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Ordnance-Lvi.ber, 7.L . <br />An Ordinance to Provide for the Issuance of I.iunicipal <br />Improvement Bonds. <br />The Boar"of Trustees of the City of Anaheim do ordain as <br />follows: <br />Section I,--- That whereas,pursuant to law and to ordinances <br />i - <br />heretofore passed the Qualified Electors of the City of Anaheim <br />did at the special election held therefor in said City of An:zheim <br />on the second :lay of June I8 ;I,vote as required by law, in favor <br />of the issuance of i unicipal Bonds to the ar..o;a.nt of fifteen <br />thousand dollars,and all the steps required by law to authorize <br />4. is sue of sai Bonds, have been duly anal legally taken. <br />Section 2,--- That said ISonds toj ether rrith necessary inter- <br />est coupons attached shall be substantially in the followinf! form <br />with appropriate border anal engraving: <br />No, ...... State of California, I: anicipal Improvement Bond, <br />of the City of Anaheim, Know All en By These Presents, That the <br />City of Anaheim in the County of Orange State of California,for <br />value received hereby pror.ise to pay to the bearer,the sum of .... <br />Dollars, in Gold Coin of the United States of Arnerica, on the first <br />:lay of August,A.D. .... at the of'f'ice of the City Treasirer of <br />said City of Anaheim,County of Orange, in the State of California, <br />with 'nt67resR_ther2 r rom date at the rate of six per c ;nt PaOr <br />r, <br />annum inlike Gold Coin,payabl sermi-annuall�r,at the office of <br />the City Treasurer of said City, on the f st day of February and <br />August,in each and every year,on presentation and surrender of the <br />