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�i1i����li OPV14.1U.-AtION <br />{ rt x t+ <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />4114;111%:MACE; 1O. TV, <br />Al, 4,111DINA.Nt E OF <br />4NAF#1''I►1 i#'1'3�ft+11f\i;'1'ti, AN - <br />11 <br />V 1 A'e.t►t\ 11•t► '1'"ll': ICVVY OF <br />a,.Elli�:#�t ,art• �t�il��� 'rl•:1ti41il'1't�ii:Y <br />ii!EIRIGN•A1.1-:11 S <br />CIC1,111 A% EXi E AN -'-%'F A'1'10N <br />!'Itt' 6 r".fll' f'TI., 1.11 '.1`ldjGt <br />•�-i�[�� ,.►f• .`•.�.1il.l=:itit .L��111'aS ��1�;[:I:�iIN <br />4-i. <br />• •1'.0 r',tt t17; :ay <br />' i , r.7+;.�• .:,.. _ ..Ai.eit-P r le tC�ll <br />i -t• ;4; it 114�W <br />p.... r, t,K a n,1� x�'!E � ,F the <br />�'i'-.`•It .:g ri ;.nr•!"1!,►,-�' r)t•,:`:,.'..!t to <br />na- <br />Of <br />•�.�:_•' ,;�liforni:I :,riff is <br />tile. It. Elf ._1.4'ir_lm <br />That <br />,,,t: . ..1.1':ijilF.(i ;i +• . rt11— <br />and <br />i; r I , :. Ordi- <br />Mid <br />I •,t; III•, .,, ,lily <br />til i sled <br />,•;.:', : +�tlte:; lets <br />' :.] r:t 1;►t'A 1► ;s r,a of <br />r1;rory <br />,.rI :.lint <br />ir,itt,u- [,l the <br />. ... . • .�r..1h:r';,r; �_nrl i;� titil=-I�,�ite(1 <br />7',, { •±,� i :i ri.ts f .t.,i,,;7iry. <br />' lyL: 'i:a1 ''I,]ra•111�,: • :1i••r I-it,y <br />A n 111.}iM. <br />1',4sa <br />.i.. � ;':•' ,711,;'1':'+,--. .=i' tl'1, }!t?r'�' <br />... :!1:'i's,"'.wi•ii Is', Ipe- anne.o-l! t.'r the <br />.1!7?7 if ill •tlrl dr -=i n-iting., <br />:,•I 1,.,,71,17 �, :1'r:t,t?� .� E,NU1: <br />1. \'t !, 1`" ::1],,' !�+ilk; tr=•1 [•.'i� Or <br />i• ,7,,,.• xt, `7l :j !1 fl fi:tiill _ 'i•. 15th <br />r <br />' .,, .. +•. Vii. .it I"' t.".it.t <br />. , 1' ., ,,;' �+.1t!Ili'ill' :,•. 'Ic X18\-. <br />• r3� :r ;r Rt •rrtirrr-•. ;r. 1,rn�►r:�et�� <br />1; . - ,',}: apt•• <br />.- •. :j t• .. :11� �. .. � •11.11.• <br />•" II": i�i[',. .ai.. •11, ► i�i'3f <br />]-.•7!x[7, 1', !A, ,:;:,:.n �iri 117;}I'1'liPfl <br />•� fi,7'. 11, l..Yl,r•L1a. ['1• ,11. 1951, <br />I;r .1nohi inn FBulletitl, R. newa- <br />' of ppoilera; r,'ir,:11la.tion. pub- <br />�i='tl' rt irl the 1':ity of AnahPim. <br />:r17:']f,• n( flrarla- `!itr of 0::lifor- <br />. ;=1, t'I'.r,r � ,Irl r:F•ve1117r7i,Jl l[•i'LA <br />{10-1 1 S" id City <br />•; <br />It •'ll•, It 'li' llle 1� 1:1 'I.i <br />T. -:sit on t.hb hr?rtr, da L• and at the <br />13ection 9, Township 4 South. <br />41W.1 " ,..�,.�` """�`; '4.4,&42 va `u• <br />osis ng inaebtedaess and liability <br />Range 10 West. San Bernardino <br />Base and Meridnln; thence <br />t <br />of said City of Anaheim contracted <br />toase a;rdly along the.. Waw <br />line of said Llongoara 'Street' and <br />prior to or existing, at the time of <br />:*Wh . iwnexation pursuant to ttie <br />the pr+:ssai city. latae and <br />limit' <br />written --boasent of the owners of <br />roperty in said annexed territory <br />said line extended . distance <br />of •287.42 feet to a polnt;'- thence . <br />tiled with the t;lerk of the City ►i <br />an�►halth prior to the adoption of <br />S: -88°-47'-48p W. a Qistance .of, <br />the. Ordinance. <br />46.2 feet, more- or I.eert; .: tq s <br />point <br />point on the East line o! the <br />line f <br />CTIO <br />.i3.ECZ'lU:ti 4: The City Clerk s11a.11 <br />certify to the p:,ssag'e of this Ordi- <br />8 acres of. the the <br />SZ�V'�s of- the SW'r✓ii:• of.'said Sec• <br />mance and cause .the satYre to be <br />in <br />tion 9; thence aoutlleardly•aton g <br />said' Fast line A. -0•-24'$8'"-E. <br />published once the Anah:.