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AFFIDAVIT Off' PUBLICATION <br />STATE' OF t'Al,lF01.'XlA <br />County of Orange <br />hl.fiw- first (IUI.%, s%V411-11, Wt.\'S -411;Lt be is a <br />N110" Citl;'501) Of tile, United States. and of t1w St.,qte of Call- <br />f0l'111,L, (,%,er the age of eighteen years*, that he has no in- <br />terv-st iii, nor is he a party to the matter herein mentioned: <br />that lie Is the <br />of the <br />a. ... newspaper printed, published find circulated <br />in the said ("otinty of orange that said <br />... .. ................. .... ....................... . .... .. ................ ................... ........ <br />is a newspaper of general circulation with a list of paid <br />subscribers, and is publi.0ed for the dissemination of both <br />local and general news acrd intelligence of a general char- <br />acter; that it is not devoted to the . Interests or published for <br />thp entertainment of a particular class, profession, trade, <br />calling, race or denomination, or of any number thereof; <br />iliat it has been printed and published in the City of Ana- <br />lielin. (Iounty of Orange, State of (.7allfornia for more than <br />one. year next preceding the first day of the publication <br />lipreto attach. -d: that the <br />...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ...• .................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . <br />of which the annexed to a printed copy, was published In <br />Vii1? 4 ' IV %, r I F I i II ,; t <br />on.. ........ <br />n e! enfiin�, (in t1tv Anv (if <br />inn 111.'lt :W,1-1 <br />.30is.11;.i1 .r- rl--. ;1.4 k y. <br />!! . .:i -1 !11 -1 — . 1,1 .)iln.. . ­ day of <br />Notary Public. <br />LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL. NOTICE' <br />be persons who hqld- <br />,An-..6fr1q* -dr 6; Is approved and-signedby,moalhis <br />position With the C1' z-0. Anithelme 21thAmiy'l6f March,' 19,51. - <br />Provided, howeveri t Owpumber, CHAS.. A. PEARSON <br />of the members .of a. *ftimsion' Mayor .of <br />.the City. of Anaheim <br />who are not offici .::the. ' City VNEAL)- <br />a -'num- <br />of Anaheim shA6,111 ei <br />ATTZST:- <br />bar of.. members who be offl- CHARLES .'E. GRIFFITH.. <br />cars or -employees. of q City- City. Clark of the City of Anah. Ii <br />The City En.ginejW-` shall- be. . a, STATE, Or C4UPO RNIA <br />memb6r of the' City :P1annint,Cdm_' <br />COUNTY -or ORANGE. <br />CITY'OF ANAHEIM <br />SECTION $t 1. - CHAR -LEA <br />(a) That said Planning ..Com.. GRIFFITH, .-City. <br />inimplop iphiL11 have 'powers "and ter- Cleirk' "Of ' the WY o ' f' Abablefin,. 'Jo <br />-form the duties an provided in thiAhereby certify that the -.foregoing..t. �Ordlnance, W.As - introduced at -a - reg. <br />certain Act of the LS-061at r of - <br />the State bf Califon " . . U.6 alar 'meeting -df. the City, <br />OlLstied ' d Couilell <br />ad ted 'in 1047,.;:G' sof , the. Cfty.,. of A-11ahelm ori - the.' 1 8-th <br />T <br />'44Y. bf-,X-A�rch -'19-61v-.iL-nd-'thht the <br />COASERVATIOX AN 14ING <br />ACT". which Act ZTHE -same was'pain"eUlAnd-Ado . pted, at- a <br />PLANNING ACT" of I regular meetingOf )dd CU3P <br />. Vou <br />n <br />(b) Thit the Flab ell hild'-,bh the day of March,' <br />Com- y <br />'the fbUoWinir vote '' f the <br />mission appointed puriluint, to the 1061', by 0 <br />Provisions of the above -Act 'shull. merdbiirs'-thbi-66ff <br />elect its Chairman 'from -among thi. AYES:. COUNCILMEN: Pearson <br />appointed members. for a term of Van-'Wagailer,- Behey -and Wisner. <br />one year at.. thea -cast -moo-tiog..'in -NOES:'�' COUNCILMEN: 446fie..- <br />Japuary .0f•A and 'subject -ABSENT; C0U)fbILMEN-:.--Hey1ng..- <br />to the 0 of Mi.. la*- AND' <br />. -V 'I'FURTIM-ER Q.WRTIVY that, <br />may area ch other...offi. the Mayor of the , Citi '04 , Anihilm' <br />r� lc6m anAt' ;Lpprovpd.. and - x1gridd.'said -.0rdinatice <br />Gh o a 'i -of Mai�ch, 1,961'. <br />The-. Gh' if.' the -PLUibin .on th' t da I <br />Commisliko"ik"', .0.,,tgtk,. IN'.WITNEBS -WHERZ0JP,-..I have <br />vote in" the '; deliberations 'of -.sald­ <br />CO3 mizissloji except in the cami, of'.