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<br />Affidavit Of <br />Publication <br /> <br />STA"r}4~ 01'" CALIFOR~IA <br />COr~TY OF ORANGE- <br /> <br />SSo <br /> <br />.. . ." J~l. ~.~~. !:~!~.~g~~. .. ......".. ..... .._. <br /> <br />of said county. being first duly <br />:-4 worn. says-that she is a cit. <br />izen of the United States, and of <br />the State of California. over the <br />ag-e of &ighteen years; that she <br />ha~ no interest 'in. 'nor is she <br />a party io the matte.!" herein <br />mentioned: that she i~ the pub- <br />lisher of the ORANGE COUNTY <br />NEWS a, w'e,e,kly ne'wspaper <br />printed, published and I circulated <br />in the said County of Orange <br />that ORA....~GE COUNTY <br />X~';WS is a newspape.r of general <br />(Oircula.tion with a list of paid sub <br />scribers, and is published for the <br />dissemination of both local a.nd <br />g-eneral news and inteUigence of <br />a general character; that it is <br />not devoted to the interests or <br />]Ouhlished for the entertainment. <br />of a particula.r class. profession. <br />Il'ade, calling, race or denomlna- <br />tiem. or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been !printed and pub- <br />liHhed in the City of Ana.heim. <br />County of Ora.nge. St.ate of Cali- <br />fornia for more tha.n one. year <br />next preceding the first day of <br />the, publication .hereto attached: <br />that the <br /> <br />ur ~li.n~.nQ_~. .1iQ .f. .. Q~9. _. _.. . . .. <br /> <br />........ --. --........ ........ ........ -....-... --... -... -....----.. .----.... <br /> <br />......... -........................... -. ...-....... ----.. ........-......... .-............. <br /> <br />............ -..... -..- ---......... -..-.. ......-.. --...-.----....... ............. ........ <br /> <br />of which the annexed i3 a printed <br />l'OPY. wa.s .published in ne.w:.i- <br /> <br /> a.t least .....9.n~.~_........__.... <br />('cmmeucing; on the ....2.5t.n da:r <br />of ...~"j.~9_~U.lQ~r...___.. 19.~_1... and <br /> <br />('nding on the <br /> <br />day <br /> <br />nt' '.."" ...__.__............. 19.....___, and <br /> <br />t.hat said ..--Q~gJ~D.Q_~....._....... <br /> <br />...........--...... was publis.hed on the <br />te~llowing days: <br /> <br />.. J)~.Q~mQ~_:r. ---~.Q..J..ul~_41.. ."__' <br /> <br />l!~~.:....):./:~1:......... <br />Subscribed a.nd sw~rn to before <br />me ~ .....~__'t......._.... da.y or <br />. . .;..(... I"'D.., 19 ~ / <br />............-...:.~---.7.u ~~u....u.: . .'_ <br />......::e~;.. .a.~::--r/ <br /> <br />'C" ',' (-Je. t..1I t.. . <br />. .,' .' '- ..- <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />I - AN :=~::~:: :F~ T: CITY :1~~:~~::~h~Il::;;;~G:~-l <br /> <br />OF ANAHEIM RELATING TO AIR o~ the .OQDftDt of .lute person 00- <br />RAID PRECAUTIONS THE CITt., CUP~DS or ID con~ol of 8ucb struc- <br />COUN.CIL 0,[4" .THE CITY OF ANA- tUl,"e. <br />BBIK DOES ORDAIN As FOx,." SJeCTION I. At the cOJamenee.- <br />LOWS' meDt of a period of air raid alarm, <br />SDION 1. ..:\.15 used" lID this the ,.perator .ot -~ motor 'YelUeIe <br />ordlDance tbe fOllowing worels and ."hall 10rtbwU~ brl~r; .uch ~eblcle <br />phl"&8ea . shall mean: as fat as poulble to the alde of the <br />.... & i I I I'" street. ro... or 111.11...)" oft <br />. -.Ir ra d ..rn ns s gona " main traveled portion thereof a.nd' <br />ahaH ~~a.n. a. slSDal, by Siren, . the operator JOt \8uch motor V~lltcle' <br />wblstle. horn. or other audible shall bring 8ucb motor velalcl. to <br />de'Ylce, of .two minutes dura- a stop clear of ani cr~In&', inter- <br />tlon ~on8Jsbnl' of eitber a. fluc-. sectton, tire house, fire plug, hos- <br />tu.Uns er war~Ung signal of pit&! or otber eroer.pn07 dePOt or <br />vary~q I1t~h or a succession area, And .durlng the 'hours of dark- <br />ot iD~rmlttent blaata of about DesS shall ext1nlrulsh all Usbts <br />tbr.. secon.d8 duration selPar- therein or thereoD and sal4 DIotor <br />.tea by .. silent period of a~ut ~lcle shall remalJl 