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ORDINANCE NO. 5890 <br />AN ORDIINi3NCE OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM REPEALING AND ADDING CERTAIN <br />SECTIONS TO CHAPTER 1.04 Of TITLE 1 OF THE ANAHEEM NFJ?�ICTPAL CODE <br />RELATING TO CITY BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF A;NAHELM DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. <br />That Sections 1.04.500, 1.04.510, 1.04.520, 1.04.530, 1.0,1.540, 1.64.550 <br />and 1.04.560 of Chapter 1.04 of Title 1 of the Anaheim Municipal Code be, and the sane are <br />hereby, repealed. <br />SECTION 2. <br />That new Sections 1.04.500, 1.04.510, 1.04.520, 1.04.530, 1.+34.540, <br />1.04.550 and 1.04.560 be, and the same are hereby, added to Chapter 1.04 of Title 1 of the <br />Aiialieim Municipal Code to read as follows: <br />"1.04.500 HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CON.NI SSIO . <br />There is hereby established the Housing and Commcnity <br />Commission in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Housing _ u'dn : ri ies <br />(commencing with Section 34200 of the Health and Safety Code) of the State of C'",liAio vnia and <br />subject to the applicable restrictions contained therein. The Hol.ising and C',»nn-►urity <br />Developinent Commission shall not be deemed the commission referred to and b,, Part <br />1.? of Division 24 (comfnencing with Section 341.00) of the Health and Safety Code, of the State <br />of California. <br /> COMMISSION MEMB RSHIP AND TER.NIS. <br />.010 The Housing and Community Development Cominussion shall c>`nsist of <br />seven members, at least two of whom shalt be tenant met.nbers consistent -,v.titn the <br />Authorities Law, and none of whom shall hold any paid office or c uiploy_ milt, ir, the ('ity <br />govcrntnernt and each of whom shall comply wiih the applicable pri0visicn_ of tl:e Housing <br />Authorities Law. <br />.020 The members of tlic Housing and Community l)cvelopmcrit ( omni scion <br />shall be appointed by the City Council frorn the qualified electors of the City and siaall be subject <br />to removal by motion of the City Cour_cii duly adopted by the affirmative vo'es of a, majority of <br />the total membershin thereof. The members of the Com-niission shall be appointed as follows: <br />