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AFFIDAVIT OF. PUBLICATION' <br />STATE OP l`.AI.IF0 1-INIA ) <br />) ss. <br />County of Orange ) <br />. ................ .... .... .............. ._ ... <br />of said county, being first duly sworn, says—that lie is a <br />finale citizen of the United States, and of the State of Cali- <br />fornia, over the age of eighteen years; that he has no in- <br />terest in, nor is he a party to the matter herein mentioned; <br />that he is the <br />�. <br />................. ..... .... ._ ---•- ................... of the <br />_. .. .. ...... ... ..a ...4 ................ ....... ...................... .......... . <br />a .......... _�=.�',r......_ nes .,!taper printed, published and circulated <br />in the said (bounty of Orange that said <br />................. ............. ..... ...............................................•-----_..._.---__.__..-- <br />is a newspaper of general circulation with a list of paid <br />subscribers, and is published for the dissemination of both <br />local and general news and intelligence of a general char- <br />rteter; that it is not devoted to the interests or published for <br />the entertainment of a particular class. profession, trade, <br />calling, race or denomination, or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been printed and published in the City of Ana - <br />beim, County of Orange, State of California for more than <br />one year next preceding the first day of the publication <br />hereto attachod: th;.at the <br />........ ............. -.......... •-•"--------••........................•.-•--•--•--•--•------............... <br />of which the annexed is a printed copy, was published in <br />said ne.vsparer at least..._ <br />commencing on the.. ...:.: . .. of .. ........_.. ........... ...:......... <br />lA-..._.., and ending on of ..... ....... .... _... . <br />19 ...... and that said ..._.. _.. <br />-----• -- ------ . _ . ...-•---•-•--.._....... <br />... <br />wns Published on the following days: <br />s-� c.. ..f : ....... ........ . <br />...--------' <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me this./ ... Y..../ --day of <br />Al <br />Notar Public. <br />• <br />LEGAL. - NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE <br />ORDINANCE No. 963 municipal uses together with <br />IN ORDHiANCE FIXING AND thirtieth (1/36 of said indebted- <br />LEYYIlrQ A PROPEIR,TY TAN ness, <br />SECTION 8: That there be and <br />ON , ALTs I'2LOpURTY WI'T'HIN hereby is. fixed -and levied a Prop - <br />THE CORPORATE. LIMITI!1 OF erty tax for .the fiscal year 1960 <br />TM. CITY OF ANAREUR FOIL 1051 of Six mills, four thousand: <br />TH V18C-AL .YEl1R Y96A-1fil.� eight hundred and forty eight ten <br />_ thousandths mills ($00.0064848) on <br />onch One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars <br />THE 'CITY C UO NCIL OF TIRE <br />of the assessed valuation of all real, <br />CI:TT OF ANAHEIM D0165 ORDAIN <br />AA FOLLOWS: and personal property within the. <br />SECTION e: That there �-b8 and corporate limits of the -City of AA=' <br />aheim, except only , the prol5erti <br />$ereby is fixed and �leta. proper- within the annexed territories app <br />ty tax for the fiscal r 1$60-1961 described and a,nproved by Ordinan- <br />of Fifty-five cents. one..mfll, six and. eek Numbers' 423, 435, 456, 549 and. <br />eight hundred and fifty-eight ten .: 0.4� for the purpose of pay ng the <br />thousandths mills (;00:6616868) o ituai interest of the Inde. dnest� <br />each One Hundred (;100.00) Dol- "• said City incurred for `. 