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SECTION 2. <br />The City Zoning Map shall not be, and the same is <br />hereby, not amended and the property above-described shall not be <br />included from the zone in which it is now situated and not <br />incorporated in and not made a part of the zone or zones as above <br />set forth, and said City Zoning Map, is hereby not adopted and <br />the Planning Department is hereby directed not to prepare a <br />sectional zoning map to be added to the City Zoning Map showing <br />the changes hereby approved and adopted. <br />SECTION 3. CERTIFICATION <br />The City Clerk shall certify to the not passing of this <br />ordinance and shall cause the same to be printed once within <br />fifteen (15) days after its adoption in the Anaheim Bulletin, a <br />newspaper of general circulation, published and circulated in <br />said City, and thirty (30) days from and after its final passage, <br />it shall take effect and be in full force. <br />THE FOREGOING <br />City Council of the City <br />December , 1999. <br />ATTEST: <br />ORDINANCE is approved and adopted by the <br />of Anaheim this 14th day of <br />MAYOR OF THE CITY ANAHEIM <br />CITY CLE K OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />32963.1\SMANN\October 28, 1999 -2- <br />