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<br />4~tJidavit Of' <br />Publication <br /> <br />:'.\Ti': ()J.' <br />'( .I i . .'\ T '. <br /> <br />f' _\LU'UH:-": 1.\ <br />() l' 0 It . \ ~ ( ; F <br /> <br />..;.... <br /> <br />ORDINANCE. N~ 850. ,. I <br /> <br />AS ORDINANCE PRO.HIBITINC I <br />WIN'DOW':EPJ"NG AT' CER': <br />'rAIN '.rJ.M~;~S 01'-" THE DAY A.~D'I <br />NIGHT. AND PRQVU.J1NG P~N-I <br />ALTJli~.q }I"'OR THE V10LATIU;~ <br />rf' H !.:lU..;( 'F. I <br /> <br />:'i.. ..j . .~ rLI;.) HI' <br /> <br />~ ~ ~~ ~ '" l.r~ r .'_' <br /> <br />1~1 ..~;~~ <br /> <br />all:: <br /> <br />~rHE .(JjT~ COUNCIL OJ:c'. 'rH ~ <br />CITY OJ4' ANAHEJ-M DOES ORDAl~ <br />AS It'\.H..r..ows: :. ... <br />Section I. It. is unlawful for .any <br />pf:nWll. b,-tweell ,the. hQU1' of S\lD- <br />~et ot' ,my day and the liour uf <br />sunrist- of the next succeeding day, <br />to enter 1Jp.on any privat-e' property <br />and PPE>P, peer or look ,into any <br />\\'inlJow 01' door of allY inhabittlil <br />dwelljn~. - thereon. <br />I He(~tion 2. This ordinance shall I <br />ne.l app!y to any peac~ o.fficei. ill <br />the pt:~l'formail('e of his" duty. nor I <br />1 t<o a.ny person who enter,; \Ipon I, <br />~ SLH'h )J~i \'at,e vro}ltn'ty with the c..'Vl~-I'1 <br />:1 M~nt or the cH~~upant of such d~wej' <br />, HUb' I <br />I ~el~tiUJ~ S. Any person vi()l:a~int; <br />11111~ o nhllaJlc:e, UI" alii' pro\'U:ilOn,~ II <br />IllllCl'~Ur, sha.lI be (j~emed guilty d I <br />h mi'~d~mt:'a1Jol'. and '~POII cc.t-II\'ict.~on <br />~ h~: !"t'\Jt ,.;hall be pUlUshed b~ oa t lilt: I <br />01 II lit mol"t. than .Three Hundred. <br />~)~,l1an-: u~aou.oo) 0': by impJ"hwn- I <br />Jljt-nL ion the City Jail lor a period i <br />(If not more than tbree (3) mOlhhs' <br />o. lJy both su<:h fine and imprison- <br />I Jlleut. . . <br />Sec..'tilln .;. 'rhe eity Clerk .shall. <br />I~el.t if)' as to the passage of thi~ <br />(I1'oina.lh.'4:' liud shall cause the S&.IDt:' <br />i to be print"d a.lld publltihed onc.~e <br />hJ the orange County N4:'ws. Jj, <br />u,"wl'pa.1el'. of ~'eneral cjrculatio!~'1 <br />pJ'inted, pUbliHht:c.I and circulatee In t: <br />I:-aid City, and thirty days from an.d <br />after its tinal pa.ssage it .~hall take J <br />~ffeet alld be iu fpll fOl"ce. <br />'J"be foregoing oi'dinalJce was 8P- <br />pJ'ovtd, sign~d ia6nd atteste4 thi9 i <br />13th (4)' of January. 1942. <br />. CHARI..ES A. PEARSON. <br />1(":1.)'01' ot the City of Anaheim'l <br />A tte~t : <br />(S~AJ..) CHAIU.....JS 1:.:. GRll....J,4..1TH. . <br />Ci'l)' Cle." of t~e City of Anabeinl. <br /> <br />~'r A 'I'" ~ '01-" CAJ,J.}I'ORNIA <br />C.X.Il:'s'J'Y 01'-' OHANGE SH. <br />CI'f\' OF ANAHEIM <br />. I, Charles E. Griffith. City C}(!J'k <br />t)1 tht' City of Anahei;m, do hereby <br />c:t...tify that the f~reg'lOin.g Ordi- <br />fianc-e wa!:l inb'odueed 'at a regula}', <br />,.djom'ne-d' 'm{ eting of the City <br />Coundl of. the. City. of Anaheim. held <br />rHl U;e nth day of J"anuan", 1942. <br />arid that thfl' .Ramc; was passed and <br />udo,p: eel at. a rel!l:ular meeting \It I <br />ftaid c-it~1 Council, held 9n the 13th <br />day of January" ] 94~,. b)- the foJ- I <br />l'Jwing vote: . . I <br />A 'yJtJ~. Councilmen PEARSON, <br />SHEHlpAN, YlJNGBLUT;H. KAR- , <br />TBN"~'.Q. JR. 