&, T -- <br />tie vote. <br />(c) ...The Planding".Com3hisshm, <br />Vi shall hold. at least one regular' <br />meeting a mouth and 'shall keep' <br />a recor(%. its 'resolution <br />acti"Ai, o. ngs and .,de.i6rihiiii- <br />tions, w rd shall - be. -1L.-0Vb_ <br />lir recio <br />Five . . . . . . .berg of.:t'ixttgt= <br />ning Com all. 0 <br />cluorurn f n assadtio, <br />ness. <br />(d) The. Citk, Count ro. <br />vide the funds, equipm-, <br />ac- <br />commodations necese <br />work of - the Plann <br />Such funds may b <br />lected, but shall n <br />fiscal .Year. the . iu <br />the dolla4r of ass <br />(a);,. `, n!je epPol 4 -of <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />ORDINANCE NO. 775 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF WkW 4 <br />.PITY OF <br />ANAHEIM C An <br />PLAN- <br />NING CO*=.,.; AND DE <br />FINING' CS ITS I pr'' <br />9 W-3 6' . IN THE <br />TIES AS CLIO I <br />STATE OF- CALIFORNIA ACT <br />"THE CONSERVATION AND <br />PLANNINGACT" OF 1947. <br />1 <br />(THIS ORDINANCE REPLACES <br />ORDINANCE NO. 501, ENTITLED <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF ANAHEIM CREATING A <br />PLANNING COMMISSION AND <br />DEFINING ITS DUTUNS11 and OR- <br />OfNANCE NO. 341, ENTITLED <br />OiAN ORDINANCE OF THE CITU <br />OF ANAHEIM. CREATING A <br />PLANNING COMAI IS SION'•.) <br />THE CITY COUNCUL OF THE <br />1.-71TY OF A&NAHEIM DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS. <br />SECTION it That there be and Is <br />hereby created a Planning Cozinnis- <br />sion for the City of Anaheim, which. <br />said. Planning Commission shill <br />consist Of nine (9) members ap- <br />pointed by the A-layor of the City of <br />Anaheim, with the approval of the <br />C <br />6inm <br />the - PI IlIff *t.doin Way be <br />a* <br />M r, .. - - F <br />r a rin o -M& Pleas- <br />ure. <br />f. the 1I 76f . I <br />ure, *Sib- <br />ject he <br />Couned" - W ever, . by a: ."jority <br />f <br />vote of., '"'City Colinell'. any. <br />L <br />pointed membeimay be 'retfi6i, <br />(I) It;Jx expected that apownt., <br />ed members to the, Planning Cdsn-' <br />:ni9sio=Wb.e able to. attand-all <br />I I-egul each - mouth- ani <br />stun- 14 <br />ii, three idinse-'l <br />t <br />h <br />,.utl <br />V . V etings would sub- <br />p'ect <br />subje,. •.t�City <br />Counc <br />in ere -of - the .P. lin- <br />ning Commission, except the City <br />Saulneeri shall be ippoluted.... ftr sit <br />period of .!four (4). years;. the te'r-M,81, <br />of two (2) members e1pt <br />. L 11 <br />� Mr. each <br />year. If, a- jroLcancy :ahlrifli ' occur <br />I 'io ir'ef ' <br />othdrwis the .6301rat <br />zip t- <br />. <br />ment-.4ot-AW <br />the terrp. <br />JILRAVION gir It any antion, pub.6' <br />section, sentence, - clause or phrase <br />of this Ordinance for- any -reason, <br />held- to. be unoonstitutioxi44_ stwh._ <br />.decision shall <br />of the, remaining portion 16f . " thl.0 <br />Ordinande. The CRY,-Co'Un,01.1--heri'. <br />by declares that It would havi pass -- <br />ed this Ordinance ':and each section, <br />sub -section, sentence,, - cilLuse 6r <br />phrase, irrespective of'thi.. fact that <br />any one or more sections, . eub-!s1ec-- <br />tions, sentence, clause or phrase, <br />had been declared unconstitutional. <br />SECTION 4t That all ordinan-.1 <br />ces, or parts, of ordinances, in:ein-' <br />flict with the provisions of this oOr- dinance are hereby repealed' <br />SECTION 5v The City Cle;k, sh"n'll <br />certify to the -passage of -this <br />dinance.and caused <br />0e <br />published moo <br />BULLI COTIN". . a daily, ft <br />published and circulated. in t 0 ch <br />of Anaheim aheim and' it. shall -be: fiv-iffect. <br />thiv-t-tr 12M Amird. #*.-- --A li_ <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />hereunto met my,hand and affi­,i <br />.the ;zeal, -of said City,of - Ana 1i(,!ri <br />.this: 27th day of Marcl,.1951. <br />(SEAL) <br />CHARiiCS E. GRIFFITH <br />City Clark of the City of Ana) -*,' •n <br />(Pub. March 30, 1951) <br />Pap& <br />WHIM, <br />YOU WMT <br />'EXPWI - Nock low lawm"Wer <br />Mwwx with" bladisUP -to 3811. <br />. �� L• BR. S <br />"y0ft 19"WIM 'I Reis MOW' <br />'419 West - Ci dtW Phone 2759 <br />