'a puaz�- <br />lars o!4 aetsesged valuation of pose of the acauisitfon con - <br />all real 'ami personal property with- struetion of additions #o� e�rt- <br />in the corporate limits of the City tensions of the sewer. system of <br />of Ani%bot . for the ordinary an- said b . City, together With one -this <br />sual expeQditures of said City. beth (1/0 <br />) of said indebtedness. <br />SEM. -ION 3: That there be and SECTION 9 • That t -,,.be be and <br />'hereby is fixed. and levied a prop- hereby is fixed and le <br />6rty ,for the fiscal ' year 1960- prop - <br />1951 of 'Qne mill and t� tee thousand 1961. tax -for the fisted; � 186 d' <br />four hundred and sixty-two ten tare of . One cent, sigh . s and <br />three thousand -efghtted and <br />thousand#,h4 - .'mills (;00.0013468) on seven ten thousandths mills <br />eacltl Qne .Hundred (;108.00) Dollars (;00.0183807) on each One Hundred <br />of the assessed valuation of all, real ($100.00) Dollars of the assessed <br />and penal propertywithin the valuation of all real. and personale <br />corpor4te limits of the City ' of 'An- property within the corporate lim- <br />ahelm, except only the property its of -the City of Anaheim, except <br />Within . the annexed Urritories as only '(fie property within the an - <br />described and apprgvai. Ordinan= n' territories as scribed -and <br />cos-Nult'a 's 595, 425. 25, 466, 5411 g ed by +�ina Numbers <br />and 67-8, for the purpose of . paying 4.2,; -4 456.: ani for the <br />the �anntial interest of the indebted- purpose o! p the ual inter- <br />ribei of ',said City, incurred for the est of the find nea)0 `said City <br />purpose of the acquisition and con- incurred for ' ...'13 p of the -ac-,struction• of additiogs :to the city quisition, construction and 'comple- <br />electiie ` light plant . together with tion by the City of Auaheim, jointly <br />one-tw!eatleth ' (_1/80) of said - indebt . with the ' City of Santa Ana, of a, <br />wines' joint outfall seiw►er. • together with <br />l3ECTIOW it That .char be $nd one -fortieth (1/40) of said. indebt- <br />here!by - is -fixed and -levied a prop- edne6s. <br />erty tex for the fiscal y4ar 1950- *+�' -° <br />1961' oi. i;eve't►teen cents (;00.17) ° on SECTION 10: That be and <br />het* h Oaw- Htiiiitdred ($100,00) DollarsJ.i� <br />hereby is fixed and ley a `.,a prop- <br />ri y tela- or the fiscal year 19�i0- <br />f th aese#sia valuation of all real1 of '� wo cents, . threer mills <br />andersonal�$aroperty within - that tiia�ee thousand three hundred <br />limits of the City 'of Ansixty ten thousandths mills . <br />a.heiin. for the purpose'of maintain-�0.0853560) on each One Hundred <br />ng`this pnblit library of saidCity.00.00) Dollars of. the- assessed <br />S (1rT 4: That there' be and valuation of all r r ad personal <br />#:'e'rerb fixed and -. leiried a prop-Lepr°perty within t : rate lim- <br />ty ta.7t• for the fiscal' year 1950- its of the City of <br />1061 except <br />1961 bP.-tete: c ' t, four mills and only the property in the an- <br />thi y or . te*.:. va . only and hexed territories as described by <br />thitty-stn torts oussndthis mills Ordinances Numbers 435, 456, - 549 <br />1619) —"each f o—Hundred. and 678, for the purpose of paying <br />i4l(;160 Doi' 4 A sssessad the annual interest of the indebted - <br />Valuation— of alal' ' asd personal ness of said City, incurred for the <br />property W thin ' the.. cw"Wrats lim- pur of Park improvements, to - <br />pose the Pity of Anaheim, except ge r with -one-fortieth (1/40) of <br />onlg. the Property. w+i%jn •ths• an- sal btedriess. <br />Rexed 1irritories as dgkrtbed *nd 3MINION 11;_ there be .and <br />Appt*d*, by p��,�iDances .Numbers he fixed and levied -a prop - <br />396., 418, " 43-L 451i1` 648 snd.'a78. foe -ort for the .fiscal year 1950- <br />the- purpose Of °paying thi$:.annuall 1961 ' Nine ills. three thousand <br />intereit of the. Ikoj lto-ane ollyseid <br />City ®f A . 'helm three . hundr nd for five ten <br />R$i>tcattr foir ` fibs thousandths (;OQ 5346) on <br />puriloiMa the a�q�#isidon of a sewV .each One H ed <br />er fssws and the �Co ruction oi" 4. C 0) DoI- <br />seWer system, toej or with one- lark of the eased anon of . <br />fortieth -'(1/40) of"' udebtedness. all real and personal � pro the <br />SUCTION 6: That tlirere- b and, wa'fthfn the corporate limitei o! the <br />! City flf Anat}eim, except only the <br />hare. r is 'fixed and liai�ed a props proSertp wi the annexed. ter- <br />erty, td# for the f#s i . rear 1860• ritorle4 as bed and arOoved. <br />196.1.' of: One Mill, three thounan$ by prdini gnd„ t,, : <br />