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ANAHEIM CITY COUNCIL REGULAR AND <br /> REGULAR AJOURNED MEETING OF JANUARY 12, 2016 <br /> The regular meeting of January 12, 2016 was called to order at 3:00 P.M. and adjourned to 4:30 <br /> P.M. for lack of a quorum. The regular adjourned meeting of January 12, 2016 was called to <br /> order at 4:32 P.M. in the chambers of Anaheim City Hall, located at 200 S. Anaheim Boulevard. <br /> The meeting notice, agenda and related materials were duly posted on January 8, 2016. <br /> PRESENT: Mayor Tom Tait and Council Members: Jordan Brandman, Lucille Kring, Kris <br /> Murray and James Vanderbilt. <br /> STAFF PRESENT: City Manager Paul Emery, City Attorney Michael Houston and City Clerk <br /> Linda Andal. <br /> ADDITIONS/DELETIONS TO CLOSED SESSION: None <br /> PUBLIC COMMENTS ON CLOSED SESSION ITEMS: <br /> William Fitzgerald offered his personal observations on matters unrelated to the closed session <br /> agenda. Council Member Murray responded that the speaker's comments were not based on <br /> truth and the language used was inappropriate in council chambers. <br /> CLOSED SESSION: At 4:36 P.M., Mayor Tait recessed to closed session for consideration of <br /> the following item. <br /> 1. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS <br /> (Subdivision (a) of Section 54957.6 of the Government Code) <br /> Agency Designated Representative: Paul Emery, Irma Moisa-Rodriguez <br /> Name of Employee Organizations: Anaheim Police Association (APA), Anaheim <br /> Firefighters Association, Local 2899 (AFA), Service Employees International Union, <br /> Local 1877 (SEIU) <br /> INVOCATION: Pastor Gary Tucker, Hope Community Church of Anaheim <br /> FLAG SALUTE: Council Member Kris Murray <br /> PRESENTATIONS: Recognizing the Ballet Folklorico Donaji <br /> Mayor Tait recognized the Ballet Folklorico Donaji dancers along with Edgar Reyes and Ysenia <br /> Rojas for bringing the arts to Anaheim and uplifting the communities with their performances. <br /> Recognizing Neighborhood Council Chairs and Vice Chairs <br /> Mayor Tait indicted the city was divided into four geographic neighborhood groups, with its <br /> members elected by the communities specifically to address and solve quality of life issues. <br /> Anaheim Sporn, Community Services Superintendent, introduced the 2015 Neighborhood <br /> Council Chairs and Vice Chairs. <br />