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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />1tZ moi + lach' e <br />.,i rat ikli� �. '( .f. :F ;j <br />t:se i Ili:-.'�1 �{ itt'ti: <br />ftbr of eightE l -ll � ua <br />r r he a party to the matter here <br />da <br />- <br />S" ...IIF;: <br />ll•:. te:�i"� :'r a <br />it. ?.� .'ti <br />I llli!:Si1ed f.l:' <br />t "ti.iiE <br />I :i� �. I • :i. <br />Ir.nt s: <br />j)iL7't ll:%t. � e. <br />nnll:i.r•r-1 tr �-rP0 <br />t::;i 1:1t �„ t�° :t'1• <br />tilt. :+u +)f .!Xn, - <br />f'�•. .�f ;' .;if:lr't1it f inore tharl <br />f (►r `,''.1.. �* <br />;;e ''i:.:t �:; tl.. 1)1:00.' '€it€or <br />J' <br />.� yet ,r111. 1 •y, <br />x, Au gU e t <br />1,104, ? ce <br />19 <br />El.:{ A. l ttic. r! •t I., <br />'�Tritr,ry P�tttiic. <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />ORDINANCE NO. 759 <br />AN ORDINANCE OR, THE CITY OF <br />ANAHEIffi AU'li , , D IZING A <br />CONTRACT'— BFVJrW I N C -I T Y <br />COUNCIL OF CITY OF ANABIOTM <br />AND TlI.'E BO OF ADMINIS- <br />TRATION, CAL RNIA ' STATE <br />E_VIPLO�'cEES' - . E T IREMENT <br />SYSTEM. PROVIDING FOR THE <br />PARTICIPATION OF SAID PUB- <br />LIC AGIONCY IN SAID STATE <br />F.MPLOY:E R E T IREMENT <br />STEMrrS A <br />EMPLOY- <br />EES MEM RS OF SAIDSYN- <br />TEM. <br />THE CITY ' COUNCIL OF TH7' <br />CITY OF ANAi3`,if,IM DOZES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. That a.. contract rI <br />hereby authorized between the City <br />Council of the City of Anaheim and <br />the Board of Administration, Cali-. <br />fornia State Employees' Retirement <br />System. a copy of said contract be- <br />ing attached hereto marked 'exhibit <br />"A', and by such reference made a <br />part thoreof as though herein set <br />out in full. <br />SECTION 2. The Maygr of the <br />City of Anaheim is hereby author- <br />lzedL empowered, and directed to <br />execute said' contract for and on <br />behalf of said Agency. <br />SECTION 3. This• ordinance shall <br />take effect 30 days after the date of <br />its adoption, and prior to the ex- <br />piration of 30 day rom the pass- <br />age thereof - shall published at <br />least twice in the °heim Bulletin. <br />a new•epaper - of general circulation, <br />published and circulated in the City <br />of .Anaheim, and thenceforth and <br />thereafter the same shall be in full <br />force and effect. <br />Adopted and approved this 26th <br />day of July, 1950. <br />CHAS A. PEARSON <br />Mayor of th'e City Of Anaheim <br />ATTEST: Vk <br />CHARLES E. GRIFFITH <br />City Clerk of the City of Anaheim <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA) <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE )as <br />CITY OL <br />ANAHEIM ) <br />I, CFfLE9 a. GRIFFITH, City <br />Clerk of the City of Anaheim, do <br />Hereby certif is that the foregoing <br />Ordinance w4A .introduced at a reg- <br />ular meetingof the City Council of <br />the City cf ..Anaheim, held on the <br />11th day of July, .1960, and that the <br />same was passed and adopted at a <br />regular meeting held on the 85th <br />day of July, 1950, by the following <br />vote of the members thereof: <br />AYES: COUNCILMEN: Pearson. <br />Wisser, Noying, 8oney and Van <br />Wagoner. <br />NOES. COUNCILMEN: None. <br />ABSENT1 COUNCILMEN: None. <br />t YFU TITER CERTIFY that <br />or bf the City of Anaheim <br />ved and signed said Ordinance <br />*'26th day of July. 1950. <br />.WITNESS WHEREOF i <br />ha er unto get 'my hand:. and af- <br />fixeY� .:. 1 of said City of. Ana - <br />h4 U11 day o! July. 1950. <br />IiARLE9 B. GRIFFITH <br />City, Clerk of the City .of' Aftahelm <br />Pub. July 87. Aug. 3, 1960. <br />