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ORDINANCE NO. 5751 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />ANAHEIM APPROVING AND ADOPTING AMENDMENT <br />NO.3 TO THE REDEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE RIVER <br />VALLEY REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Anaheim (the "City") on November 29, 1983 by <br />Ordinance No. 4463 (the "Original Ordinance") duly approved and adopted a Redevelopment Plan <br />for the River Valley Redevelopment Project (the "Redevelopment Plan") and designated by such <br />ordinance certain area (the "Project Area") as a redevelopment project area; and <br />WHEREAS, the Redevelopment Plan was amended by Ordinance No. 5091, duly adopted <br />on January 23, 1990, which revised certain land use alternatives within the Redevelopment Plan, and <br />by Ordinance No. 5467, duly adopted on December 13, 1994, which revised certain time limitations <br />within the Redevelopment Plan in order to comply with certain amendments to the Community <br />Redevelopment Law, California Health and Safety Code sections 33000 et seq. (the "Community <br />Redevelopment Law") (collectively, Ordinance No. 5091 and Ordinance No. 5467 constitute the <br />"Amending Ordinances"). <br />WHEREAS, the City Council has received from the Anaheim Redevelopment Agency (the <br />"Agency") proposed Amendment No. 3 to the Redevelopment Plan (the "Amendment No. 3"), a <br />copy of which is on file with the City Clerk at the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 200 South <br />Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, California, together with the Report to Council of the Agency on the <br />Amendment No. 3 which includes a description and discussion of the proposed Amendment No. 3, <br />which revises the Redevelopment Plan to ensure that the provisions of the Redevelopment Plan <br />comply with the City's General Plan as required by Section 33331 of the Community Redevelopment <br />Law; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council and the Agency held a joint public hearing on December 12, <br />_ 2000, concerning the adoption of Amendment No. 3 in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 200 <br />South Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, California (the "Joint Public Hearing"); and <br />WHEREAS, notice of said hearing was duly and regularly published in a newspaper of <br />general circulation in the City of Anaheim, once (1) a week for three (3) successive weeks prior to <br />the date of the Joint Public Hearing and a copy of said notice and affidavit of publication are on file <br />with the City Clerk of the City of Anaheim and Clerk of the Agency; and <br />WHEREAS, copies of the notice of joint public hearing were mailed via first-class mail to <br />the last known address of each addressee, as shown on the last equalized assessment roll of the <br />County of Orange, of each parcel of land in the Project Area; and <br />WHEREAS, copies of the notice of joint public hearing were mailed via certified mail with <br />return receipt requested to the governing body of each taxing agency which receives taxes from <br />property in the Project Area; and <br />WHEREAS, the Agency and the City Council have each independently found that <br />Amendment No. 3 will have no significant effects on the environment; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council has considered the Report to Council and recommendations of <br />the Redevelopment and Housing Commission, the report of the Agency, Amendment No. 3, and has <br />F'.\DOCS\DEVS VCS\RESOLUTNTCROR30D. DOC <br />