80 81tuated <br />.th~e. 8ecoDds. " i4u:r.hl-ir the jperlod of air raid' aIarm, <br />- All .clear shlnal .sball mean unles8 directed or. oMered to move <br />'& continuous signal, b,Y siren, b)' a peace officer, hghway pati'ol- <br />horn or other audible 4evlce, of man or fireman. <br />two .mlnutes d\W~tlon at a I SECTION 1. The' prov1eions" of <br />.teady pitch. this ordin&Dce sball not' applJ' .to <br />"Period ot air raid alarm. blackout elDercenc~ vehicles which <br />.hall meAn the interval of time shall Include the fOllowlD&':' <br />between tbe giving o~ t~e a~r (1) All Army aDet Na'YJ' vehcles; <br />raid ~arnil1g SlaDaI' anll tbe (I) All v811.1"ol.. .wlth Ualted <br />..~VID. . of .the n~t succeeding States Government. credentlal8 in-I <br />. all clear signal. 4icattng the .necessity of emergency <br />"Blackout structure" .hall movement; '.' <br />mean any space 80 enclosed. as (8) All authorized emergency I <br />.to _ prevent all .11~umlnatlon 'Yehiele8 &S defined in Section. 44' <br />maintained or exlstl)l&, therein and' 44.1 of tlle Vehicle Code of <br />from shining or reflecting to Callf6rDia; <br />the. '~xterior of such enclosure. (4) All vehicles .~ein&, operated <br />SECT:tON 20 Tb~ Chief of Police by members of the C'a1lfornla State <br />of ~be' .Clty of A:Dahe.lm is hereby Guard while actually on duty; <br />autborl-.a an4 directed to caule (6) All vehicles. certified by 1 <br />tbe Boudin&, of such air raid wa111- I'berlffs district attorneys, the: <br />inlr 81pal and suc~ all cl_r 81..- Callforrila State Higbway P6trol, i <br />Dal .at such times ~s he s.ll be police chiefs arQ fire cblef8, wben; <br />notified so to d~ by the United I within' the respective . territorial I <br />State8 Aircraft Warning Service, o.r jurisdictions of the certlfyin.g ,Of-I' <br />aD)", qency or person authoris~d tlce, as being e8sentlal to ,the pres- <br />by it, and at su~ times as .h~ shall ervatlon of the public peace and <br />deem neceS8ary in safeguarding: safety or to the dl8semlnatlon of. <br />perso~1fI1 and property from air at.. public information or to the na- i <br />tack. In tbe event that said Chief tlonaJ. defense; provided, ho'wever,' <br />of 'Pollee is absent from the Police that such vebicles shall conform I <br />Station w'hen necessity arises to to the uniform lighting regulatio~:= I <br />sound' either of the above __cribed approved by .he Dep&rtmtmt <..!. <br />&t,cD.ais, . .there i3 hereby conferred Kotor Vehicles and the California ~ <br />upon police officer tben In State Highway Patrol for black- <br />cbarae: of the pollce station the out emergency vehicles. <br />powers conterr~ upon the Chief of SECTION 10.0 It shall be unlaw- <br />Pelice In the forelrOlng sentence ful for any person witbo1lt au~hor- <br />and such person' shall also be ty duritlg. any' air .raid alarm, to I <br />cbu&'ed thereupon to perform all use, wear, . exhibit ,.or possess any I' <br />duties described .n said 8enten~e. unlfoQrm, insj,gnia,, or i <br />The. lu\'Jllvldual member. of the other indication of authority, or I <br />.CIt7 ~uDcil of tbe Oity of ADa- any IDlitation there of, adopted ane, <br />helm .re ILlso authorlsed imd em- lasued by any official civilian de-' <br />po~erecl to cau8e' said .tp&1s to fense organisation. II <br />be 'souDded under amy clre*- 'SECTION 11. Any perSOn ' t ' <br />ataDG.. de8crlbed. In the .fIrst 8en- shall operate a siren, whistle o'r <br />teIl_ .of this paraa-raph. It .shall other audible dlevlae In suc! a man- <br />1Mt uala.ful for &n.