . <br /> <br />shall be in confol'mity with <br />Ordinance No. 609 and a- <br />mendments thereof, of 'said <br />City. <br /> <br />c. That in the event that the <br />person:i OCCUPYIng (,)1" having <br />COntrOL of saId propert). de- <br />scribed in Sectl:Jn 1 nereOI, at <br />any tUlle use said property in <br />lSuch manner al:i constItutes a <br />nuisance, that said City Council <br />luay ternullate this vanante, <br />after a hearing, notice of such <br />hearing te be given to the oc- <br />eupant8 of said property 10 <br />(tays befol'e :-Iuch hearing. <br />The finding: an-i 8l'tion 0'[ the <br />City Conneil at sllch hearing <br />shall be final. <br />d. That wa:ite~ resulting from <br />the ownership. ()ccupanc~', use <br />and operation (,f said proper- <br />ty described in Section 1 here- <br />of, shall, prior to enteling the <br />city sewel'S, b~ treated alldior <br />~cl'eened in such manner . as <br />prescribed by the City Engi- <br />neel. of Anaheim, and for fail- <br />ure so to do, r.;aid City Coun- <br />cil may terminate this vari- <br />ance, after hearing as provid- <br />ed in suh~ection c .of this sec- <br />tion, and the finding and ac- <br />tion of the Cit~. Clluncil at <br />such 'hearing ~hall be final. <br /> <br />SECTION 4. The City Clerk <br />shall certify io the passage of thb <br />ordinance and shall cau~e th(~ <br />same to be printed and published <br />once in thl' Orange Count~~ News; <br />a newspape~' of g-eneral circulation, ' <br />printed, published and circulated j <br />in said City, and thirty da~7s from! <br />and aftl\}' it~ final -p,assaste it shall. <br />take effed and be in full force, <br /> <br />The fOl'eg:oing ordinance was ap- <br />proved, signed and attested this <br />7th day of October, 1941. <br /> <br />eRAS. A. PEARSON. <br /> <br />Mayor of the City of <br />Anaheim, <br />