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AH'IDAV14' Ot' PUBLKAT1oN <br />r•s' <br />lglatt.•:I, a.:t:... 1:.'1'.. it'': <br />he party t=+ tlte+ rtiattt her, •; ,• ,:�+ <br />f `r -,i .1' ; 'F•. +R''. itl�' �`l:t•ti �1'.! <br />0. <br />1 <br />x. Jf <br />tivv"Ir'1 til '+(Ifare mei r'I'!'a .0 day of <br />NotA�v Pltrhlic. <br />LEGAL NOTICE I LEGAL NOTICE <br />e_)RPI 1 A.1 l'E NO. ?eB <br />AN 011111)1NA A r_: lE; OF THIO"CITY <br />C01 N CII., OF THE CITY OF <br />.t 1% .t. II k: 111 TRANSFERRING <br />'i'r:tl- r:t r 'PIES OF THE CITY <br />'r' F[ F'; 1St 1 B'.11t A'_1f D THE AS - <br />AND TAX COI.- <br />l.)::1.:`rre:>� ilLTIES PERFORM - <br />I m Iiv 64; CITY C1.jH 1•K AS <br />1•:N-01"ll"It'I0 ASSESSOR AND <br />TA % COLLECTOR TO THE <br />ASSESSOR AND <br />r'A-X 9. (0 -A ->l XTOR" OF - THE <br />I. N T I erF ORAI!-G& <br />the City Council finds <br />more, economical, <br />:anti ;t+ i,t�l Fesult Its a. savings to <br />irn t:;:•."_,;1 ; ,,t', of the laity of Ana- <br />' '-.,?.atd be for the best <br />welfare re of the City of <br />'• 11 + • : '•?� •; 1: 1 I lle• residents and tax- <br />t.o transfer to the <br />4-,nepsor anti tax collet- I <br />County of Orange all <br />'Wier and tinic.'-tions of the City <br />rc:r 3 and Tax Collector and <br />E t • s.'r.: , l; a.ti lax -of. +pair- Assessor <br />r.) t iie a.,-s-essnient and col - <br />n1' City Taxers in the City <br />' i lig i+n. <br />TVII±;I;}?.:i-•n1:F, THE CITY <br />THE CITY OF ANA - <br />AS FOLLO%[TS: <br />l: That all of the <br />dutie:i of the City <br />t a. ;:i r•. r. Tax Collector and of the <br />t� t :,.ri< ;: Ex -officio .assessor <br />;1 <br />to the. assetisrrient, levy <br />r•Ile-•rioll of Citi' Tates for <br />°�� 1'i►: f,1' Aimbeim including the <br />riPlinquent taxes and <br />t.ltt; s:-lPsl of property <br />r llit-lit of taxes be and <br />;ierebti• transferred to <br />t.„ri I t , 'rrea.str , e,-. AEP.essor, and <br />Colh:olor• of tlZf� County Of <br />to the provisions <br />r :;t:+`�Il� :• of lgli►. Cltal►tEr 81. <br />r It 1•; That : ilid functions <br />taken overr and per- <br />: •-+rirt ri 1,.- lilt., '20113.11.v Treasurer, <br />:i.nd Tax Collector of the <br />ois110- of Urange ;'or the fiscal <br />."eslr t;r:�.t and for rhe succeed - <br />L" •air_ thereafter. <br />S1•:a'i'l11N That all taxes col- <br />t +i ++r i e i�•Pd by the Counts. <br />T,:\ i:'1)11Pvker or Auditor. <br />' '•"i r'• 1.? of Orange for and <br />the Oily of Anaheim <br />ii 1 ' i.• +9('tli?stited with the County <br />-A, the County of Oran Se <br />I'i i; r 1 carr i t. <br />-.)f said City of Ana- <br />:.-it:i a.ii+l sl a.ti he remitted to the <br />lr� T1'r:.,.-1,1-rr of the City of Ara - <br />and as often <br />bl�- be clone. and up - <br />thereof by the. City <br />of -he City of Anaheim, <br />i ilei Gaa.rne shv ll he deposited and <br />:lisl-ced in accordance with law <br />and the ordinances and resolutions <br />Of City of Anaheim. .1 <br />41r.CTIUv 4: That all assess= <br />nrrmt.,; ninde by the County Asses_ <br />Nor :raid t gmalized or corrected by <br />I <br />he Board of Supervisors of the <br />t'ovnty of Orange or the State <br />Fto:ar•d of YAlualiaation shall -be the <br />laa!:is of levying City Taxes and <br />Zha,r. staid City Taxes shall be col- <br />iceted when County Taxes are col- <br />I!`et.ed. <br />SECTIO 5: All ordinances and <br />parts of ordinances of th4 City of <br />Anaheim in i~onflict with the pro- <br />visions of this ordinance. are hereby <br />repealed. <br />SECTION 6: The City Clerk shall <br />certify to the passage of this or- <br />dinance and cause the same to be <br />published once in the Anaheim <br />Bulletin, a daily newspaper print- <br />ed, published and circulated gener- <br />ally in the City of Anaheim within <br />fifteen (15) days after the passage <br />hereof and this same shall take <br />effect and be in force thirty (30) <br />days from and after its final pass- <br />age. <br />SECTION 7. That the City Clerk <br />of the City of Anaheim shall cer- <br />tify and file certified copies of this <br />Qrdinance with the County Asses- <br />sor, County Auditor, County Tax <br />Collector and County Treasurer of <br />th ' .County of Orange following its <br />adaption and on or before' the first <br />Monday in February. 1951. <br />THE -FOREGOING ORDINANCE <br />is signed and approved by me this <br />12th day of December, 1950. <br />CIiAS. A PEARSON <br />Mayor of the City of Anaheim <br />(SEAL) <br />CT4ARLES E. GRIFFITH <br />City Clerk of the City of Anaheim <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ). <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) an. <br />CITY OF ANAHEIM ) <br />I, CHARLES E. GRIFFITH, City <br />Clerk of the City of Anaheim, do <br />hereby certify that the foregoing <br />Ordinance was introduced at. a reg- <br />ular meeting of the City Council <br />of the City of Anaheim, held on the <br />28th day of November, 1950, and <br />that the same was passed and ad- <br />opted at a regular meeting held on <br />the 12th day of December, 1950, by <br />the following vote of the members <br />thereof: <br />AYES. COUNCILMEN: Pearson, <br />Wi gser. Hey ing. Boney and Fan <br />Wi toner. <br />T�TOES: COUNCILMEN: None. <br />ASSENT.: COUNCILMEN: None. <br />.And I further certify that the <br />Mayor of the City of Anaheim ap- <br />proved and signed said Ordinance <br />on the 12th day of December, 1950. <br />I'.4 WITNESS-%VHEREOF, I have <br />hereunto set my hand and affixed <br />the seal of .said City of Anaheim <br />this 12th day December. 1950. <br />(SEAL) <br />CHARLES E. GRIFFPTH <br />City Clerk of the City of Anaheim <br />(Pub. Dec. 18, 1950) <br />