~ other per~D Der .8.S to Id.mulate an air ,raid <br />to. .... said 8Ip&ls.,to be" 80uJllll- wa"pnlng signa1 or an all clear ,.Ig- <br />ed ,'W:lthOl1t the authorlu.tlon of :nal, except upon order of 8al4 <br />aaJcl. Clt.y. Council. ' . . Chief of Police or other proper <br />:_~ON 3. AnT'peraoD who ef- authority, shall be guilty of .. mis- <br />f". ;er' ,maintain. . aD)'" 11l1llll1'Da- demeanor. . <br />.tlb, 'or permltl.....7' Illumination SECTION 11. The provisions of <br />& his control to be ....effect~: 'or (\very ordinance of this clty_. and <br />m&1ntained, at any ':pI~ce within .the every administrative ,order made <br />City of Anabei~ during" any .periOd'IPursuant. thereto, requiring any..H- <br />of air raid alarm .In .the hours of lumlnation to be maintained in <br />clarkD~l!s 'except w'ithin a blackout conflict with thi. ordin.nce '. or <br />. structure: shall b'! .pUty of a mls- ".ith any rule .or regulation :made <br />aemeanor.' .p.ursuant' to &e~tlon 5 of .this or- <br />.BCTTON 4, The mafntenace or d'lnanee. shall be deemeldj 8uaPenel- <br />leaving of any. llhimlnatioil, except ed during the periOd 'betwf!en any <br />.., a blac~out' structure. with- air raid wa~nlng ..Ignal and tbe <br />oQt :proviSion for Its extlngulah- next succeeding all clear 81gtftal. <br />..JD4tn"t, within one minute after fhe ~ECTION 18~ ADJ' per80n "".ho <br />OOPlmencement of ,a" periOd of air .hall violate "ny provl810n of this.. <br />raid aJal"1n by a cOmpetent person ordin.Dce shall be guilty of a mis- <br />over tbe age of elcb~een years at- demeano]' aDdt, uPQn convlctloll <br />tenant at the' place where such- tl1ereof, :shall be punishecl by. a <br />11l'!lmlnatton Is coatrolled, 18 here- tine of not exceedlDg Three Huftd- <br />by pl'Ohlbited. red -Do'llars or by Imprl,onment in <br />SBCTIO:S 5. In ortter to en._Ie the. City Jail not exceeding thre:~ <br />8&1'" ,phlet of PoI~q, to compel the 1Il0~ths, or b7 both sudb tine and <br />obScuration, dlmlnutlon or ext'lD- Imprisonment. : <br />.u~8h~ent of AllY.' Uluminati~n, SECTION 1". This 18 an emer- <br />.wbe.~er in or out- -of doors ",bleh Bency .ordtn&Dce a~d 18 required fQl' <br />. -Inc.-eases the v1Jl~er..billty' of the tbe immediate preIMJn&tlon of the <br />'CltF of Arrahelm' or ally portion public peace,.. healtb aDd. ...t.ty, <br />ai.reof to air ..ttaclr., or for tbe rea-' qnd the following la the ..tatem.nt <br />uz.tlon of traffic during .t)1e perle4' of facts eon8titutln. 8uch urgeDOJ': <br />of air raid alarD), Hid Chief of Po- The United States i. at war and <br />..-lIce may adopt and '-promulgate reiL- the Cit)' of ~nabellD is in grt\at <br />aonable rules an4... reculatloD8 tor and continuing 'of air and <br />..h purpo8ea, .aDiI" only rules or other attack by tbe enemy. Por <br />.reaulatlons 80 actopted .bY him ,..J:1 the foregoing re~.D8 this Or4J- <br />be and .remaln In. effect for thirty nance sball take effect aJUW be In <br />. (30) clays' thereafter, but no loncer forCE> iJ'Jmediately upon the date of <br />.: J~Dle.s' ~p~,~ved".. ~U~ln Bald. time Its final passagf:. .., <br />j by. re80hltfoii of-:~ the' City COuneU SECTION 15. If ..any ,provision of <br />of the City ot A.nabetm; pr6"-id.d~ t:btB .1rdina.nee or the application <br />h.(Jwever that any rule or J'eg~lation I t,herf'!of to &.n:.r pcr~on <n' ctrcurn- <br />. of'del' Is reasonably neceesar)" fot I stanc'!s is heltl invalid, such inval- <br />maf . at any time ~.e :rescinded by: idity shan not affect other pro- <br />r"'.8o~u.tlon .sf salidl eft y Coune'i1.! ,-i..Jions' m' applicatlolls -01 this or- <br />. .,::-iololl!lon of any fiuch .'rule O!.. regu-I d.i!1a.nce '"..hicb can )Je gi'Ven effect <br />. !ation 81) a.dopted; and' prom.ulga.ted. t lntb~u~ 0 the Invalid provision or <br />fs ~eloeby. cl€clared. to be a mis- app 10 11, and to this end the <br />..d'eD1e&n~r~' .,' .: prOviSions of this ordlDRnce arp <br />S.1CTlON 6. It sha-Il. be '\lDIa.WfUI! d~elared to be severable. . <br />.to dl40bey any ~awl.D( direction' oi' .SECTION 1&. The Ci1y Cle.Jok <br />. order o~, a peace. o.'tl~er~ bl..hway sball certtf.)" to the'.' G.t. thil! <br />patrolman. or flre_n. ..iven 'durlDg I O!dlnance, and caulle the same' to <br />a period .of air ra.~' alarm, "which t: .-be' ..u~lIshecl once In the Orang.e <br />ol'tte~ IN' l"ea.~ouabS:r. ft;eCes8ary for CoURty. Newe, .. weekly. .newjJpaPer <br />!~~_ ~ln~..n~'!4! O~.;r! ~r4e~ ~r j ~~i~~ed,....?Ubl~S~ed .~d. . ~Jrculated <br />