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Ordinance No. 177. <br />An ordinance ordering the work of <br />widening Broadway street, in the City of <br />Anaheim, froin the Nest line of Los An- <br />geles street t<. the East line of Lemon <br />street, and appointing commissioners to <br />assess the benefits and damages and have <br />general supervision of said work. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of Anaheim <br />do ordaiu as follows; <br />Section 1. That the public interest and con- <br />venience require, and that the said Board of <br />Trustees hereby order to be done, the work of <br />widening Broadway street in said city, from <br />the West line of Los Angeles street to the East <br />line of Lemon street, in accordance with Reso- <br />lution of Intention No. 56, declaring the inten- <br />tion of said Board of Trustees to orfer said <br />work to be done, and it is hereby ordered that <br />said work be done in accordance with said res- <br />olution of intention. -. <br />Section 2. That, subject to removal by said <br />Board of Trustees at any time for cause, Frank <br />Shanley, Max Nebelung and G. J. Stock be and <br />they are hereby appointed commissioners to <br />assess the benefits and damages, and have gen- <br />oral supervision of said work until the comple- <br />tion thereof, in compliance with an Act of the <br />Legislature of the State of California, approved <br />March 6th, 1889, and entitled "An act to pro- <br />vide for laying out, opening, extending, widen- <br />ing, straightening, or closing up, in whole or <br />in part, any street, square, lane, alley, court or <br />place.within municipalities, and to sonde n <br />and acquire any and all land and propertyneces- <br />sary or convenient for that purpose," Fortheir <br />services said commissioners shallreceivea.scom- <br />pensation the sum of $2.50 per day for the days <br />upon which they are actually engaged in per- <br />forming said services Before proceeding with <br />the performance of their duties, each of said <br />commissioners shall file with the Clerk of this <br />Board of Trustees an affidavit and a, bond to the <br />State of California, in the sum of five thousand <br />dollars to faithfully perform the duties of his <br />office in the manner and form required bylaw. <br />Section 3, The City Clerk shall certify to the <br />passage of this ordinance and shall cause the <br />same to be published once in the Orange <br />County Plain Dealer, a weekly newspaper <br />printed, published and circulated in said City <br />of Anaheim, and thereupon and thereafter it <br />shall be in full force and effect. <br />` ) CHAS. OTTO RUST, <br />sEAL } President of the Board of Trus- <br />( ) tees of the City of Anaheim. <br />I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance <br />was introduced at a meeting of the Board of <br />Trustees of the City of Anaheim, held on Jan- <br />uary 23d, 1906, and that it was duly passed at a <br />regular meeting of said Board of Trustees held <br />on the 13th day of February, 1906, by the follow- <br />ing vote <br />Ayes: Trustees Rust, Berdrow, Schwenekert, <br />Fletcher. <br />Noes: None. <br />I further certify that the President of said <br />Board of Trustees signed said ordinance on the <br />13th day of February, 1906. <br />EDWARD B. MERRITT, <br />17feblt Clerk of said City of Anaheim. <br />