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,�Aff`bab `t <br />t4pil <br />r a t <br />(Pub. Anaheim Gazette Mar. 30, 1950.) <br />the paslsaee hereof, <br />ORDINANCE NO. 756 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />Sntal and after its <br />passage it 'shall take effect im- <br />mediately and be in full force. <br />OF <br />ANAHEIM ESTABLISHING CER- <br />TA1N REGULATIONS GOVERN- <br />THE FOREGOING ORDINANCE <br />was approved and signed by me this <br />� <br />........... DR; Q. NQ <br />��ee�.}`r � <br />ING THE ERECTION CO <br />T1UN <br />S day of ' <br />a ' March, 1950 <br />.......... _ _......._r......... .._................._........ _ <br />'�- ��•�•�� <br />USTRUC- <br />AND ALTERATION�CHAS. <br />F CER- <br />A. P <br />TAIN BUILDINGS, STRUCTURIE:S <br />AND IMPROVEMENTS <br />he City1T, <br />Mayorhe o. the City o! <br />Anaheim. <br />...................................."..............---........................_. ........................... <br />• <br />AND TO <br />C1,:RTAIN USES OF LAND, PEND- <br />ATTEST: • <br />_ <br />ING - THE ADOPTION BY THFj <br />CITY COUNCII. OF SAID CITY OF <br />f l4:S E <br />E. <br />c`T �11t1, GRIb`FITH - <br />04' Clerk of the <br />.•..............................................._..................------...._---•-- .........»... <br />A XE%V PRECISE AND COMPRF_ <br />HENSIVE ZONING <br />CRY of Anaheim. <br />(SF. (SEAL) <br />�.._..... <br />PLAN FOR <br />SAIL) CITY, AND PRESCRIBING <br />I'IE;N Al.TI E8 FOR THE <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />.......... ....._.._....�_........ <br />VIOLA- <br />TION OF ANY' OF TFiE 1,,Ro Vl_ <br />S1ONS HEREOF <br />COUNTY OF (MANGE <br />(`17 'Y r )ss. <br />Fi <br />ANAHEIM <br />A 'HL <br />........................._........._....._..- ............................. <br />AND <br />� � - DP:CLAIt• <br />1 NG TH1. ORDINANCE' AN U1ta- <br />1, C'i3 . E. FI <br />Clerk FI <br />SU' <br />.............................................. <br />EN(']' INiEA E _ <br />TU TAKE EF- <br />1''1'WT IMMEDIATELY. <br />of the ty Of Anaheim, do <br />hereby certify that the for agoing <br />........................_ ........-• ........................ <br />-------- <br />11'1-11:ttit; A5 the City Council of the <br />Citi• of Anaheim, <br />_ <br />dinarrc•e was introduced at a. regular <br />la <br />meeting „t' the City Council S �h� <br />' <br />State of California, <br />is now having a zoning survey rna�le <br />is <br />u <br />(,•its' of Anaheim. held on the 14 da <br />Of March, 1950, and tYtat the <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />,red making a study prrpar•atur�• to <br />the adoption of precise and corn_ <br />s same aay <br />Passed and adopted at a regular meet - <br />ing• held on the 28 day <br />SS. <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE, <br />prehPnsive zoning plans for the City <br />of Anaheim and the <br />of March. 1950 <br />by the following vote of the members <br />thereof: <br />Theodore B. Kuchel, being duly sworn, deposes <br />adoption of <br />Ia tuning ordinance containing pre- <br />vise and detailed d zoning regula- <br />tions to be applied ire <br />A YES:COUNCII.AIEN: Pearson, <br />Heying, iE3oney and Van Wagoner. <br />NWES: <br />and Says: <br />the in- <br />corporated area of. said City and the <br />City Council <br />COUNCILMigN: None. <br />ABSENT: COUNCILMEN: Pace. <br />That he is and at all times herein mentioned <br />declares that it has em- <br />ployed a planning engineer in city <br />zoning and planning to make <br />AND I FURTHER C,`ERTIFY that <br />the Mayor of the City of Anaheim ,IF) - <br />Proved and <br />was <br />a citizen of the United States, over the age of <br />a sur- <br />vey and study of zoning and planning <br />'in the city of Anaheim <br />signed <br />the 28 day of r said Urdinanti:e ori <br />1'N h. 1 <br />twenty-one years, and that he is not a party to <br />a and to make <br />a detailed report to the Cit Council <br />WITNESS WHEREOF I have <br />RE <br />hereunto set my hand- <br />• <br />nor interested in the above entitled matter; that <br />his findings and recommendations, <br />and that upon the <br />P <br />and affixed the <br />Of City <br />day f Anaheim this 23 <br />he is the printer and Publisher of the ANAHEIM <br />p <br />completion <br />� pletion of said <br />survey and zoning study now being <br />f March, <br />1950 <br />C=HARLES E. <br />� <br />GAZETTE, a newspaper of general circulation, <br />made by said planning engineer under <br />the direction of the City council <br />GRIPPITH. <br />City Clerk of the <br />printed published d <br />that <br />It Is the Intention of the Cit <br />City of Anaheim. <br />(SF <br />Y Coun- •:�T.) <br />an cireu ated weekly, on til to adopt comprehensive zoning <br />Thursdays, In said County of Orange, and which Plans and comprehensive zoning ordi- <br />nance for the incorporated ar6a of the <br />i <br />newspaper s published for the dissemination of City of Anaheim in the manner <br />local news and intelligence of a general character, scribed by lays- that said City C un - <br />and which