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ANAHEIM CITY COUNCIL REGULAR AND REGULAR <br /> AJOURNED MEETING OF MARCH 1, 2016 <br /> The regular meeting of March 1, 2016 was called to order at 3:00 P.M. and adjourned to 4:00 <br /> P.M. for lack of a quorum. The regular adjourned meeting of March 1, 2016 was called to order <br /> at 4:06 P.M. in the chambers of Anaheim City Hall, located at 200 S. Anaheim Boulevard. <br /> The meeting notice, agenda and related materials were duly posted on March 26, 2016. <br /> PRESENT: Mayor Tom Tait and Council Members: Jordan Brandman, Lucille Kring, Kris <br /> Murray and James Vanderbilt. <br /> STAFF PRESENT: City Manager Paul Emery, City Attorney Michael Houston and City Clerk <br /> Linda Andal. <br /> WORKSHOP: UPDATE ON THE BEACH BOULEVARD SPECIFIC PLAN AND DISCUSSION <br /> OF POTENTIAL MOTEL STRATEGIES <br /> Planning Services Manager Jonathan Borrego shared an update on the progress made to date <br /> on the Beach Boulevard Specific Plan (BBSP). <br /> BACKGROUND: The Beach Boulevard Specific Plan launched in July 2015, was funded <br /> through a state strategic road planning grant of$490,000 to be used for the preparation of a <br /> specific plan document and an environmental impact report, and anticipated to be completed <br /> within 18 to 24 months. Mr. Borrego explained this would provide a long-term plan guiding new <br /> investment, new development, new public improvements within a defined area, and to offer <br /> incentives and improvements that could be achieved. A new land use plan, zoning tools, and <br /> design guidelines would ensure quality development for the future, would prioritize capital <br /> improvement projects with funding identified for those improvements, and a streamlined <br /> approval process in an effort to incentivize new development. <br /> PROJECT BOUNDARIES: The specific plan would include the area along Beach Boulevard <br /> from northern city limits adjacent to Buena Park, down to the southern city limits in Stanton and <br /> some of the parks and schools in the area including Twila Reid and Schweitzer Park. He added <br /> this would be a three phase process, with Phase 1, identifying existing conditions, opportunities <br /> and constraints already completed and Phase 2, nearly wrapped up with the development of the <br /> community-based vision for this area. The third and final phase was the preparation of the <br /> specific plan and project environmental report, soon to begin. <br /> COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Early in the process Mr. Borrego indicated staff conducted several <br /> large scale community events in the west Anaheim area for public input, one at the Haskett <br /> Library with over 100 attendees, and per the request of a resident, the Biltmore apartment <br /> complex with over 40 participants. In addition, offered an <br /> interactive community survey for improving that area and the first mobile workshops went out <br /> into the community, at the Back-to-School night at Twila Reid Elementary School and the <br /> Annual Holiday Tree Lighting event with over 100 participants taking a visual survey using an <br /> iPad with the city's community outreach consultant. The latest mobile workshop engaged some <br /> of the local high school students in the planning process, recently at Western High School with <br /> plans to visit Magnolia and Savannah to share land use planning and the government's role in <br /> the planning process as well as engage participation in planning exercises looking for future <br /> suggestions for the Beach Boulevard corridor. <br />