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.040 A vacancy occurring before the ex- <br />piration of a term of a Commission member shall <br />be filled by appointment by the City Council for <br />the remainder of the term. <br />1.04.980 ORGANIZATION AND MEETINGS <br />.010 The Senior Citizen Commission shall, <br />as soon as practicable after its organization, and <br />thereafter, elect a chairman in accordance with <br />Section 904 of the Charter of the City, which chair- <br />man shall preside at meetings of the Senior Citizen <br />Commission and shall serve at the pleasure of the <br />Senior Citizen Commission. <br />.020 Meetings of the Senior Citizen <br />Commission shall be conducted in accordance with <br />Section 904 of the Charter of the City of Anaheim. <br />.030 A majority of the members of the <br />Senior Citizen Commission shall constitute a quorum. <br />The Senior Citizen Commission may take action only <br />upon the affirmative vote -of a majority of the <br />quorum. <br />1.04.990 POWERS AND DUTIES <br />The Senior Citizen Commission is an <br />advisory body and, as such, shall have the power <br />and the duties to: <br />.010 Advise the City Council as to the <br />needs of the senior citizens within the community <br />and to make recommendations to the City Council of <br />possible City or community projects which would <br />benefit Anaheim senior citizens. <br />.020 Hold at least one (1) public meeting <br />each calendar month to act on matters referred to it <br />by Council and to receive input of senior citizen <br />needs and senior citizen projects from citizens from <br />other governmental agencies and from private non- <br />profit organizations on matters affecting the senior <br />citizen. <br />.030 Perform such additional functions as <br />may be delegated or required by the City Council <br />from time to time." <br />-2- <br />