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( ffibai-Tit of <br />.... RDI IAN CK...M. ..... d_ 55 ................................................ <br />......................................................................................................_... <br />M....... <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE, ss. <br />Theodore B. Kuchel, being duly sworn, deposes <br />and says: <br />That he is and at all times herein mentioned was <br />a citizen of the United States, over the age of <br />twenty-one years, and that he is not a party to <br />nor interested in the above entitled matter • that <br />he is the printer and publisher of the ANAHEIM <br />GAZETTE, anewspaper of general circulation, <br />printed, published and circulated weekly, on <br />Thursdays, in said County of Orange, and which <br />newspaper is published for the dissemination of <br />local news and intelligence of a general character, <br />and which newspaper at all the times herein <br />mentioned had and still has a bona fide subscrip- <br />tion list of paying subscribers, and which news- <br />paper has been established, printed and published <br />in the said County of Orange for a period <br />exceeding one year next before the publication of <br />the first insertion of this notice; that the notice, <br />of which the annexed is a printed copy, has been <br />published in said newspaper on the following <br />date, to -wit: <br />Thursday- <br />------------------------March-16 --------, 19 <br />---------- --5--------0 - <br />Thursday, <br />------------------------------------------------------ 19-------- <br />�� - <br />Thursday <br />-----------------------------....._._._............._ _� i9 ___ _ <br />Thursday- <br />-------------------------------------------------------, 19-------- <br />Thursday- <br />------------------------------------------------------ 19 -------- <br />Thursday, <br />------•------------------ -, 19 -------- <br />-------Thursday- <br />Thursday - <br />------------------------------------------------------� 19-------- <br />Thursday- <br />------------------------------------------------------ 19-------- <br />Thursday- <br />---------------------------------------------- 19- <br />Thursday, <br />...................................................... 19-------- <br />------------------------------------------------------------------------- – ------------- <br />Printer and Publisher. <br />Subscribed and Sworn to before me. by Theodore <br />B. Kuchel, this_,_._.:/__$ay of.s_ <br />----------------------------- <br />Nt€:ry Plihlic — ('4ountti• Clerk —City Clerk <br />My Com. Expires -------------------------------------------------------- <br />(Pub. Anahetfn Gazette Mar. 16, 1960.lA►naheim Gasette, a newspaper of ten <br />- <br />OftDINANCE NO. 755 -eral circulation; printed published <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY O1heim, and circulated in said City of Ana - <br />ANAHEIM ESTABLISHING CER_ California, . within fifteen (15) <br />TAIN REGULATIONS GOVERN- days after the passage hereof, and <br />ING THE ERECTION, CONSTRUC- after its final passage it shall take <br />TION AND ALTERATION OF effect immediately and be in full force. <br />CERTAIN BUILDINGS, STRUC- THE FOREGOING ORDINANCE <br />TURES AND . IMPROVEMENTS was approved and signed by me this <br />AND TO CERTAIN USES of 14th day of March, 1950. <br />LAND, PENDING THE ADOPTION CHAS. A. PEARSON, <br />BY THE CITY. COUNCIL OF MAYOR OF THE CITY <br />k!AIL CITY OF A NEW PRECISEOF ANAHEIM.. <br />AND COMPREHENSIVE ZONING ATTi1ST: <br />PLAN FOR SAID CITY. AND CHARLES E. GRIFFITH, ; <br />PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR, CITY CLERK OF THE <br />THE VIOLATION OF ANY OF THE CITY OF ANAHEIM. <br />PROVISIONS HEREOF, AND DE- <br />CLARING THIS ORDINANCE AN <br />URGENCY MEASURE TO TAKE 'STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />EFFECT IMMEDIATELY. C61.rNTt ok ORANGE }ss. <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of the C'TY OF ANAHEIM J <br />City of Anaheim, State of California, I, CHARLES E. GRIFFITH, City <br />i# now having a zoning survey madeI <br />Clerk of the City of Anahelm, do <br />and is making a study preparatory hereby certify that the forego rig <br />to the adoption. of Ordinance was introduced at an ad- ' <br />P precise and com- <br />prehensive zoning plans for the City ' iourned regular meeting of the City <br />of Anaheim and the adoption of a Council of the City of Anaheim, held <br />zoning ordinance containing precise on the 7th day of March, l;i:,U, and <br />and detailed zoning regulations to be that the same was passed and adopted <br />applied in the incorporated area of at a regular meeting helcl on the 14th <br />said City and the City Council declares day of March, 1450 by the following <br />that it has employed a planning vote of the members thereof: <br />engineer in* city zoning and, . `lYh''IS: COUNCII,.MEN: PEAR.SON, <br />to' make a survey and study of zoning HEYING, 130NEY, VAN WAG - <br />and planning in the City of Anaheim, ONER. T <br />and to make a detailed report to the NOES. COUNCILMEN: None. <br />'City Council of his findings and ree- ABSENT: COUNCI.LMEN: IIACE. <br />ommendations, and that upon the AND 1 li URTHEI1 CERTIFY that <br />completion of said survey ana zoning the Mayor of the City of Anahelm <br />study nowbeing made by said plan- al>Uro�'ed and signed said Ordinance <br />o <br />ning engineer under the direction of n the 14th day of March, 1950.the City Council that it is ,the In I IN WITNESS "'HEREOF. I have <br />tention of the City Council adopt hereunto set my hand and affixed <br />j comprehensive zoning pia s and the seal of said City of Anaheim <br />comprehensive zoding ordinance for this 14th �la�• of March, l95(►. <br />the incorporated area of the City of CHARLES F,. GRIFFITH <br />'Anaheim in the manner prescribed byCITY CLERK ok '1HL <br />law; that said City Council .` .hereby *CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />finds that owing to the territorial ex- I (SEAL) <br />tent of said incorporated area` of said <br />city, and the diversity- of interests <br />ttiC. rein and th necessity of : making <br />maps and careful studies and <br />.a thor- <br />ough analysis of all of the' factors <br />In the pi•epatation of said compre- <br />herisive zoning ,plans, considerable <br />tithe will necessarily elapse before <br />said survey can. be cothpleted , and said <br />$oning plans coinpleted ..and certain <br />regulations of an interim or emer•- <br />gericy nature are nebe'sary to be <br />adopted at this time in orde# to pro- <br />!eet the public iitterb69t, health, com- <br />ldirt and convenience and to preserve <br />the public peace, safety and welfare, <br />pending the preparation and. adoption <br />of 'said zoning plans and ordinance: <br />The City Council' further finds that <br />the regulations `nd �rooisions here- <br />inafter set forth Th this Ordinance are <br />1te"8sm'y for and are designed to <br />1401wn 604eAW in., the. streets; to <br />I cure salety .f ra fire. a, 4 other dan- <br />gers; to prevent overcrowding of land; <br />to avoid , undue , cgncentrg-j#on of pop - <br />elation; ' to facihta a the. ids Quate pro- <br />vision of di$ ►u, ion of water, sew- <br />age, parks and other pu.�Iic require- <br />ments; and that such provisions apd <br />regulations have been made ' with <br />reaspnable coriiiideration among other <br />things of the. ettpxacter ok the district <br />n(* its peculiar Suitability for the <br />articular• itrlee aid with a view of <br />conserving of bi•operty values and en- <br />couraging the, most appropriate 'use <br />of land throughout the area, and in <br />consideration of the direction of plan- <br />ning_ development according to a *ell <br />considered plan.. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY � <br />COUNCIL OF TIME CITY OF ANA- <br />HEIM DUES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS. . <br />SECTION L No person, firm, cor- <br />poration or association. shall hereafter <br />within the following described area: I <br />Between th6" 80uth ' lige' d a•th <br />Street and the North line of Cy- <br />press Street and between tho west <br />line of Palm Street, and the East <br />line of West Street in the City o <br />AnaheiM .-._..,,,..".... <br />erect, Construct .or locate more then <br />one. single family dwelling and its 10 , 2 <br />accessory buildings upon any one lot -me �•---- 0 e_ <br />or building site in the above, mention- <br />ed area, nor erect, construct or locate <br />any dwelling on any lot thereon with <br />a minimum grourid floor space of less _--._ .. _ _ . _ .. _ _ _ _ <br />than eleven hundred (1100) square <br />feet, and in computing the area gar- <br />age space shall not be included <br />therein. <br />SECTION 2. Before commencing <br />any work pertaining to the erection, 1 '42 <br />construction, reconstruction, moving, °""" "" "" <br />conversion, alteration. or additiorr, to <br />any- . building or Structure within said <br />district, a permit for each separate <br />building and/or structure shall be <br />secured from the Building Inspector <br />of said City of . Anaheim by the ownJa 46 <br />- <br />er or his agent . for said work and it <br />shall be unlawful to commence said <br />work until and unless said permit <br />shall have been obtained. No: permit <br />shall be issued by the Buil�ng Xn- <br />spector for the.,, QreedQn or c nstrue- <br />tion of any 4 0111ng house within <br />said area which 4hall contain less than <br />the minirrium rjumbet of square test <br />