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FOLLOWS: <br />ORDINANCE NO, 1541 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY 0:F' ANAHEIM APPROVING THE <br />ANNEXATION TO SAID CITY OF ANAHEIM OF CERTAIN <br />INHABITED TERRITORY KNOWN AS D9WL LNG-ORANGEjiORPE <br />ANNEXATION. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES ORDAIN AS <br />SECTION to The City Council of the City of Anaheim finds: <br />(a) That the proceedings for the annexation to the City of <br />Anaheim of the hereinafter inhabited territory were had in conformity <br />with and pursuant to the provisions of an act of the Legislature of <br />the State of California know,,,. as the ""ANNEXATION ACT OF 1913" (Title <br />IV, Division 2a Part 2, Chapter 1, Articles 1 to 4 inclusive, of the <br />Government Code of California),, auisd all acts ameradatory thereof and <br />supplementary thereto, <br />(b) That before army pr°oc,,'e d gs were c ommoerced for the <br />annexation of said territot y, tb,-,i 07E,its of said annexation filed <br />a written request with they City Ca,,ancil, of the City of Anaheim re uest- <br />ing the consent of the City (,'cu ncil to ttibe com. encement of proceedings <br />for the annexation of said t,(E.r.ri,to:�°y, more particularly <br />hereinafter described„ to the (d Lty of: A�:.°aheim� , that the City Council <br />did thereupon refer said ap=plieat c-lv,, . !. raquest to the City Planning <br />Commission; that on. the , day of°�ine� � �19�, the <br />City Council did recti`its Planning from the `it�P' annin,g C issio n its recom- <br />mendation approving the prcposed 01 said territory to said <br />City of Anaheim; that on, th ­ day of Unj­ 19_ 60 <br />ma <br />after the receipt of thou reco3�k-�.rrndatioll of tie�y PY nning Commission <br />the City Council did ,give its consent to the commencement of said pro- <br />ceedings for the an,snexa.tiotm, of safe tr:;rri,tory to the City of Anaheim. <br />(c) That the proposal :dor ti.-�e annexation of the hereinafter <br />described territory to the:: City of: Arna'hpim bas been submitted to the <br />County Boundary Commission of the, k^Znvnity of Orange, State of California, <br />for a report to the propuT.,ients with respect to the definiteness and <br />certainty of the proposed boundary; that, the report: of the Boundary <br />Commission was ------ .made within, Twenty (°10) days after said proposal <br />for annexation was submittced. to- it. <br />(d)That said proponents did,or,, the day of die <br />1960 publish a Notice of Intention. to Circulate a Petition _reelat- <br />ing to the Annexation of said Territory to the City of Anaheim, a <br />Municipal Corporation, and on the 28_th day of June , 196Q,_, <br />said proponents did, file with th(,, �� t, 71erk of It —e City of Anaheim a <br />copy of the said Notice of Intention to Circulate a 'Petition for the <br />Annexation to the City of Anaheim of: the territory hereinafter des- <br />cribed, which notice con.tairned the nam s of the proponents intending to <br />circulate the petition and a description of the specific boundaries of <br />the territory proposed to be annexed, accompanied by a printed state- <br />ment, not. exceeding Five Hundred (500) words in length, containing <br />reasons for the petition, together with an affidavit of the publication <br />of said notice of intention to c ircula,t,e said petition. <br />(e) That thereafter, to wits: 01,1 theday of g <br />19 , said City Council adopters its Resolution N6-- Jung , in� <br />which it acknowledged receipt of: a copy of said notice o retention to <br />circulate said petition, in which it approved the intention of said <br />proponents to circulate such petition, <br />