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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATL OF CA1.IFO H NIA ) <br />) ss. <br />County of Orange ) <br />... • �. ..• ... ............ .. ._. ._. .... .... ... ... .. <br />4)f said county, being first duly sworn, says—that he is a <br />Teale citizen of the United States, and of the State of Cali- <br />fornia, over the age of eighteen years; that he has no in- <br />terest in, nor is he a party to the matter herein mentioned; <br />that. he is the <br />. ... _..---"-----...... of the <br />a. .. new:;paper printed, published and circulated <br />in the said County of Orange tl►,Lt said <br />is a newspaper of general circulation with a list of paid <br />.,-Acribers, and is published for the dissemination of both <br />local and general news and intelligence of a general char- <br />acter: th.c.t it is not devoted to the interests or published for <br />the entcrtaininent of a particular class, profession, trade, <br />calling;, race or denomination, or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been printed and published in the City of Ana- <br />heiTn, County of Orange, State of California for more than <br />one year neat preceding the first day of the publication <br />hereto attaebad: that the <br />... ........................... ... . •-A ............ L...... ................................................... <br />of which tho annexed is a printed copy, was published in <br />sited ne-►vspaper at 1e.L4t <br />eoninwnving; on the. ............. :..;.day of ... _... __....... <br />19 -- , and ending on the ................ day of ----•'--- - <br />19 .... and that said - -r.._..... _ <br />was published on thr following days: <br />. ' .....---....... 111000004::; <br />Subser4bed and sworn to before me this...:':. ;'! of <br />19 <br />Notary PitSlic. <br />• <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />ORT" &NCO NO. led• <br />R OB:bix R OF T8E CITY OF <br />ANAHEIM. APPROVI'NGF - THE <br />ANNEXATION TO , Tlii7b My OF <br />ANAHEIM 'OF TIM .TERRITOItT <br />KNOWN AND DESIGATED: AN <br />MORRIS ANNEXATION <br />THE CITY ' COUNCIL OIi' THE <br />PTY OF ANAHEIM DOES .ORDAIN <br />$- FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1: That the City. Coun- <br />t -of the City of Anaheim did on <br />to 22nd day of 'August.' 1960,. re- <br />dVG a written petition .s,slting that <br />!rtain new and uninhabited. terri- <br />wy described in 82,14. petition be <br />nnexed to -tb a City of Anaheim. <br />That said territory propoped to be <br />2nexed, to said City of ' Aaaheins <br />situated in. the County of Orange, <br />:ate of California,, and is contigu <br />as to the. City of Anaheim sad :s <br />ninhabited territory. That said <br />Stitior contained a- description of <br />Lid terrltory in words and . figurAs <br />s hereinafter in this :Oirdinanae de- <br />-ri bed. <br />That the Cit*''Couneli. dully assam- <br />led at a regular misetinR of said. <br />ity Cou1100 held On the 22nd day <br />r August, 1.950. did find that said <br />stition at the''titne'it wai' filed and <br />wetvad w~as signed by the ow niers <br />not less than; one-fourth of the <br />rea of the land In .such.' territory <br />nd represented- not less than one. <br />)urth -of the assessed value -of said- <br />srritory proposed.' to .be ;nnezed. <br />ecordipg to the last preceding <br />qualised assessment role of the <br />ounty, of Orange, State of Califor- <br /> which said territory is situ - <br />ted and that said territory; did not <br />prim ' a part. of any municipal .corp- <br />ratlon and did find that said . ter- <br />itery is contiguous to the City of <br />,naholai and -is uninhabited terri.