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I <br />OF PUBLICAI-ION <br />a <br />eiglite­%l e ais, that ht. <br />tit El- <br />t.rty to the matter here:u .-tit i -ort-' <br />r; <br />.`t <br />ill` A S <br />;A <br />C!, t, <br />ii.g the <br />first dktA 4 the <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />ORDIXANCE. NO. 774 <br />(11A1) NA3CE OF THE C or <br />ANAHE1111i1 APPROVING TUs., AN- <br />NEXATION 1110 THE CITY OF <br />ANAIFLUUM OF THE TERRITORY <br />KNOWN AND DESIGNATED AS <br />EU.CLID AVENUE AINNERATION <br />eotTN(� <br />'rid; CF -TY JL C'Il' THE <br />C1TY F A\AREVV1 DOES ORDAIN <br />.AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION I- TA&t the Cit- <br />cil of Analkeim did on the 'O'Ist- day <br />--f 3--muary. 1411, receive a written <br />w-titiort ;.isking <br />that rertain new <br />,:!nd tininlinbifed territory dt>seribed <br />in <br />said pe-tition be annexed to the <br />'Ity of Anaheim. <br />That said territory prop -,sed to <br />h� s-nno-md to Fnid City of Xna- <br />.Vielm is sitivated in the Count , of <br />0-11[1,9e. SILOAA of California. and, is <br />OTA19LI.01114 to the City of Aiialiehn <br />;an -i i-- uninhabited territory. That <br />-;airs notition t,onlatned a. de,ocrlp-, <br />titin of said t#rritory in worrls and <br />as fi,?r-inafter in this Ordi- <br />nance desorlbed. <br />That tiip oiiv Council did!- qmspm- <br />at a spi-Aal meeting of said <br />.;! .1010 on the 311,zi. (lay <br />.of 1551, did find th!-jt said <br />:pf--I.illon at the time it W;,-,; filed <br />-,tnd rem-k-ri ww- signp(I ily tile <br />thanmv.-fo-tirth <br />.1 . <br />-i, i.hp ar�:,n Lif Iho kmt 1 1; r-.; (. In <br />;i.rbfi i-P.PI-esenterl not teas <br />t1vin 1'.Ile- 1011 N'll Of 014.- <br />­91tie of sold territory to <br />I hoh according to thti last <br />preeedin,­,- equalize.d assessment roll <br />os the 4~ouwy of Orange, St ile of <br />C..alifornla, in which said territory <br />situated nod :that said territory <br />flic.1 licst form a part of ani- inunict- <br />pal corrw-rshot ,ind dirl find that <br />Bald 11:,ri-jiory is; contiguous to the <br />11-ity of Analielin &nd Is uninhabited <br />Tbat on the 310. d;l.y rif January, <br />at a aper.lal mieeting of sqlrl City <br />Comiril of the Clt•- of Anaheim, <br />ric-sollitic-11 No. J.817 Wn'. dlfl`- r.q.88- <br />41(1 - nd adoptod qpqcificall�- olescflb- <br />ing 'he boiindaries of the tf%rritory <br />propoged to be an-nexml 1.) the <br />of Anaheim and desizhating <br />!such territory- as Ji'XCL11.) AV NUI <br />ANNEX.kTro\ a <br />'n(l giving notice of <br />u;^Vt annexation and fixing th-e 15th <br />rifer• of Fphi-iiary. 19it, at the hour <br />:30 o'eltick at the CRY <br />Chamber--, In the City Hali <br />in the City of -%nshelm, as the day, <br />hoar and pin -P when and where <br />iny person ownin-g teal pr.-iperty <br />within siirh torritory vo Proposed <br />1- arinc-xt-d nnrl Ivi%-inz objee.- <br /> to thtz propos,d anne-'a-tion <br />q <br />,11-r,I-it -4r,pcjar hefcre the Cit.,k.- Coun- <br />t -11 of lh- City r. -f Anahf--lm mnd sbow <br />..`11VzP -w1-i3- ;;twh territory should <br />tntitt be. a-nzif,,\f­1I to 0-- Cit:v of Ana- <br />.hpini and directing thtA City Clitrlr, <br />to pizblith or eaw--,? to be published <br />I <br />: a nopy of sald Resolution at Jdast <br />F <br />i0nee a Week for two Successive <br />1weeks prior to February 1.5, 1951, <br />:in the Anaheim Bulletin, a news - <br />:paper of general circulation, pub - <br />110!h -d in the City of Anaheim, <br />Ooitnty of Orange, State. of 01;iltfor- <br />Ida. That. said Remoliftion wan <br />it. --ed to be pul)104hod by said City <br />In said Anaheim Su'l-tln an <br />directed. <br />That on the hour, day and at the <br />1,9461111va . . mee wm <br />9-WO0.4r.18A, We 00 West 04 was 131trtodu*44 at an <br />Orly: dine IF, ft Putbed regular '-Meetlog of, the <br />.a dt*tajm U0 *7 council: -of the• city of Ana. <br />to - a - <br />*dt Me 101d on the, 16th. day, of Vdb- <br />,V4,1111t, on 44-41404AWW14'r -line <br />Of state 311AW, . 1951, and that. the same' w -aft <br />0 <br />-174A; - the RA and a4epted at an adjourn- <br />aft- . .1mr. M'GoUns. of --said City <br /> u <br />ro <br />h014 'oLn the 26th" -day of <br />pcint; plat met t6 Feblivary, 1961, 1W -the following <br />"t. Vtbe membeira th <br />said state'. *11 0 <br />rWtwolro <br />Way 'line.. A=111: COUNCIZAR <br />X: Pearson. <br />41stmice 1A 04 OUM6 - <br />017.10' redt tor a hisser - Sone V , WV <br />. 1, VOYA: covkCUAC19M. Xon*6 <br />point- an -t Q-,-W4W1V if" - Of the . .. <br />Ella AM%A *AJ19311VT:. COUNCILMISN: Heying. <br />Townikh 51'. ]PUKTRUJI Art' that <br />A. Mayor ot:tho. <br />a Base City of Axisholza <br />"d .. I <br />Idorl 4a; poUthver 40VTOW044MVIgned this' Ordl6&nce <br />a of2 16:$f . g <br />400. th* JIfts day a Jrebruary,, 195L <br />isle "le tm,: <br />if <br />I . .. .. IN WITNESS WXZREOV, I have <br />of t 0 14. " .' inion 3 a <br />All <br />dlitance - o 0400 84t wY hMd au4- affixed <br />fest - to • t1khe <br />of said City of Anaetin <br />86113OW#r. of the -N% of the. IV <br />it <br />thea UW <br />this 30 day of February, n <br />a 80:14 --of said <br />aW 0aftwardl <br />alo ttttiT** of the X CNARL*8 <br />oft the 841% of"Sd -Ot City Ana eiEisl <br />at swd Iftei exi -.011% Feb. -:$i 196S). <br />y Clerk of the <br />(A m@ Tdephase) <br />PHOTO DEBUL—newestactr= Efter WiMms and her husband, <br />Ben Gap, join . 3KImball Austin Gage, born Oct. 31, <br />In his photo debut. They have another son, Benjamin, 1% Years dUL <br />Miss Williams vM return to the screen for "Texas Carnival" <br />Bulletun Want Ads Bring Results <br />EMM Y LOU BY Muft Uwe <br />ddhon2eltow, Gowgk doinapt mom to fit into our aewdivip <br />