'an'd VAN WAGONER. <br />NOER: Count'lImen: NONE. <br />A Bs..:srl" 'A.Nn" .NOT VOTING: <br />Cr_mdlnwn: :so~ l<:. ' <br />And 1 turrhfc'T ''''1'tif,,- that t:tl~ <br />Maym' ur the City 'of Anaheim I <br />,d...~ed alid a}rp roved '88:id Ol'dinan;r\: I <br />on t)le 13:lh dal ()~ J.nuary, J 942. <br />IN 'WIT'Nr:SS WJ-tERJ4JOF; I 'ha;ve <br />bereunto set. iny .band and afflxed <br />the f'OTporat.p sf>al of ~id City tbiFl <br />] 3tb 4 a." of .January, 1.942. . <br />C.~H}\'R1..J.~ E. nRIFFITH. <br />City Clerk of the Cit)' <br />of Anaheim. <br />. .. <br />P~lbli.fSllf:d J~n\1aT)'" li, J 94.2. <br /> <br />".: . i I ; \'I'1l n ; l h p i H g fir ~ : d II ; <br />.". H I S:I~:-; 1 itat .~IH' L- .i. (T <br />n.n If ,II~ (~ni'etl Stall'S, and ~,> <br />~'.a:;' I~' CJlifcJI'uL. ..' <br />.,:' ~ igh!et~n .\.'~'al''': Ihcl'. S!l! <br />n.l \nt~!'e:.;1 in, I Ill)' i":. slit <br />pa.!"ty t.) th,. Illa!tp: ;q-retr' <br />ill iOJl':"-.t: th~, r ~)\f:' i...; !!: F Pll~' <br />,:oiler pf t!h~ c"!L-\.Sf;fo: ('!.)!,':\T\ <br /><!<\\ys ~I w. rkly 'iHW!-.p.Jp", <br />.. !ltf.'r1. pllhU:;:;h,'(l awl' dn:1.I1att..; <br />th(- ,..aill CllUllt.\ ,'j ('''<lng' <br />~.lid OH.\Xf~F !'t)I'~T" <br />I. \\'S II" d neW-;I)l:lJH"l' "If ~;'llf'I'.., <br />,'ubr;;;tl with! Iisl 01 paid -ill <br />. . .ho';.;. ami i~ lJuhli:-ihf-'d for tit, <br />'-:4p.mirwti'l1l ....f hOTh ll),'a! <lli': <br />. ;:HI'al Ilf'W... ,PHI iI11f'-lli~t'1l1.'" <br />~('lP"nll .~lw rader : hat. it <br />rt...yoi.I:"ll t.. rhe injt:rt='..~)~" t!, <br /> <br />",li~IH'd ff)!" <br />,{ P:1.1'! h uIar <br />...If', : '..LlIiIlJ~. <br />" I'. If HI" <br /> <br />, :I\~ t"Ilt f')"!", ilillll:'ll' <br />I" las...; proff.':-i~itll: <br />.1(.... \.1' dp'lli.mfll.' <br /> <br />'!l:l:dH'~' I h!"rl.'of <br /> <br />" 'l.l:'" 'It-'(~n 'l.t1'in~ ed .tlUI pUl, <br />t-:.j ;n rrl'~ !'itr {If ,\;I~l!wim <br />:rl1~. ,:"" ,)raII;":;c. S!at.. !"or ,'ai, <br /> <br />'IL <br /> <br />(.:- nll- <br />i:i ':' ..t',Ln~ <br />;'!l /;J;t':! , i():~ <br /> <br />!h.di '.111-' "f~l." <br /> <br />;lit' fir',,;; d.i; II: <br />!i81'f.Q'1 ,Il.!;j,h.~l: <br /> <br />r t i ;. <br /> <br />\- : ~ -. .:... ~ '.. ~ .~\J (~ ,~ ~~~l) . t~ til) <br /> <br /><"oll:- i : h . ,.:1: ~;I::\Yii '-~ " p ,!l~r <br /> <br />.: ". W: I :. I q: 11 Ii.... ; n] i! ; ." . I Ii ~ . ..' "v". <br /> <br />1."iS1 <br /> <br />';InCt~ <br /> <br />n 1':' II ' . iI H.: !I n ' lit, <br /> <br />i t)-,~l' 11:1. <br /> <br />". 'n.;.: J. ~ I: f:~ <br /> <br />ila '. <br /> <br />i!' ,., 11 ' . <br /> <br />".lltf ..,=.:tLv~n;::.::. <br /> <br />." >.1 ~ P L1 !.Il j -; h ' <br />:'lwil1~ da,YH: <br />.;~ :'i.:.Ll r.'~'" ~ ,~~ '- _..~"~:1~.~~ <br /> <br />"'... . .p'" -~.. <br /> <br />";f'r"~iP"! ,HI', ~"iq'Il to t".'fOl' <br /> <br />rill:"" ..c~ J. .lh~' <br /> <br />I;X5=ti~':.;;,;,) f1t~! <br />'~.~~ir.. <br />