- <br />Dry, <br />That 'an fhe 32nd day of August. <br />960.. at a -regular meeting of said <br />Ity Council of the City of Ana - <br />elm., Resolution No. 1769 was duly <br />assed and, adoptell specifically de- <br />oribins the boundaries of the ter- <br />Itory .'so. propofed to be an ezed to <br />is <br />City' of Anaheim snd designat- <br />tg #inch .territory as Morris Anne - <br />:s tion and giving notice of such <br />nnezatio . and ffzing the 13th day <br />f September. 1560. at , the %hour of <br />:00; o'clock P.M. at the City Coun- <br />il 'Chambers in the. City Hall is the <br />Sty of Anaheim, as . the ' day.. 'ho qtr <br />11d .place when and where. any per. <br />on. owning real property - within <br />such territory so proposed to be an- <br />iezed and having obJectionsto the <br />. <br />lroposed'.4nnozation might appear <br />ref lie the City Council . of the City <br />if Anaheim and shpg. cause w; <br />such .territory should, not Ve anneal: <br />A to the City of AsivA41ni' and di- <br />*ecting.the City Clerk. to publish or. <br />rause -to be published a copy. -of said <br />Itpsolution at least once 4 geek for <br />:wo- successive. weeks -prior to Sep - <br />Amber 12.. 1960. lit .the . Anaheim <br />Bulleiln. - a - newspaper 6f general <br />ftcula,tion. published ht the. City of, <br />&nabdimi County of. Orange. Stare <br />D! Califo#nia. That said. Rosolu- <br />tion was.. caused to be` published by <br />paid • City Clerk in .said Anaheim <br />Bulletin as directsd. <br />.'.That -on the. hour. 467, anal- at the. <br />piaci specified in said ....Resolution <br />No,. 1748, to -wit, an ths'..13th day. of <br />6epte>Eber.' 19f0. r. of 5:04 <br />D'C10Ck ' .11. . iR be. • 'City tCour 1 <br />C1a 'b ss; in .. theC #i`tll in e <br />iwah�I.W ltrr�rftla the• <br />to hear and pssd . on 'Ail protests <br />TWritten" uta t tR *Ore not <br />020 .thea' dwmuez. air .0Wg4rs , o! <br />ow.el lalf of the of- the, ter- <br />ritory T. proposed bi - annezed . ac- <br />aolpoltbt to the -last e4uali$ed assess- <br />Oft <br />role . ef' the County of, OranSe t <br />Ste. of California. <br />i CTION 3: That' the'' IMIROZA0. <br />t4oh:° of the territtry :iaaluded with-, <br />fit .Oo'--boundaries~ of -tbe .Morris An- <br />nt tion' and tnoik: pa=ticulaxly -a- <br />!4 as feueto: wHt; <br />"Ciwict -of lanvdism a por- <br />no# -of • Lot 13: ot.- :i11i1�etm Hx- <br />,teitllsion, as 8liown ,on. a' Map of <br />.a Survey mads' b William <br />Ramey in '1466 nd tied .in gook <br />i Sea :101-164 -of IWO. Rec- <br />ords of Los A1 s� . .county@ <br />also a portion o ant• Santa <br />Ana Strist in the -.0pusty-'-�of Ore <br />angp. 'State of'.-Caltforaia.. and <br />.snore particularly described as. <br />follows: <br />,Re t"hinE ,10 a. point on the <br />peisent .4etat arty limit. +iae' - of <br />tba reefs of-,Au*hein% said loint <br />. boldg . '-the intorMction ': of the <br />•.:noAuiinented center line of 'East <br />8Wta :Ap&' Btroot • sad the - eaet <br />ro®ey, Una- of -:South, ,East <br />rt <br />Beet: thepce ZIT -74'1-30 0' along <br />-We; 'said monuMentsd center <br />We of- East fkaft'AA4 :Street <br />auji ths' pre*ent : cit limn line <br />.a distance -of 2211.19 •toot, •' mora <br />.or'.lese. to• the. .'northeast corner <br />of. Lot 13 Aft&Wm BY -t8310 -Lon', <br />.thence S -ib" -114' -o0" -E 'a ais- <br />tance F.of • 836 -ft feet to a point; <br />thence 5-74•-81'-90"' -W a. dis- <br />-tance ' of , 406.54, fent to s point; <br />thence N-1i•-�4'-80"-W a des- <br />taac6, of. 80.1.71 test o a-- point <br />on the .south line bt ants Ana <br />lltreet: thentiro 8-T4•- '-iPfl`°along <br />tiie south line of sai Santa Ana <br />Street a 'distauee- of 606.86 feet <br />to a point on - the asst line of <br />South' East Stroat and the pres- <br />ent • city liiinit 11016; thence N- <br />