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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIF0111NIA ) <br />)ss. <br />County of Orange ) <br />i�ii chard'....F.i a chl_e <br />of maid county, being first duly sworn, says—that he is a <br />male citizen of the United States, and of the State of Cali- <br />f3rnia, over the age of eighteen years; that he has no in- <br />terest in, nor is he a party to the matter herein mentioned: <br />that he is the <br />Pr ncil q. 1 <br />.. ...................... .. of the <br />---------- .. -- - ............................ <br />a--LA1'_.1_L��._. newspaper printed, published and circulated <br />in the said County of Orange that said <br />Ane.rle i:l Du_.. l e t i n <br />is a newspaper of general circulation with a list of paid <br />subscribers, and is published for the dissemination of both <br />local and general news and intelligence of a general char- <br />acter; that it is not devoted to the interests or published for <br />the entertainment of a particular class, profession, trade, <br />calling, race or denomination, or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been printed and published in the City of Ana- <br />hehn, County of Orange, State of California for more than <br />one year next preceding the first day of the publication <br />hereto attached; that the <br />Y'd.i n a -_' C _e .... alk .....7.'7. Q ---- --------------- ------------------------------------- <br />of which the annexed is a printed copy, was published in <br />one isozue <br />said newspaper at least.--..-.-. ..__.._........:.....:............................. . <br />comtnenving on the_-..! of?ecemr'er <br />1J _�.P and ending on of ............................ .. <br />19 ...... and that said ............ <br />was published on the following days: <br />...... ............. ,,:..... ...................... . <br />-............................................... :..._ f r.'....' -E-'.... <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me this..../.......clay of <br />......... ........... <br />Notary Public. <br />i LEGAL .NOTfE;` , <br />r.I� <br />Y• AN �BDDD1 Allis 'Y/F4THla FY <br />i• 419' &NAHEIM 1kMEN I�fGi <br />SUCTION -ilk ON- ORDltNArfiCI�3 <br />if 'DINANGE OF �'i E CITY'-OW <br />F <br />ANAHEIM .RUGULATNGr' '1�H19' <br />,TXAVUL AND IliliE �F PUB- <br />- hfC STIREE 111 ESWABLISHING <br />A . BUSINESS DISTRICT AND <br />-PROVIDING A PENALTY FOR <br />1PURACK OF ANY- OF VHE <br />a RVIAS AND EMOULATIONS <br />OF THIS . ORDIN &NOE", AND <br />DECLAItr.NVw rr TO BE AN <br />VRQ8N41J-Y MUASID TO <br />TAUX EFXZCT IMMEDIATAC- <br />V THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY:' W ANAHEIM DOES. ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />•SECTION I. 'That Section 30, <br />L Subdivision ('c) ,of Ordinance No. <br />487. of the City of Anaheim. entitled <br />"An Vrdinance of the City of Aua- <br />• helm. Regulating the Travel and <br />• Use ..of Public Streets, Establishing <br />a. -Bus!ness District and Providing <br />a .Penalty for $ of any of the <br />Rules and Regulations of This Or- <br />dinatice", adopted April 8, '1.926, be <br />3 and the:-bame is hereby amended to <br />read .as follows: <br />SZCTION 80. (c). It aliall be <br />unlawful .td park any truck up- <br />on any parking let or area <br />owned' or majntain$d by. the <br />City. of Anaheim and it shall -be <br />L. Unlawful for any person, firnl; <br />dorpporation -or association - to <br />park or leave parked any auto- <br />mobile' or other motor vehicle <br />upon' any' such public parking <br />lot or area ,owned 8r.. `maintain- <br />• ed by. the City of Anaheim for <br />a period of -more than two <br />hours, Between the, hours of <br />n • 9:00 A.M. and - 8:40 'P.M., Sun' <br />days and Holidays excepted, <br />and the City Engineer be- and <br />-' he <br />in, authorized -and directed <br />tp ppost aligns upon said public <br />irking lots ' and areas owned <br />by the City of Anaheim desig- <br />nating the time limit for park- <br />egg in said parking lots and <br />.areas. <br />•emCTION :II. That any person <br />violating the .prbtvisions .-of this Or- <br />dinance . shall be punished as. pre- <br />vided in , Section .83 , of Ordinance <br />No. 887. <br />BAOTION III. That all ordinan- <br />cos ;or ' parts of. ordinances in con- <br />_ fllot - he�with are- hereby. repealed. <br />i9EC`'rION IV. This ordinance is <br />•hereby -declared to be' an urgency <br />measure and shall be in full force. <br />and effect immediately upon its <br />adoption. The conditions copatitut- <br />z ing such urgency are as: follows: <br />Thb. City -has heretofore acquired <br />and established off-street public <br />parking lot*: and areas ,for the -con - <br />venience of -the eitizenit of An -0- ' n <br />.and shoppers- wishing to trade wUb <br />the Anaheim merchants; tit... - <br />time limits' have heretofore ueett <br />established for the parking upon <br />" said public parking lots; that -14 ._ <br />re9ult -thereof persons living and <br />working' in the City of Anaheim <br />have to a . large degree appropri- <br />1. a said parking as aria pars <br />t]� arevehicles 4ere all day; that <br />this cbl►dltiob *ierlbulaly " interferes <br />b <br />w _ . the uma pf' o*14 Parking lots <br />areas b " pe' eon■- who -wish to <br />' .na3ie:a trade with - <br />} 101 -that the <br />a <br />aIs. a peed as <br />iN s8id s ould be- <br />inunediately upba <br />to .01t3p. Clerk shall <br />Of Itbis Ordi- . <br />_ ssiie 'to ba <br />Teti s- emir -ne" ' - print - <br />•pub ! hed wid -gee =emus eircul- <br />S.. in . 1hie - Cit t' . A#,axi'same shall2la ei act a�nilbein <br />:o Immediaty upon Its slop - <br />revel by" xne <br />ben 1160, <br />, RARSON. <br />altyr .of dna] <br />ft"as Z. Ca•�tP'p'I <br />ierk of tltb C11 of Anaheim <br />T-19 Ola' ' CAi�IFO IA- ) <br />TY OF 0.: NGZ ) on. . <br />G�'i]� •Ole •Ar[ylHiM '- ) . <br />' i, CH�RL>9B °Lr. !llEi�'IR'H. •City <br />Clork of. the City �► xiaheim, do. <br />heteby certifythat • the- .foregoing <br />Ordiviance was i trodgced at a- rein <br />ular, meeting -of the:,City Council <br />of the City of Anaheim, held on the <br />$9th day of NdveMbdr;- 1960, and <br />til. t the iMme 'Was passed and ad= <br />.op!od ..- a regular nsesting held • o <br />the-.1,�th day of - December- 1960 <br />the flowing vote of, the members <br />thereof; <br />AY38: COUNCIIAN14: Pearson, <br />Wtoser, Heyin,gR money and Van <br />Wagoner. <br />NON S:.COuNMB N:' .None. <br />AS81s:NT: COLIN: None. <br />And I further eortifir thrt the <br />$t0.yor -of the City ..'et Aria)teim ap• <br />Proved and signed said Ordinance <br />ofd the 13th day of Deoomber 1950. <br />'TN • WITNESS- NtUt i,194F, f have <br />hereunto• set my - hand.. add. affixed <br />the seal of - said Mir .of Anaheim <br />this 12th day of , Decor4bOr, 1960. <br />(UAL) <br />CHARLES Y4; GRIFFITH <br />City Clerk of the City of Anaheins <br />,(Pub. Dec.. IS..1tb9) <br />