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License <br />ORDINANCE NO. 1561 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM AMENDIT40 <br />TITLE 4 OF THE ANAHEIM MUNICIPAL CODE BY <br />ADDING A CHAPTER THERETO ENTITLED, "CHAPTER <br />4.02 SPECIAL EVENTS." <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. <br />That Title 4 of the Anaheim Municipal Code is hereby <br />amended by adding thereto a chapter designated as Chapter 4.02 <br />"SPECIAL EVENTS," which shall read as follows: <br />"CHAPTER 4.02 SPECIAL EVENTS <br />"SECTION 4.02.010 SPECIAL EVENT DEFINED. A Special event <br />is any event sponsored by a business or shopping center which <br />is held outside the confines of the building, whether or not <br />a business license is required, and which may include rides, <br />games, booths, or similar amusement devices, whether or not <br />a fee or admission is charged for such event. <br />"SECTION 4.02.020 PERMIT REQUIRED. No person or organization <br />shall conduct a Special Event without having first applied <br />for and obtained a permit so to do as provided in this <br />chapter. <br />"SECTION 4.02.030 APPLICATION FOR PERMIT. Application for <br />permits to conduct Special Events shall be in writing and <br />shall be filed with the City Manager not less than fourteen <br />(14) days prior to the opening date of such event. Such <br />application shall state: The name of the sponsoring business <br />or organization; the exact location where the event is to be <br />staged; the name and address of the operator or operators <br />of the event to be conducted; a list of communities in <br />California where the event has previously been conducted by <br />the operators of the proposed event; the number and types of <br />riles, games, shows, displays, and other individual concessions <br />comprising the event; the number of persons who will be <br />engaged in conducting the event; and such other information <br />as shall be required by the City Manager. <br />"SECTION 4.02.040 INVESTIGATION OF APPLICATION. Before <br />issuing a permit for a Special Event, the City Manager shall <br />cause an investigation to be made regarding the application <br />and shall have the findings set forth in writing and attached <br />to the application. <br />"SECTION 4.02.050 ISSUANCE OR DENIAL OF. PERMIT. If the <br />City Manager determines, after the investigation, that all <br />applicable provisions of the law and of the Anaheim Municipal <br />Code, including the provisions of this chapter, are or will <br />be complied with and that the granting of the permit will <br />not be detrimental to the public safety, then he shall <br />issue a permit; otherwise, the application shall be denied. <br />"SECTION 4.02.060 REGULATIONS FOR CONDUCT OF SPECIAL EVENT. <br />The following regulations shall govern the operation of any <br />Special Event for which a permit has been issued by the City <br />—2— <br />