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Affijavit of Publication. <br />Stave of Califonnia, <br />County of <br />being dyly, sworn deposes and <br />says as <br />followaS--- <br />That he <br />is a citizen of he <br />United <br />S aucs.and <br />at all <br />the times <br />heneinaftor <br />montioned was ove- <br />the age <br />of <br />it <br />eighteen years, That he is tho proprietor of the Anaheina <br />Gazette, a weekly newspaper,publishod,and circulated <br />weekly in the City of Anaheim Co,�-Litv of Orange State of Califor- <br />T'M 'V,t-ho 01dinanco of which M ail: oxed is a printed copy <br />W --t-E <br />Is &a once said newspapor zo-wit on the 25th day of <br />qubscribed ana sworn to beforo me, <br />this da -,,,r of <br />7t'tr/ <br />