newspaper at all the times herein til hereby finds that owing to the ter- <br />ritorial extent of said incorporated <br />mentioned had and still has a bona fide su_ bseri area of said City, and the diversity <br />p of interests therein and the necessity <br />tion list of paying subscribers, and which news- of making of maps and careful studies <br />paper has been established, printed and published and <br />d a thorough Preparationanalysis of all of the <br />of said a <br />in the said County of Orange for a period prehensive zoning plans, considerable <br />exceeding one year next before theublication of time will necessarily elapse before <br />p said survey can be completed and said <br />the first insertion of this notice; that the notice, zoning plans completed and certain <br />of which the annexed is a printed copy,has been regulatlons of an interim or emer- <br />published in said newspaper on te following adopted <br />mature are necessary to be <br />ed at this time in order to pro - <br />date, to -wit: tett the public interest, health,. com- <br />fort and convenience and to preserve <br />the public peace, safety and welfare, <br />Thursday! pending the preparation and adoption <br />______________________________t,'_sr__.Q_---, 19"5Q__ of said zoning plans and ordinance. <br />The City Council further finds that <br />the regulations and provisions herein- <br />Thursday,-..--__--------------------------------------------- <br />"-� 9 ........ <br />--- after set forth in this ordinance are <br />necessary for and are designed to les - <br />serf congestion in the streets; to se - <br />.cure j <br />Thursday safety from fire and other dan- ' <br />19_._.._. _ . gers; to prevent overcrowding of land; <br />to avoid undue concentration of <br />popu- <br />lation; to facilitate the adequate o— <br />Thursday , ---------- vision of distribution of water, sew- <br />------------- ------------------------------ r 19.------- <br />age, Parks and other public require- <br />ments; and that such provisions and <br />Thursday --"-'-""-"""'--'9 19 regulations have been made with rea ' ! <br />sonable consideration among other . <br />things of the character of the dis- <br />Thursday',------------------------------------------------------19 tract and its peculiar suitability for <br />- __-____. the particular uses and with a view <br />Of conserving .of property values and <br />Thursday encouraging the most appropriate use <br />""-'"'-------- --------------------...- , 19 of land throughout the area, and in <br />------- -------- <br />consideration of the direction of pian- <br />: ning development according to a well <br />Thursday, --------------"- 19"_ considered plan. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY <br />COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANA- <br />Thursday,HEIM DOES ORDAIN AS FOL - <br />9 19------- LOWS: <br />SECTION 1. No person, firm, cor- <br />Thursday Doration or association 8 -hail hereafter <br />, 19 • within the following '---•------------------------------------------- owing described area: <br />------- -------- <br />Between the South side of Santa <br />Ana Street and the North side of <br />? West side South Street and • between the <br />-------------------•---------------------------------------------------- {--f s East side of Citron Street and the <br />of West Street in the <br />Printer and Publisher. .city of Anaheim, <br />erect, construct ' or locate more than <br />one single family dwelling and its ac- <br />cessory buildings upon any one lot or <br />bUildSubscribed and Sworn to before me by Th dore� area, n site in the above roerrtiunrd <br />area, nor erect, construct or locate Cee �. 109.2__ <br />dw..11ing on any lot thereon with <br />a rninimurn ground flour <br />r s ) ace <br />ess <br />than 1100 square feet, and inpcum tut . <br />B. Kuchel, this__.:_____ _: g <br />:day of --, 1 � Ing the area gar P <br />included thereinge space shall not be <br />- _ ----.------- SECTION 2. Before commencing <br />c f mencing any <br />-----------�------------------------ work lrer�t�,ining to the er•ectiorr, con - <br />on, <br />Public — Count-• Clerk — City Clerk struction, rcc;onstructiun, moving, tun- i <br />version, alteration or addition to ally I <br />building or structure within said dis. <br />�i1- Com. Expires____ -' "'x irt,� Au �*. � tract, •a I V _ <br />y C.ainlnl1s111_ _ _:. permit for each separate <br />ouilding and/or structure shall be se- <br />cured from the Building Inspector of <br />said City of Anaheim by the owner or <br />his agent for said work and it shall <br />be unlawful to commence said work <br />until and unless said permit shall have <br />- been obtained. No permit shall be is- <br />sued by the Building Inspector for _...-. <br />the erection or construction of any, <br />dwelling house within said area which <br />shall contain less than the minimum <br />number of square feet of floor apace <br />herein provided. Any building erected, 1 <br />constrileted, altered, or to which ad- <br />ditions are trade shall COMPIy with all <br />Of the pr•rV lsic,ns - of the rr*.: <br />