•irn <br />Bulletin. a dail3' newspaper print - <br />a <br />distance of 66.29. feet to a point <br />ed, .publlsned and- circulated in the <br />"City of'•Anaheim, County of Orange. <br />on the Northeasterli" right -of. <br />v►aY line of State Highway. <br />State of l;aliCor>i<ia, amu thirty <:iU) <br />Route ORA=174A: thence north-- <br />days from Lnd after the final pass - <br />age hereof it shall be In full turce <br />weetwardly along said right -of- <br />and effect. <br />way line on a curve concave to <br />the north whose fadi»s ie 1,946 <br />.'.Ch -W t+ OREGOYNG lili,l?INANCE <br />feet a distance of 333.0b feet to <br />was approv=ed and signed by me title <br />20th aay of Vebr•uary, 1951. <br />a point: thence .N.-55•-02'-20" SGV, <br />a distance of 408:06 'feet to <br />CHAS. A. PEARSO <br />a <br />Polnt; . thence N.-0•-43'-28m.W. a <br />liayor of the City of Anaheim <br />(� ,) <br />distance of 216.70 feet to a point <br />on the North line of the S.W34 <br />Ct1Ahi.ES E. GRIFFITH <br />of the SWIA of said Section 9; <br />City Cleric o.t the. City of Anaheim <br />STATV, OF C.: LIFUHNIA ) ` <br />thence westwardly along the <br />North line 'of said SWU 'of the <br />COUNI. Y OF ORANGE: <br />CITY OF ANA U- NIM ) <br />SW14 of said Seetton 9 and said <br />line extended a dlsthof <br />Y, CMARL1;;13 L+'. GRII+'FI1'H, City <br />feet to a point on the e w westerrly <br />) <br />Ciosk of the City of Anaheim. do <br />hereby <br />line of Euclid Avenue; thence <br />S. -06-431-28^'-E, alonirslild West- <br />certify that the ioregoing <br />Ordinance was Introduced at ark <br />erly line of said Euclid Avenue <br />a distance Of -26.18 -feet to a <br />iLdjcurned regular . meeting of the <br />City Council of the City of Ana- <br />PAInt on the right=of-way line <br />heim, held on the 15th day of F6b- <br />of State Highway Route ORA- <br />ruary, 1951, and that. the same was <br />i74A; thence along said right- <br />passed and adeptti:d at an adiourn- <br />of -way linedistanB.•88'•i$'•G"'-4V. a <br />o! ic8.8a. feet <br />ed. regular meeting of said City <br />Council held on the 20th day of <br />a <br />POtnt: t <br />paint; thence continuing all tong <br />February, 1951, ti'y the following <br />said Stats #•Ii h1101;� right -of- <br />way line :v,�► 7••18'.$Os.'{N, <br />votR o!' the members tihereof, <br />Aylyg: COUNCILMEN : Pearson. <br />a <br />a <br />distance of 1,8s?.70' feet t¢ a <br />Wi-esei•. Varl�Vaggoner. <br />Poon the West line of the <br />NOgB:Soney. <br />CCUiJNCILDi1EN: None. <br />Z% of the OVU of Section 8, <br />Township 4 $ggth, - <br />ABONNT: COUNCILMEN: Heying. <br />AND t FURTHZRR CERTIFY that <br />Range 10 <br />Feat, San Bernardino Base and <br />the Mayor of the City of Anaheim <br />Meridian; thence #outhward13r <br />along- said West line of the Elle <br />approved ant signed this Ordinance <br />-op. the 20th day of February, 1961. <br />. <br />of the BE% of vaid Section <br />WITNESS WHEREOF. I have <br />distance of .1,$86.56 feet to the <br />llert+unto not my hand and affixed <br />Southwest coruer of the N% of <br />the Real of said City of Anaheim <br />the 11Z% of the RE % of said <br />this SOUL day of February„ 195L <br />Section 8;- 'thence eastwardly <br />a1021 the South line of the X% <br />Of the SE% of the BE% <br />(SEAL) <br />CHARLES IL CllUPPITH <br />City Clerk <br />of se,id <br />Section S, and said -line extend -(Pub. <br />of the City Of Anaheim <br />Feb. 0 1951) <br />PHOTO DEBUT --Plum actress Esther Williams and h Tehusbaad, <br />Ben Gage, join their newest son, Kimball Austin Gage, born Oct. 31. <br />in his photo debut. They have another son, Benjamin, 11/a years old. <br />Miss Williams will return to the screen for "Texas Carnival." <br />Bulletin Want Ads Bring Results <br />EMM Y LOU <br />By Marty Limos <br />louse::'. :'+•.! *4111t„N!%. lite <br />"bomehow, Georgia, doesn't' seem to fit into our cro w d1l" <br />