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AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM AMENDING <br />TITLE I OF THE ANAHEIM MUNICIPAL CODE TO ADD <br />CHAPTER 1.26 (ELECTION OF CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />AND ESTABLISHMENT OF COUNCIL MEMBER <br />ELECTORAL DISTRICTS) TO ESTABLISH DISTRICTS FOR <br />ELECTING MEMBERS OF THE ANAHEIM CITY COUNCIL <br />"BY DISTRICTS" AND ELECTION DATES FOR COUNCIL <br />DISTRICTS COMMENCING WITH THE NOVEMBER 8, 2016 <br />GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION [IMPLEMENTING <br />DISTRICTING PLAN RECOMMENDED BY ADVISORY <br />COMMITTEE ON ELECTORAL DISTRICTS] <br />WHEREAS, at the November 4, 2014 election the voters of the City of Anaheim <br />approved Measure L, which amended the Anaheim City Charter to require, commencing with the <br />November 2016 general municipal election, the election of City Council members (other than the <br />Mayor) by single -member districts, rather than at -large. As a result, beginning with the <br />November 2016 election, City Council members other than the Mayor must live in and be <br />nominated and elected from a geographic district, only by voters of that district; and <br />WHEREAS, at the November 4, 2014 election the voters of the City of Anaheim <br />approved Measure M, which amended the City Charter to require that, commencing with the <br />November 2016 general municipal election, the size of the Council increase from four members <br />to six members, plus a Mayor. Neither Measure L nor Measure M changed the method of <br />electing the Mayor of Anaheim; the Mayor continues to be elected city-wide; and <br />WHEREAS, on April 7, 2015, the City Council adopted City Council Resolution <br />No. 2015-147, which created the Advisory Committee on Electoral Districts, composed of five <br />retired judges that served on the Orange County Superior Court ("Committee"); one of the judges <br />selected for the Committee is an Anaheim resident and the remaining four judges were selected <br />by random draw to serve on the Committee; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Anaheim, the Anaheim City Council and the Committee <br />actively sought participation from the City's voters, residents, community groups, businesses and <br />other stakeholders in undertaking a process to create City Council district maps for use <br />commencing with the November 2016 election. In furtherance of encouraging community <br />participation, the City engaged in a robust outreach program that included: use of public service <br />announcements transmitted by local television, cable, YouTube and print media outlets (in both <br />English and Spanish); posting and publication of meeting agendas (English, Spanish, <br />Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean); a dedicated City webpage with information regarding the <br />districting process (with capability to be translated into multiple languages); community <br />meetings and Committee meetings (with Spanish interpretation services provided at each <br />meeting and other languages, upon request); multi-lingual flyers placed at all city libraries, <br />community centers and city public counters as well as availability for distribution by community <br />members, groups, and field staff; informational mailings in City utility bills and various City <br />