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ORDINANCE NO. 5107 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM AMENDING <br />THE ZONING MAP REFERRED TO IN TITLE 18 OF THE <br />ANAHEIM MUNICIPAL CODE RELATING TO ZONING. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM DOES FIND THAT: <br />WHEREAS, the Planning Commission heretofore held a duly <br />noticed public hearing and, as a result thereof, did adopt its <br />Resolution No. PC89-194 determining that a change or changes in the <br />zone or zones hereinafter mentioned and described should be made; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, certain conditions and requirements were made as <br />conditions precedent to the making of a change or changes of said <br />zone or zones, which conditions have been complied with. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. <br />That the Zoning Map referred to in Title 18 of the <br />Anaheim Municipal Code be, and the same is hereby, amended by <br />rezoning and reclassifying that certain property situated in the <br />City of Anaheim, County of Orange, State of California, described <br />as follows, to wit: <br />THAT PORTION OF THE NORTH HALF OF THE SOUTHWEST QUARTER <br />OF THE SOUTHEAST QUARTER OF SECTION 15, TOWNSHIP 4 <br />SOUTH, RANGE 11 WEST, IN THE RANCHO LOS COYOTES, CITY <br />OF BUENA PARK, AS SHOWN ON A MAP RECORDED IN BOOK 51, <br />PAGE 11, MISCELLANEOUS MAPS, RECORDS OF ORANGE COUNTY, <br />DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: <br />BEGINNING AT THE INTERSECTION OF THE EAST LINE OF SAID <br />NORTH HALF WITH THE NORTHEASTERLY LINE OF THE LAND <br />DESCRIBED IN A DEED TO LOS ANGELES INTER -URBAN RAILWAY <br />COMPANY, RECORDED SEPTEMBER 8, 1905 IN BOOK 122, PAGE <br />170 OF DEEDS, RECORDS OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY, <br />CALIFORNIA; THENCE NORTH 530 22' 03" WEST, 324.44 FEET <br />ALONG SAID NORTHEASTERLY LINE TO THE SOUTHEASTERLY LINE <br />OF THE LAND CONDEMNED BY THE ORANGE COUNTY FLOOD <br />CONTROL DISTRICT UNDER CASE NO. 777215, A FINAL ORDER OF <br />WHICH WAS RECORDED ON JANUARY 30, 1962 IN BOOK 5993, <br />PAGE 450 OF OFFICIAL RECORDS OF SAID ORANGE COUNTY; <br />THENCE SOUTH 800 45' 05" EAST, 115.90 FEET; THENCE <br />SOUTH 750 32' 22" EAST, 103.79 FEET TO A POINT LYING ON <br />A CURVE CONCAVE EASTERLY AND HAVING A RADIUS OF 45.00 <br />RECLASS 88-89-60 <br />